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Gastrobal is a Pernagan Pony who live in Western region of Equestria.


Gastrobal was born at Staliongrad, he was born has alicorn pony but many of ponies don't liked his own form. He has left the region and decided to do studies in equestria university to get his diplom of management. He founded his own group 2 year after his 3 year's degree and named it as Social movement of Equestria. He was hated by many ponies due to his rude caracter, he hated largely most of ponies comments. He get a senator place when he was 21 year old , he was the youngest in the assembly.

Relations with other ponies[]

Gastrobal get sompe relation with Applejack and Fluttershy but don't want to be with other because to his own caracter.


Gastrobal hated Celestia but wasn't aggresive with her. He get an unstable personality.