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To roleplay, you will need to get your pony to be approved of first! Please make an application page before coming here! If you have any questions, please contact any of the admins. Thank you.

Rules if you already have a pony page

  1. If you already have a page for your oc, let us know and we will evaluate it for you. If you get a blue star on the page, then that means it is alright for you to roleplay as that pony. If you get a red star on your page, that means it need improvement on.

Rules of creating a good application

  1. Make sure you know your pony's history!
  2. Make sure the application has at least 3-5 paragraphs of their history! We don't want any small summaries on how they got to Ponyville.
  3. Make sure you have correct grammar and spelling. We do not wish to see chicken scratch.

Rules of getting approved

  1. To be approved of, either admins of the wikia or roleplaying moderators can approve of your application.
  2. The claim must have a picture of your pony whether it's badly drawn or nicely drawn, we don't care as long as we know what it looks like.
  3. If you do not make any edits in 5 consecutive days, then your application will be denied.

Create an application