Flint the Dragon

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One big makeshift family

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While taking a walk through the Everfree Forest, Clockwork Clover found a lost dragon egg. Feeling a strong maternal urge, she took it home and sat upon it with hot water cloths. Although it took several days, she managed to bring forth a tiny blue hatchling. After the little dragon singed the tips of a nearby houseplant, she decided to name him Flint.

Flint was quite a handful to raise. Everyone in his village home has babysat him at least once, often with a funny or cringeworthy story to tell about it. In an effort to repay everypony, Flint has taken it upon himself to become "Dragon Guardian of Fenlock!"

Unfortunately, he is still young, small, and a complete goofball. Despite his best efforts, Flint isn't exactly "guardian" material. Even so, he makes up for his lack of qualifications with pure persistence.

The Birds and the Rubies

In a whirling thunderstorm, a diminutive red dragoness was knocked right out of the sky. She plummeted through the canopy of the Everfree Forest and landed in the soft marshes, almost unharmed. As she stumbled out of the muck to rest beneath a tree, a brave Flint spotted her. He overcame his astraphobia and rescued her just as she was about to be struck by lightning.

He carried her home and showed her to Clover, who helped nurse her back to health. When the lady-dragon finally came to, she introduced herself as Sparkle of Dragondell (hiding the fact that she is a princess.)

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Flint's character bio

Flint fell head-over-scales in love with her, and vowed that he would do anything to be with her.

First, he had to give up his lazy lifestyle by working to gain his love's heart. He did this by defeating a mighty bear in order to take his cave. After the cave was won, Flint filled it with his collected treasure hoard. This was enough of a step in dragon maturity to earn Flint a physique to prove his worth (meaning he looks like a dragon boy, not a baby.)

Next, Flint ventured to the kingdom of Dragondell to ask for Sparkle's claw in marriage. Long story short, he learned that honesty is the best policy... especially when dealing with a king and queen who are a hundred times his size.

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Sparkle's character bio

While all of this was going on, Sparkle slowly realized just how much Flint had taken a shine to her. She put away her pride and decided to run away with him, peasant status and all.

Sparkle has since given up her royal title to marry Flint, and they currently live together in a cave on the outskirts of Fenlock. Though they have their quarrels, these two dragons are an inseperable match.

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