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Goliath is a minotaur who is, believe it or not, quite cranky. This is attributable to several factors, perhaps the foremost being he's eight feet tall and lives in a town designed for beings much, much smaller than himself.


Goliath hails from the neigh-boring land of Bovinia, home of the talking cattle. Much of his life he worked in a profession that suited his unique talents - a bodyguard for the famous rock and roll band, Quowbell. However, during the Diamond Dog Crisis in which the band was kidnapped by the sovereign David Bowwowie, due to his failure to execute his duties properly, he was summarily fired and exiled to Equestria, where he must stay until he learns more about friendship and working as a team.

Despite this, he's done all right for himself, fitting in well enough despite the obstacles facing him. Most ponies don't seem to mind his presence, and he has (for better or worse) become something of a hero to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who adore him so much they won't stop pestering him - despite his pleas for them to do so.

Delilah Dixie Cupp[]

Delilah Dixie Cupp, Dee-Dee to her friends, is an old flame of Goliath's. A minotauress, she too has worked as a soldier-of-fortune as well, and despite being of a smaller build than Goliath, is perhaps far better trained and qualified than he can ever hope to be. She is his on-again, off-again rival/girlfriend depending on the moo-ood.

Other Info[]

Goliath the Cranky Minotaur was first introduced in the fan fiction "Labradorinth", and subsequently further developed in "The Pony Princess Bride", both by author 25 or 6 to 4. His voice and mannerisms are both inspired by famous comedy actor and voice actor Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Tick, The Emperor's New Groove, Venture Bros, Family Guy).

The Princess Pony Bride

Labradorinth His first appearance