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Fluffy Flare

Fluffy Flare

Kind Fluffy Hooves
Sex Female
Occupation Princess of the Fluffyness Kingdom
Eyes Blue fading to Yellow in the middle
Mane Orange, purple, yellow, & pink
Coat White
Relatives Flare, F.F, Princess Fluffy Flare
Cutie mark
No cutiemark
Owner Astral
 Fluffy Flare is a princess in Fluffyness Kingdom. Instead calling her "Fluffy", she is instead called "Flare". Flare is one of the mane three of fluffiness. 


Flare is sometimes bossy, and also she likes to have friends, which she is friendly. Flare sometimes is talkative and always wants to get somepony/everypony's attention. Flare is also kind and sweet, but rough and tough. She always want to play hardcore.

Flare is also fast and strong.



  • Flare is the first Fluffy Hooves pony created by the creator.
  • Flare has many mane colors. It doesn't stop with the current color in that picture.


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