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Kind Hyrbid
Sex Female
Eyes Purple
Mane Light Blue, Blue, and Light Pink
Coat Greyish Brown, Orange, and Light Red
Nicknames Firefly Macintosh (Full Name)
Relatives Apple Bud (Mother)
Hullabaloo (Father)
Princess Celestia (Grandmother)
Rainbow Dash (Grandmother)
Big Macintosh (Grandfather)
Discord (Grandfather)
Soaring Lightening (Aunt)
Eclipse (Uncle)
Icarus (Uncle)
Princess Havoc Sunlight (Aunt)
Sunflower (Cousin)
Residence Canterlot/Sweet Apple Acres

Firefly is the eldest daughter Apple Bud and Hullabaloo. She is also the niece of Havoc and Icarus and the cousin of Sunflower.


Firefly Macintosh, named after her great grandmother and grandfather, is a young hybrid and the daughter of Prince Sunglare Twister (Hullabaloo) and Princess Apple Bud. Firefly Macintosh usually goes by Firefly, Fye, or Mac for short. Firefly has a distinct appearance, having one lion paw like her father, an orange back hoof like her mother's mane, her mane colors consisting like her father's colors. Her horn later grew in. Firefly loves to hangout with "Auntie Skull" (Xethon Skull) due to her wild spirit. Xeth frequently spoils her with gifts, including a guitar. Firefly also loves to annoy Celestia by playing her guitar in the castle, disturbing her silence.