Florabelle is a timid pony who loves plants. She is a member of the Mane 6 of the Bellatrix Kingdom. 


Florabelle is shy and timid, and very down-to-earth. But despite that, she can sort-of become air headed and start to brag, but when she brags, its not really in a "show-off" tone.

She visited Ponyville once and bumped into Fluttershy. At first they we're overly shy to even talk. Then Florab

Florabelle loves nature

"I love these flowers..."

elle decided that she's the one who should say sorry for bumping Fluttershy, and she did. Then Flora introduced herself and so did Fluttershy. After that they became friends because of similar personality


emerald Glimmer, Diamond Mint, Shooting Star, Minty Fresh, Heart Warm Dance

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