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Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation TBA
Eyes Light brilliant aquamarine
Mane Light scarlet

Pale, light grayish scarlet

Coat Pale, light grayish gamboge
Nicknames Fu, Ji
Relatives Applejack (mother)

Flim (father)

Patch (step-sister)

Appleton (step-brother)

Trenderhoof (other father)

Cutie mark
Fuji CM

A fuji apple

Owner MysticArt89

NOTE: She's in my next gen with MysticArt89 on dA, no one is allowed to edit this page except for her and me.

Fuji is a earth pony that's the only daughter of Flim and Applejack. She was born in TBA and currently lives in TBA with her family. Her step-siblings are Patch and Appleton and her other father is Trenderhoof.

Characteristics and Biography[]

Fuji is Applejack and Flim’s daughter. She wants to be super strong dependable just like her mom. She always will do before she thinks, and sometimes will make a bad situation worse. She loves making cider out of all the spare apples and then selling it on the road. She hates girly froo-froo stuff and prefers to dive in fresh mud than have a warm relaxing bath. She wants to be an athlete one day.