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Foxtrot is an Earth Pony and the older sister of Tumble Step.

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Delivery Pony and Fire-Dancer
Eyes Green
Mane Orange and White
Coat Orange
Relatives Mother, Father, Prancer and Tumble Step
Cutie mark
Burning Fox
Voice Her Own
Owner Aniju Aura
Foxtrot Pony

An idea of what Foxtrot looks like using the Pony Make found on DeviantArt


Foxtrot is an orange coated Earth Pony with an orange and white mane. Her tail is tipped in white making her look like a fox. This earned her her name when she was born. Foxtrot has green eyes.

Foxtrot is a patient clam pony. She enjoys learning, read, and exploring, doing feild work. Foxtrot enjoys animals, but she prefers to learn about them rather than take care of them. Foxtrot also enjoy plant life.

Foxtrot enjoys dancing, escpecially with fire! She is a fire-dancer. Foxtrot can light sticks on fire and twirl them around in the air. Her best friend Snap Shot likes to take photos of the fire as she moves making Fire Art. This was how she earned her Cutie Mark, a burning fox.


Foxtrot is the eldest child in her family, she has two younger brothers named Prancer and Tumble Step. Foxtrot finish basic school and now works as a devilery pony as a part-time job for now untill her fire-dancing takes off. Foxtrot hopes to do something with her fire-dancing some day.  For now, she makes deliveries, delivering food, goods, and mail to other ponie's houses and shops.


  • Foxtrot is a type of dance, fiting for the pony, since her brother is named Tumble Step, meaning he is clumsy. They family share a movement name theme.
  • Her Cutie Mark is based off of Fire Fox search engine.
  • Foxtrot Fire-Dancing is based off of Fire Art.