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Monstrous Flores


Flories were the fugitive flowers in G1 My Little Pony cartoon. Captain Crabnasty and his unit were trying to arrest the flories, and they took advantage of the G1 earth pony Posey, in order to get stronger, but they revealed their true colors, the crabnasties Megan, Danny and Molly with the ponies defeated the Flories, the crabnasties quickly arrested the criminals, and replanted Posey's garden, Captain Crabnasty(voiced by Peter Cullen) got kissed by Posey, making him blush and his eyes derped.


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Flories are a vamperic plant type monsters that resemble large monstrous versions of flowers. They are capable of absorbing life from other plants and if necessary bury there roots to be able to absorb nutrition from the ground. They are one of many types of monsters located in Everfree Forest, but unique due to being "plant type".

Epic Mount finds them a threat in large numbers because of the damage they can do to the forest, especially when they over-populate. Being plant monsters they can still be dangerous to animals. (As they do not have sight or hearing they can only sense plant life and immune to intimidation such as Fluttershy's "stare" ability.)

Epic is not sure where flories come from. He presumes that they were once regular flowers mutated by some wild or dark magic.