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GamerGirl is a female her name suggests,she is a HUGE gamer.her cutie mark is a game controler.she has a ask blog of her own on tumblr. she has a twin sister named AmethistHeart

she is friends with:

a alicorn named DoubleNote

a earth pony named DolphinPunch

and a pegasus named Tophy

more info:

a link to the tumblr is here:

  • she is playing guitar hero
  • the first one is gamergirl,the second one that looks like derpy is Tophy,her alicorn friend is DoubleNote,the earth pony is DolphinPunch,the rest are their sisters,AmethestHeart the unicorn,IceDrop the earth pony,StarLight the pegasus,and BubbleChat the alicornGo to
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