Bronies Wiki
Golden Arrow
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Archer
Eyes Light pistachio
Mane Brilliant cobalt blue
Coat Moderate raspberry
Nicknames Goldie, G.A., Golden Applesauce
Cutie mark
Golden Arrow-1
A brown bow with a golden arrow
Owner Princess X

Golden Arrow is a reddish-pink unicorn with a bright blue mane.


Early Life[]

Not much about Golden Arrow's early life is currently known. All we know is that she is a famed archer, which means she probably came from a place like Appleoosa or Ponyville. She may have come from Coltanogan, a small town close to the Crystal Empire.


Golden Arrow likes to shoot arrows at a target in her room of a bulky stallion called Sharpshooter. She is adventurous and hangs out in the Everfree forest sometimes.

However, she is also polite and sometimes runs errands for her friends in Ponyville.


Golden Arrow is a skilled archer, being able to shoot arrows up to five miles and hitting her target exactly.

She is also quite skilled at talking to animals, although she prefers archery.


Jazz Clef[]

Golden Arrow and Jazz Clef have a strained relationship. They are friends, but they begin to argue quite quickly.

Study Star[]

Golden Arrow and Study Star often drive each other nuts. Study Star prefers to stay inside and study, whereas Golden Arrow prefers staying outside.

Clearwater Ripple[]

Golden Arrow and Clearwater Ripple have a meh-meh relationship, but they do like each other.

Crystal Flare[]

Crystal Flare is a talented alicorn, and Golden Arrow and Crystal Flare like to hang out together sometimes.

Moonstone Drop[]

She is an earth pony from a rock farm.