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This is the charicter page for my OC, Gaming Truss. 


Gaming Truss has light tan fur, a tan mane and tail, and for a cutie mark she has a ps3 controller. She also has a long green wool english coat with pockets.

Gaming Truss

With jacket

Gaming Truss2

W/o jacket (skin is wrong)


Gaming Truss used to live in Coltifornia. Her and her parents were on there way to the summer sun celabration, when, while they were passing through ponyville, her parents left her at an orphanaim. She then was adopted by the (w)Hooves. She now lives in a house, is being trained by (Gamer) Luna, and is looking for that speshle somepony.


Gaming Truss-

-has a pet peaquail (half peacock, half quail) named Harry.

-is a unicorn

more soon (hopefully)!

sorry about the misspellings.