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Flora, The Earth Element

Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation The Earth Element Pony
Eyes Light Cerulean
Mane Spring Budish Gray
Coat Ceriseish White
Relatives Hayseed Turnip Truck (Brother)
Cutie mark
Flora Cutie Mark

Flora is a female earth pony from Hallow Shades.


Flora is a very shy earth pony from the small town of Hallow Shades. Her brother, Hayseed Turnip Truck, is shown to be very oblivious due to being mentally challenged. Flora constantly protects her younger brother as he very sensitive about certin things. She often struggles on letting her brother know that Rarity is not the mare for him.

Gaining The Earth Element[]

While venturing in the swamps to find some of the Heart's Desire flower, Flora stumbles apon a rare flower. As she tries to pick the flower she is knocked out by a ray of light from the root. When she awoken, she finds a new mark on her representing the flower she tried to pick. Terra the earth guide then, appears telling her how the flower was a spell from the book of spells, thus Flora becomes the Earth Element Wielder.

Terra tells Flora to go to a town called Ponyville, where Flora meets the others.


Lori Thunderswirl von Hurricane[]


Galaxy Star[]




Delightful Sunshine[]


Marcie Summer[]

With Marcie's hot temper and Flora's calm soul, the two can be we awkward together. Marcie also has a lot of respect for Flora as she has help Marcie with controling her anger.


Marine is Flora's best friend.