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If there was one word to describe him, it would be gloomy. He hardly ever smiles and is often heard sighing. It's not that he is unhappy, it's just he doesn't show it in the way most do. He was sent to live with his older cousin after she moved to Ponyville because his parents worried about his lack of friends. He looks up to his cousin Willow Wisp because she tells wonderful ghost stories, in his opinion, and she doesn't give him a hard time about being rather quiet and anti-social. Though she does make sure he goes to school now that he's staying with her. Embarrassed that he still doesn't have his Cutie Mark, but is sure he knows what his talent is, he always has his saddle bag over his flank so it covers. He only takes it off when he's in the safety of his room. Quiet and often appearing cold and grumpy, most ponies his age tend to just stay clear of Grim. Extra: He has a hard time writing, so he has the help of Scribe, a Silk Writer spider. These are a type of spider that are able to understand language and often weave words into their webs. But Scribe uses ink to write on paper for Grim. He is not full grown, about only a 1/3 of the way; currently 4 inches around.


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Likes:Writing, Reading, Quiet places, Spiders, Gray and Rainy days, Listening to stories and Studying Dislikes:Loud noises, Bright sunny days, Running out of ink, big crowds, Sappy stories and Spicy food

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