"That is no Pony, it's an alien! Greenago is an alien! Come on, just look at 'im!" -Gib trying to prove that Greenago is an alien

Gib is a pointy haired Earth Pony and the tritagonist (and common antagonis)t of My Little Pony: The Invasion of Greenago. He is Greenago's archnemesis and is convinced that he is an alien.
Dib pony by lleviton-d55lsv4

The Gib monkey.


Gib is just barely prideful and is considered "crasy" by the other Ponies. He is always trying to expose Greenago of being an alien and hates it when people say his hair is pointy.


Gib has yellow eyes, a black, pointy mane, a light brown coat, a pointy tail, boots, and a black jacket. His cutie mark is a face.

Mane Facts

  • Gib is basically a Pony version of Dib from Invader ZIM.

    Gib's cutie mark.

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