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Glam Flower
Glam Flower Pegaus OC
Glam Flower
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Canterlot servant (formerly)


Eyes Light Orange
Mane Light Brilliant Cobalt Blue


Coat Very Light Heliotrope
Nicknames Glam
Cutie mark
Glam Flower flower cutie mark
A boquet of pink roses
Voice Daughter_of_Evil_Romaji_Lyrics

(Kagamine Rin's singing voice)

Owner Pinkgirl234
"I am Glam Flower--Princess Celestia's one and only best servant."
— Glam Flower

Glam Flower is a female pegasus who used to work as a servant in the Canterlot Castle. She tried to assume the position of the Equestrian princess and planned to poison them during one dinner but was thwarted by Sweet Treat and Intelli Math. As a result, she was found out and was sent to Equestrian Imprisonment for her crime.

Development and Design[]

Glam Flower is a heliotrope Pegasus with a long cobalt blue mane and tail with orange streaks worn in a formal style and round orange eyes. Her cutie mark is a bouqet of pink roses. She received it when she was a filly due to her fondness of flowers and even planted flowers.


"So your name is Sweet Treat? Pfft. I'll just call you "Bitter Treat" instead. It's much better."
— Glam Flower

Glam Flower works as a right-hand servant for Princess Celestia. When Sweet Treat arrived at the Canterlot castle, the first thing that Glam did was to taunt Sweet Treat.


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