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Flash Bang

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Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Teal
Mane Blue and Yellow
Coat Light Goldish Yellow
Relatives Flash Sentry (Father)
Sunset Shimmer (Mother)
Harmony Sparkle (Half-Sister)
Flash Bang is the daughter of Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer, and the half sister of Harmony Sparkle.

Please note, she is not in the next gen that Absol and I have.


Flash Bang is the daughter of Flash and Sunset from the human world. Sunset knew Flash Bang would be better off in Equestria, so she took her daughter through the portal and they both started their new lives in Equestria. Upon their arrival, Twilight let them stay with her, much to Harmony's dismay who wasn't crazy about Flash Bang. As she grew up, Flash knew she wasn't meant for Ponyville, thus moved to The Crystal Empire where she met her friends. Flash Bang currently resides in Ponyville with Purple HeartCaressaDream CatcherNobelle, and Timey Whimey.
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