Bronies Wiki
Flame Blitz
Dark Prism
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation None of yet
Eyes Green
Mane Green/Dark green
Coat Black
Nicknames Magi Blitz, Flame Blitz
Relatives Dark Flame (Father), Night Hex (Mother), Flare Barrage (Younger sister)
Cutie mark
A green flame
Voice Deep but caring (can change easily)
Owner Flame Blitz

"This is getting really annoying you know... first you tell me to gather these ponies now you're stopping me?!" 

Flame asking Discord.


Flame's personality can change within a matter of moments. He can be kind, caring, polite but if he gets angry (which isn't that hard to make him mad.) he is mean, rude, and careless. He is also paranoid at times but it's a good thing he is cause it's saved more than once. He can get short tempered if he can't figure something out, if he's arguing with somepony, or if he in pain. He tends to be forceful but apologizes while using force.


Flame Blitz is a jet black unicorn stallion with a green mane (Darker green tips) and he wears a green cape, and a darker green vest (black collar with a red strip in it). He as green eyes which turn darker when he gets angry.

Meeting The Main Six.[]

When Flame ran out of the Everfree forest trying to lose... well to be fair he didn't know what was chasing him but he was a kid. When he saw the city he ran to it and was greeted by passing out and being brought to the hospital by Pinkie. When he got out of the hospital he wondered the town before getting a map with a red circle around Sugar Cube Corner. He was confused when he got but when he got there he nearly had a heart attack from the surprise party. He considers the main six his friends but they don't realize that he doesn't trust them for more than a single minute.


Twilight- little less then a friend

Pinkie- Friend but still wary around her

Rainbow- little less then a friend

Rarity- little less then a friend

AppleJack- little less then a friend

Fluttershy- little less then a friend but a bit more comfortable with her

Discord- Step father.

Princess Celestia- Doesn't know her

Princess Luna- Doesn't know her


When Flame was a colt and didn't have anypony to take care of him Discord broke out of his statue and adopted Flame legally. Since Discord vowed to take care of Flame he changed Flame into a adult and sending him to find five other ponies. He gave Flame a necklace which grants him a boost in power for a short period of time. (He gave Flame six of those necklaces, (one for him and the five for the five ponies.))

The necklaces.[]

The necklaces grants the wearer a power boost and a new form to control the newfound power.