There will be no more ponies in ponyland!

–Grogar in The Return of Tambelon


As he appeared between Sundance and Sweet Stuff in The Return of Tambelon.

Grogar was a villain who appeared in 1984 My Little Pony in the story arc The Return of Tambelon. He is ruler of the city of Tambelon and wanted to take over Ponyland 100 years ago, but was banished to the realm of darkness. He tried again but was thwarted.

He draws his magic from his bell and in Tambelon there is a big bell that, when rung, will cause the city to return to the realm of darkness. His defeat came when he and his city was banished back to where they came from when the bell was rung, Grogar's bell on his necklace melted when that happened.


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Grogar, the dark goat lord of all monsters and king of the city of Tambelon. With the power of his dark bell he conquered the Razorbacks and took them as his soldiers. He attempts to prevent the ponies from restoring the Elements of Harmony, just so he can establish his empire over Equestria, with Tambelon as his capital.

Tambelon was banished to Tartarus, an abysmal place full of monsters and nightmares and Grogar is it's ruler. Tambelon once existed in Everfree Forest, but Grogar grew greedy and wanted to take over Equestria thus Princess Celestia, with the Elements of Harmony, defeated Grogar and sealed Tambelon to Tartarus, leaving the forest to reclaim the absent land. Grogar is planned to be the main antagonist of the game. The game starts in Tambelon with Twilight Sparkle and her friends fighting Grogar and attempting to finish him off with the Elements of Harmony in order to reseal Tambelon in the Tartarus. However Grogar manages to destroy the Elements before his defeat allowing him to continue his influence to conquer Equestria.

Despite the canceled game project, he is still planned for use in the Ponytale series.

My Little Pony: Love is Everything

Grogar has mentioned by Princess Twilight Sparkle and Tempest Shadow that someone say he is the lost brother of Fromir. Robbie Ierubino said: "Grogar has been planned that character (Fromir) is just red-eyed Wolf Creature and main antagonist of Season One premiere."

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