Fudgy the Pegasus Pony.

Fan Art of Fudgy.

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Red
Mane Orange
Coat Peach
Nicknames Fudgy
Relatives Horizon(Sister),Violet (mother),Red glaze(father)
Magic aura Pink
Cutie mark
Fudgy cutie mark
Voice Horizonfudgy
Owner User:Horizonfudgy

Fudge is a peach Pegasus. She has short orange hair. Her eyes are a deep red, and between her eyes are white freckles. She also has white spots on her flank. Her cutiemark is a orange Popsicle with a cream stick. She has a lazy , hearty personality. Also has a mean sense of humor.

Her family Horizon ( little sister ) Violet ( mother ) Red glaze ( father )

Fudge's job is working at a ice cream factory. Strangely being the pony with the lowest pay. She had past jobs, but got fired or quit.


Fudge does not have many friends . She is in a relationship with Creeperman . She is close friends with Blue shuffle,apparently knowing him since she was little. She is close with her little sister,Horizon .


Fudge's mother : Viloet Fudge's father : Red glaze Fudge's little sister : Horizon Fudge's daughter : Sunni Fudge's husband : Creeperman


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