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To roleplay, you will need to get your pony to be approved of first! Please make an application page before coming here! If you have any questions, please contact any of the admins. Thank you.


  1. you must get a pony approved before you start roleplaying them. If you just want to make a basic information page about them, then that's fine, as long as you don't roleplay as them.
  2. you cannot make two applications at once. that is a no-no. if you'd like your application to be on hold for another one, please rename it like so: Forum:Application: "Name of pony"-On Hold
  3. everybody (regardless whether you are an admin, b-crat, rollback etc, you have to follow this rule!) starts out with one pony to roleplay with.
  4. To level up, you must have a pony approved before getting more spots to make more pony characters to roleplay as.

Roleplaying Don'ts

  1. Sex

Yeah, no, this is a friendly wikia so this is a no-no. Other small things such as kissing can be allowed but sex? No-no. If seen in a roleplay forum, then you will have a warning and the forum will be deleted. We make'd SIX roleplaying areas: Regular RP, Mature RP, EqG Regular RP, EqG Mature RP, Crossover RP, Crossover Mature RP please please please help us out by choosing the correct area to roleplay in >.> or else there will be a warning!

  1. Insults

Insults are a no go. Don't insult anybody or anypony in this case. Plus, no disguising things.

  1. Violence

Absolutely no violence is allowed on roleplays! (Unless it's a magic battle then some violence is allowed as long as you are not that descriptive.)

  1. keep it at a PG-13 level

So yeah, this basically circles back to the sex and violence part. Please keep everything at a PG-13 level because we want all of our users be able to read this stuff. (For you are not the only one that can read your forum you know).

  1. Have fun
have fun roleplaying as your pony oc!
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