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Classic Foxglove.

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Mother and daughter

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One big makeshift family


Foxglove is a light purple filly with a pink mane and tail and burning orange eyes. Her tail has a fox-like marking on it, with a variety of made-up stories explaining its origin. Her Cutie Mark is three black pawprints.

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Nopony really knows where Foxglove came from, but they do know that she's an orphan. She claims to have been raised by foxes on the outskirts of Fenlock, feeding only on grass and wild berries (and once a zap apple, though she didn't like the taste.)

Foxglove has since been adopted by Clockwork Clover, a mare who she is proud to call "Mom." Clover has been raising her alongside a bat named Brownie Batter and a dragon named Flint (which makes for some interesting family outings.) Clover homeschools Foxglove, but sometimes enrolls her in camps and classes to further her education. Raconteur the Librarian has also taken it upon himself to teach her reading and writing.



Foxglove's character bio

Flint: Even though he's growing up to be a big dragon, he'll always be Fox's little brother.

Mango Tango: Ever since apprentice camp, Mango and Foxglove have been best friends and penpals. Although she kicks herself every time she admits it to herself, Fox has a massive crush on him.

Brody: Even though she views him more as a little brother or assistant, Foxglove's got a soft spot for her dear ol' friend Brody.

Gold Scale: Foxglove and Gold Scale got off on the worst hoof possible, but somehow managed to become best pals... so long as Goldie admits she's wrong once in a while.

Sparkle: "Sister-in-laws, hooves and claws!" Foxglove and Sparkle like to have a girl's night out once in a while, which generally involves shopping and a nice dinner.

Brownie Batter: Although she's a bat, Foxglove calls Brownie her "little sis."

Ruby and Felix: Two foxes from the Everfree forest that accompany Foxglove on her woodland adventures

Cutie Mark and Element[]

Foxglove received her Cutie Mark when she found a limping fox struggling to walk through the woods. She made a splint for the fox's broken leg and nursed him back to health. After his leg had healed up, three black pawprints

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"Don't get too chummy with me. I ain't no lovey-dovey spoony loon, alright?"

appeared on her flank to remind her of the fox she had helped.

The "Mane Eight" of Fenlock represent some things that make a marriage successful. Foxglove's element is Patience. Despite the fact that she's an unruly, stubborn, and downright sassy filly, she knows to wait for good things. One of her favorite things to do is sit in the Everfree forest and wait for animals to approach her. She then feeds, pets, and gives names to them, a practice that has gained her many wildlife allies.

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