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Ghost Ponies are the deceased souls of formerly living ponies that haunt a particular area.


Ghost ponies are usually pale in color with their mane and tail swirling like smoke. Female Ghost Ponies' eyelashed generally curl while males lack eyelashes. All Ghost ponies, despite lacking wingsm have the ability to float and move through doors and windows, even if unlocked. More powerful ghost ponies can move through walls. The more powerful ponies seem able to regain their memories of their former life and are aware they are dead. These power ghost ponies are similar to Phantom Ponies, except they do not need to eat and are unable to have physical contract with any living ponies. Despite being unable to touch living ponies, sometimes ghost ponies like to fly through living ponies or other living things to experiance what it's like to be alive again. When ghost ponies preform this act they also get brief flashes of that living pony or creature's life. 

Besides the ability to float and walk through solid walls, ghost ponies possess other powers. Ghost ponies are also able to open windows to the past, allowing the veiwer to watch a particular event of there past. Another noted power is to make the room become cold, pegasus ponies can also cause a gust of wind and may even free water by simply walking on it.When angred, ghost ponies will through objects around the rooms or make things levitate. Usually the only time Ghosts become violent is when the house or area they are haunting becomes endangers. If a new house is built on the lot where the previous haunted house was located, the Ghosts may simply move in to that new home and haunt it. Sometimes a ghost pony may haunt a particular person or a family, inwhich the Ghost will follow the person being haunted around.


Pictures of Ghost Ponies.


  • There are different levels of ghost powers base on their powers and knowledge of their death.
  • The souls of ponies living in the Underworld are different then ghost ponies still found in Equestria.