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This page is about my pony,she represents me and looks like me too. Nooot so sure about her name,but I have a few ideas:Pyrite Ironwood,Ebony Ironwood,Forest Shade,Mountain Dust

Physiological info[]


Inspired by the song Sulfur by Slipknot. Please note that in this photo her coat is a much darker color.

Name: Forest Shade

Gender: Female 

Age: 14 

Race: Earth pony draft 

Coat color: Light olive 

Mane/tail color: Dark dusty brown 

Mane/tail style: A bit over shoulder-length messy mane with bangs cut around the line of her brows and a short tail

Eye color: Deep brown,outlined by an even darker shade 

Cutiemark: Not decided yet, waiting for Legends of Equestria

Occupation: Student 

Residence: Ponyville 

Psychological info[]

History: When she was born, she was dead for some time but she came alive. Her front right leg was damaged, but with the help of a shaman and exercise she can move it, although not in a range as broad as her left leg. Even with that she was accepted as every other pony as the deformation isn't that visible. She always loved drawing, ever since preschool she drew a lot. She isn't a very girly mare, and she never wanted to be seen as pretty and spends a lot of her time outside. She doesn't have many friends but loves, cherishes and has a special connection with the ones she does. In school she was always the best student. Everyone assumes that she knows everything - that makes her very insecure and she will only say something if she's 100% sure of it. She also has social haphephobia - a fear of touching. Other ponies touching her or her belongings will make her extremely mad, but she will rarely say anything.

Personality: + Caring and nice to those she likes, patient, modest, generous - Very stubborn, careless, mean to those she doesn't like, insecure and shy


Skills/Knowledge: She is skilled at drawing, and she's really smart. Her father taught her a lot about painting. She can use a wide array of weapons: poles, horseshoes, hooves, apples... She can climb all kinds of trees too, and she's very good with animals but not so much with plants.

Talent: Not decided yet, waiting for Legends of Equestria

Racial Abilities: Mostly earth pony but has 3 traits of other races

Earth pony:

Strength: Individual can lift up to 1.5 of its bodyweight with extreme exertion and energy

Speed: Ground speed 2x that of other pony races

Metabolism: Individual can draw large amounts of energy from low-nutrition foods

Sure-footed: Individual has excellent balance and a strong spatial understanding of where feet are placed. Allows easier travel over uneven or unsturdy ground

Heavy-hooved: Individual has exceptionally strong, hard hooves, that are unlikely to chip or wear down

Senses: Individual has a stronger sense of smell and hearing than other pony races (1.5x sensitivity)

Earth Attunement: Subterranean caves and tunnels are unlikely to collapse or cave in on earth ponies. Natural rock formations are sturdy and unlikely to crumble.

Plant Attunement: Plants grown by the individual are larger, more hearty, nutritious and disease resistant

Animal Care: Individual is great with animals and befriends them more easily


Perception: Individual is highly perceptive, noticing subtle features and has a good eye for detail  

Detection: Individual can perceive very strong magical activity in the immediate vicinity  


Lightfoot: Individual can more easily walk stealthily, with reduced sound of footfalls and diminished hoofprints

Please note that all of these pictures are drawn by me and none of those ponies/dragons/dogs belong to me.