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Greenwing Songbird MLPTales

The original Green-wing Song Birds from My Little Pony Tales.

Birds from My Little Pony Tales.


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Green-wing Song Bird is a species of rare bird not commonly seen in Equestria. Epic however knows where a family of these birds nest in a meadow in Everfree Forest.

One time (roughly a year after the events of Feeling Pinkie Keen), Epic escourted Fluttershy to Froggy Bottom Bog to help deposit frogs from her over-populated pond (again). However they were confronted by the hydra (again). While it took 6 ponies to escape from the hydra last time, Epic manage to fight the monster alone and tangled it's necks up in a knot before it escapes, apparently fighting the hydra is something Epic has plenty of experiance with. Fluttershy was in amazed yet in frightened shock from the fight she witnessed. Concerned for her state, Epic took her to a meadow which was bright and had nice flowers, he showed her the Green-wing Song Bird that lived there and the two observed them for hours. Afterwards Epic promised to take Fluttershy there whenever she wants too.