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Frida is a bat-winged pegasus and the deceased wife of Jasper JaXX.




Frida is a bat-winged pony with with a violet coat and crystal blue eyes. She has bleach blonde hair. Frida is loving, warmhearted and tranquil.

As a Ghost Pony, Frida has a transparent body, however, being aware of her status, Frida has color compared to other ghost ponites. Even though Frida has wings she can float like all ghost ponies and walk through walks at times.


Frida was born into a noble family and knew Jasper when they were young. After serveral of no contact, Jasper resurface and started courting Frida. Despite Jasper's past, Frida married him and together they had a son named Chinook. Sadly Frida died while defending her son from rebels seeking to overthrow the goverment and Jasper's rule.

Since then Frida has been apart of SpiritClan and comes to concil Jasper about his decisions. 


  • Frida is named after a caracter from the Silverwing book series.