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Glittering Gleamy is a Pony created by Eris to "punish" the Ponies of Ponyville.

However, she is adored by all she comes across, and is crushed on by every male in Ponyville.

She is half Pony, half angel, half octopus, half fairy, half Draconequus, half Valkyrie, and half human. Oh, and also half puppy.


She is a mixture of Twilight Sparkle's personality and Rainbow Dash's personality. She is often cocky and a bit arrogant. She is easily angered, and must not be messed with. She often gets herself into trouble, but barely ever gets hurt, as she is practically invincible. She is good at all sports, and has no flaws in anything.


She looks like Allicorn Twilight, but with tentacles coming from her back and a red mane.


  • Heat Vision
  • Tentacles
  • Venom launchers
  • Invincibility
  • Power balls
  • PSI
  • Power of the eliments
  • Ultra lasers
  • Hypnosis

Mane Facts[]

  • She is purposely a Mary Sue, the reason of this being that the character was created with the sole purpose of making fun of Mary Sues.
  • She is the most powerful Pony in Ponyville.
  • She was destroyed when Greenago revealed that he hated her.