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     There was nothing left of the street. Everyone was slowly dying in this German wreck of a building. The walls rotted from the smelling blood, and the doors creaked in a loud motion.

     You, my good reader, are probably wondering of my troubles of why I am making this tale sound so terrible already. Sanity had given me the power to enter that thing in the first place.

But for one thing, I am going to explain the terror of how these things decided to happen, but first I shall introduce myself to you to give you a glimpse of what is ahead.

Through time, I never believed that we ponies had human selves. I grew fascinated with this fact, and so I went crazy to find this information, but now that I am here to write this in Nact Der Untoten, I may as well give my best enjoyment to tell you how it all started from the beginning.

     It was 1944, nearly a few hours before the entire apocalypse came after us to rule. I didn’t know what was coming. There was this man who I was with, and he constantly studied this stuff. Called 115.

It was very interesting, but then again so very confusing. Science was never my best subject in education, but I figured this little element known as 115 could be worth learning about.

     It was at around 6 in the morning of a raining day when I had visited poor Dr. Maxis and his kid, who was adopted by the man and was bought a dog that looked dreadful.

I trotted through the door of the small house which seemed to be very professionally created. It had nice décor, and fancy tables and whatnots. Much better then where I lived.

I had entered the building the minute Ludvig Maxis had seen me. He jumped up and quickly brohooved me. “Richtofen! Glad to see you have returned! How are you doing, my friend?” “Everything is well, Maxis.” I responded.

“I see that that is good to hear. You are one of the best in my team as an assistant, that woman being the main one. Honestly I am quietly blushing as I say this, but I think I am starting to gain more feelings for her.” He smiled.

     “Oh, you don’t say?” I giggled at him.

Maxis put his equipment down to the shelf by the corner of the room, when a little filly walked into the door, Samantha Maxis, with a dog. She had a white fur coat and big yellow eyes. She had the biggest little smile atop of her face. Oh brother was it.

I found it very strange how Samantha was an alicorn; Ludvig did contain this ability, but not his dead wife, who looks almost exactly like the little girl. However I had noticed that ever since Ludvig and I met, I had seen that his wings burned off during an experiment, so it was just bone hanging there.

     It was so interesting. Dr. Maxis would notice me staring at the hanging bone-wing from his back, and he’d question me to stop. However it was too hard to preform the resistance.

Samantha approached me, and hugged my hoof. “Hello Doctor!”

My eyes widened. “Um… Hello?” Dr. Maxis spoke up. “I am going to be doing some scientific experiments for my newest creation. Maybe you can come with me, Doctor. Samantha, stay with Fluffy and we shall return to reunite with you.” Sam grinned. “Okay Daddy.”

     I rolled my eyes.

Both Maxis and I had galloped to the basement in minutes to see the science lab that Maxis had installed. I noticed he had cleaned it up very well. The last time I saw it; there were cobwebs and insects crawling from the roof. Now, the room was completely clean. Maxis had spoken up to me again on our way down.

     “You know, Doctor. I always wondered if you would be interested in this new kind of element I am working with.”

I raised my head. “Vhat?”

“You know, that is the main reason that I am down here most of the time anymore. I found this new element, and it is very interesting. I am using it for weaponry on our soldiers.” “Really?” My ears perked up. “What kind of weapons?” I grew interested.

“Oh, you want to see them? I shall show you in just a minute.”

He grabbed a gigantic metal box from inside his closet, and dragged the handle out towards me. Then, he put his hoof atop of the lid and pulled it open.

It was wunderbar. There were specially made weapons in the box, and my muzzle dropped to the floor.

     “Isn’t it amazing? And look at this one.” He picked up the alien-looking weapon.

“Go ahead, Doctor. Try it.” He gave it to me.

My eyes widened. I quickly grabbed the gun, and shot it out at the wall. It blasted a green substance very quickly towards the surface of the wall, and it burned a circular shape into it. “Whoa…” I hugged the gun, and I didn’t want to let go.

“It is powered by the element I am working on. 115. It is the Raygun 65.4” He took it off of me, and I quietly pouted for a minute. He continued his speech.

     “This weapon, my friend, was originally created by the Japanese. Between you and me, I stole it from them. They were trying to work on this element themselves, only to blow up their entire base by accident and kill all their doctors and soldiers that were in there. I took it to successfully finish it.”  He slowly put it back inside of the slot in the box, and then grabbed another weapon.

“This is my child.” He pointed it towards the wall, posing a look. “Doesn’t it look Wunderbar?”

The gun looked high-tech, and it was definitely bigger than the Raygun. It had huge light bulbs of electricity atop of it, and the tip of the weapon was shocking itself with electricity. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

Maxis quickly put it down on the shelf. “This beauty was created by me and a couple of my other comrades. We named it the Wunder Waffe DG-2 in honor of my creation design. This is the only Wunder Waffe in existence.” He put the weapon back into its slot. I kept staring at the two weapons.

Maxis finally had brought out a last weapon, which looked like a rocket launcher. “This is another well creation of the Japanese that I had taken while the explosion happened. The Thundergun.” He let me look at it for quite some few minutes.


     “I shallen’t give you a demonstration. This weapon can blow a wall down, and that is the last thing I need in a basement science lab.” He laughed. I followed along in laughter. Maxis put his weapon back in the box, and then guided me towards the hallway of the science lab to see the doors to the experiment rooms. What I saw made my mind stop its act. I loom in towards the window, and there it was. A pony, a stallion, covered in bruises, cuts, dark skin, and blood. It had red glowing eyes, which I found ironic, and the minute the thing saw me at the window, it ran towards the window and started banging on it with

its hooves. I jumped. That’s when Maxis discovered I stopped walking.


     “Oh, don’t mind him, Doctor. That was actually another experiment I had done with the 115. To see what the element would do inside of a living pony.” He looked into the window as the beast kept banging onto it.

“You… created that?” Maxis smiled. “That, I did.”

I grinned. “Wow, all of this is so interesting.” “It is, isn’t it?” He turned next to me. “You know, Doctor, I actually haven’t told you yet about the human selves have I?”      “Human selves?” “Yeah, I didn’t tell you I assume.” He stood next to me. “All of us have a human self.” “A vhat?” “A Human is a completely different species from a pony. They have two feet, two hands, and stand on two legs.” “Yuck, sounds like an ugly pony.” “Yes, that may be. Everypony has a human self. Even you and I. Just all of them make different decisions than us.” He looked up closer to me. “Do you know what your human self did to mine and my little girls’?”

     “Um, No.” I started to get confused.

“Your human self killed ours. He was going insane, being fascinated too much about my science experiments. He killed them very brutally.” His frown quickly came to a smile.

“Good thing you are smarter than that, Doctor. You know that you would not hurt me. We’re friends, right?” He put his hoof on my face, and then walked over to the other room to his box of weapons. I whispered to myself.

“Human self? My human self killed him? How, but aren’t we friends? What would cause such a bloody betrayal?”


     I couldn’t dare to believe that my own human self would kill such a man, and her little daughter.

I started to talk to myself.

Was I really that cold-hearted, that black-lunged, that evil-minded? To do such a terrible act? But wait, he said that our human selves made different decisions. Maybe it wasn’t entirely my fault. It was my human self; Yes! His brain was far differently made than mine!

     Maxis could hear me answering the questions to myself. He turned to look at me.

“Um, are you alright, Doctor?”

I smiled. “Oh yes I am perfectly fine! Go on!”

Maxis rolled his eyes, and so continued what he was doing. He finished up in seconds, and so turned to me.

     “I should go check up on how my little girl is doing. I shall return, Doctor!” He ran upstairs, leaving me in the lab. I started to stare at everything closely. The zombie monsters, the weapons, the entire basement! It was in my hooves for these last few seconds. I put my hoof on the box with the 115 weapons, when I heard Maxis suddenly shriek.

“SHNITZEL FRITZ!” He went crazy upstairs. “The Puppies! I cannot believe they have come! Samantha! Samantha Maxis! Hurry, come! Doctor!”

He started to yell to everyone, hoping we would approach him to see Fluffy finally having puppies.

Ugh, miracles of new life.

     I thought for a moment, and then sighed. I quickly grabbed the Wunder Waffe DG-2 from the box, and slowly walked upstairs to see Maxis and Sam putting the puppies in a safe box. I smiled, and covered the weapon in my saddle bag on my back. With a big grin on my face, I looked at the small puppies. They looked adorable… wait, did I just say that?

     Maxis turned his head to me. “Doctor! Look at them! Four of them!” He was extremely happy that they have come, as well as Samantha. I thought that it was a well done time for a little experiment that testing the gun of electricity. I whipped it out, in front of them, and aimed at Maxis himself.

Maxis gasped loudly, and backed away in Micro-Seconds. “Doctor! What are you doing?”      “I am doing what I was told to do.” I put my hoof on the trigger, but didn’t pull yet. Maxis started to tear up. “I thought you were my assistant! We worked together on so much! Why are you doing this!?” “My Human self did it for a reason! I think that there shall be an Equestrian version of such an event!” And in seconds, I pulled the trigger. The electricity bursted through Maxis’ entire body, and he fell in a matter of time. Samantha screamed, and Fluffy cried. I laughed with an evil sinister smile. I was going ballistic.

     Samantha grabbed the entire box of puppies, and with Fluffy following her, she ran towards the door of the house. It was blocked with something from the outside.

     I stopped, and stared at the small girl. Samantha just continued to scream and cry. She hugged her dog tightly, and I sighed. I put my gun down, and grabbed the sleeve of Samantha’s small outfit. I brought her to where I was going. She was trying to pull away but I obviously dragged her on with me anyhow. Fluffy bit my leg, but I kicked the mutt with my hoof until she stopped. We had gone all the way down to the Lab room, and there I saw a white chamber. I grinned, and opened the door to it. My wings pushed both Sam and the dogs into the room, and I slammed the door violently.


      Samantha cried miserably, being trapped inside of a room contaminated with 115. She was going to become a zombie, and it was all because I went nuts that day. I betrayed them all, and my next thought was diabolical, and yet stupid. But at this time I didn’t even care how dumb it sounded, because it sounded like an amazing piece of theory to me. The only thing is when I left that house that day, breaking the door down and destroying everything that went near me with the guns I stole, Samantha was no longer even in the Chamber. She was in MPD, ruling the rest of the world before I could. I didn’t know how, but I just kept hearing her voice over and over again. You killed him. You’re time is soon!


     When time flew by, I got frequent headaches, and I started to give out anxiety attacks. My hair grew a whiter color, and my fur coat turned lighter grey. I was going insane, and I thought of my next plan in life.

     “Hey? What’s happening? Who are you!?” The American soldier, Seargent Tank Dempsey, cried from the table that he was forced to lie down on. “What’s going on here!?”       “Hello, American! Welcome to my ‘crib’. The famous doctor Richtofen as I, yes. I have come by your plea to run some tests on you.” I giggled. Dempsey panicked. “Wait, I’m being held captive by a NAZI DOCTOR!?” He growled. “Get me out of here!” “Oh, stop being such a baby, American. Everything is fine my friend. It will all be over soon.”

“No, I don’t care!” He tried struggling out, but nothing was working.

“Now, just like the other two I am going to-“ “Wait, who’s the Other Two?” Dempsey questioned.

     I laughed. “Oh, Silly American. I do not think you would care about the other two.” I moved away a hospital curtain, to show Dempsey one Japanese soldier and one Russian. Dempsey shrieked. “Who are they!? What happened to them!?” He noticed that the two were sleeping. They had black bags under their eyes and more pale skin.

     “Oh, it was my new surgery method I’ve been working on. Something my comrade shown me. I had erased their memories so that I can have them become super soldiers of my army.” I brought out a needle from the shelf, and filled it with the liquid that would knock them out to sleep for hours. I quickly injected it into Dempsey’s cutie mark before he could say a work.

“Ah! No, stop that!” He was panicking.

“Now I am just going to erase the memories of you and your experience in the war. Nothing else, so calm down, friend.” “No! My wife is pregnant!” He shouted. “I need to… get to her…”

“There there, American. It’s okay.” I patted his head

“Shes… In Der Riese… Have to get… to the…”

“Shhhh...” I continued on. After a few minutes, He fell asleep.

     As usual, the surgery took a few hours, maybe a couple minutes after. I had successfully erased the memories of Dempsey, and now he had nothing to worry about that the fact that he was now a part of my team. However strangely, as he had said that his wife is pregnant, which I found very odd, so I looked outside a few times. I did not see any kind of other presence, so for the rest of the day I carried on. And for a couple of weeks of trying, I could not successfully make them as my pets to rule the world. Dempsey and the three others did not remember me, but they unfortunately had the ability to manage remembering me and themselves. It was just the past that I had erased. Once again I failed.

All throughout the day, Dempsey kept talking to me about explosions and his wife, who he continuously nagged about her being her. I did not understand, because I did not see a single woman over the hours I’ve looked, until then, while walking towards the doors to Der Riese, I saw her standing, with a stomach full of foals.

Dempsey gasped. “Rosaline…” He ran up to her, and tried hugging her gently so he wouldn’t damage the unborn ponies inside her stomach.

“I am so happy you are still here!” “Where were you? I have looked left and right and could not find you anywhere. I don’t even know when the time is when these foals will be born.”

     “I,” Dempsey paused. “I…Don’t know.” I sighed. “Oh, come on already! I mussen’t leave you here but I have to find my next ingredient for TOTAL DOMINATION!”

Takeo, the Japanese stallion, put his hoof down. “Wait, what are we even doing here?” I growled. “You Americans are so annoying! With your children and questions and lectures!” “Um,” The Russian one, Nikolai, spoke out. “Dempsey is the only American, and you’re the one lecturing us.”

     Suddenly and surprisingly, a huge loud explosion happened in the sky. It was a red wave of dark color. All of us fell to the ground, and Rosaline yelped. Then, we heard a laugh, a familiar laugh echoing across the whole area… A 7 year old girl’s laugh. It was so strange.

“Samantha?” I whispered to myself.

Dempsey yelled out. “Come on, Richtofen!” he grabbed onto my hoof, and we all ran into the near building where one of the broken machines were hidden inside for safety.

     Takeo and Dempsey took a few deep breaths, and Takeo fell onto the floor. The woman, who I assumed was Rosaline at this time, was starting to give out minor moans. “I think that they are coming. We need to find a safe place for this.” “Okay everyone!” Dempsey shouted to Takeo, Nikolai, and me, who wasn’t even bothering to care.

     “We need to find a safe place for this so that my wife can have our kids! Nikolai, if in case any zombies come you’ll take them out with this.” He tossed Nikolai a BAR, a strong one-shot weapon.

Nikolai smiled. “Give me a gun, and my vodka, and I’ll take out the whole apocalypse.”

    Dempsey walked over to Takeo. “Takeo, your mission is to find the closest stock of weapons in the facility.”He gave Takeo an MP-40.

“Oh, the honor!” Takeo yelled, which was the first time I actually heard him say something in a shout.

     Dempsey than unfortunately turned to me. “Richtofen, you’re in charge of making sure Rosaline safetly has the kids.” I stood up. “What do you mean by that?” He sighed in anger. “Make sure she doesn’t die while having them!” We started to argue. “And why should I do that?” “Because you’re the doctor!” he pushed me to the ground of the room, my soldier cap flying right off as he violently threw in anger.

“You’re a strong man, Dempsey.” I smiled.

The American’s eyes widened, but then shook his head violently and yelled back. “Shut up!”

     “Stop!” Rosaline announced. “Stop your fighting!” “Yes, tis’ true,” Takeo began. “Fighting will get us nowhere. We must all fight towards the end, as a team, until these foals are born to their families.”

I got up, and put my ruined cap onto my head again. “Ugh, Americans.” Dempsey’s eyes dilated, and so he automatically twisted and aimed a gun at my nose.

“Say that again, Nazi.”

     I growled, and turned my head to keep as much peace as I could, no matter how much anger was building up.

Nikolai just got done drinking his fourth bottle when he announced to us. “Alright! Let’s do this!!” He got up, and tripped. Takeo helped him up.

     I followed Rosaline and everyone else to where it was a safe place. The mare kept making groans; feeling the pains of kicking and annoyances from the newborns hurting her stomach. Dempsey started to run towards where we were going, and I had to follow. Nikolai grabbed his guns, and Takeo ran in front of us to show where the stock of guns was.

 There was a box he had found, with question-marks blazed on the top of the wood. The box looked odd, and in seconds, we heard the little girl’s laugh again coming from the sky once more. Samantha; I couldn’t even believe she had done it. She ruled the world faster than ME.

Rosaline shrieked. “They’re coming!” Dempsey hurried on, and found a safe place for her to have the foals. The stairs to the main machine that stood before us. We slowly walked upstairs and stood near the machine. Zombies were starting their hunt, and Nikolai started to behead each one of them. Rosaline lied down and started to breath really fast.

“Well, Doc, help her.” Dempsey confronted me.

My jaw dropped. “You want me to help her actually have the kids!?” “It’s your fault for being a doctor!”

Zombies continued to pour in, and Rosaline was crying out.

“Gr, alright fine!” I hollered, and ran over to Rosaline.

     The rest of those few hours were eventful. Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey killed every walker that came near us. In by minutes, after a last gunshot, the foals were here.

Rosaline started to cry in happiness when he had witnessed the two foals that she had. One had a grey fur coat and purple hair, and the other Purple fur coat and green hair. They were both the most adorable things… WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING!?

Dempsey came down to hold one of them, and he had never been happier. Until then he said, “Two? Two kids? Where are they supposed to go? We can’t let them be in a place like this for the rest of their lives.”

I jumped up. “Can I name one?” Dempsey sighed. “Why should I let you name one? You were whining the entire time she was giving birth to them.”

“Dempsey,” I confronted. “If I weren’t here, your wife would be dead. Give me a reward; I helped.”

Rosaline picked up her head. “They’re so adorable. I think they’re both female.” “They’re both girls?” Takeo mentioned. “I wanted a male warrior for me!”

“Okay, how about this. Let’s all agree on names.” Dempsey interrupted.

I thought for a second, and then announced. “I want to name the green and purple one… WUNDER MUFFIN!”

Dempsey’s eyes widened. “Wonder Muffin? Are you serious?”  Rosaline jumped in. “I actually like that name. It fits her pretty well.”

“Looks more like a Candy Corn to me.” Takeo protested quietly.

I jumped. “Yay! I’m a father!” I smiled until Nikolai finally talked.

“What? Doc, how much of this operation do you actually understand?” “Wait,” I picked my head up in front of him. “This is an operation?”

Dempsey quietly stood until he approached the purple and gray pony. He picked it up, and started looking at it slowly. “I think this one.” He smiled. “She looks unique. How did she get those colors?”

“She looks like a Marisa.” Rosaline suggested.

Dempsey looked at her, putting the foal down. “Marisa? That’s original.”

Takeo talked once again to our conversation. “I like that name. Reminds me of my mother’s cousin.” Nikolai paused, and looked at Takeo, disturbed.

Minutes flew by when Rosaline cleaned off the foals and fed them. Dempsey was laying next to her while they happily craled around. That was when more zombies started to approach, and Nikolai’s gun ran out of ammo.

“Ah! No ammo! No vodka!” He cried. Takeo followed along. “No ammo? No Honor!”

Rosaline panicked. “Honey, those things are coming, and we barely have any defense! We need to get my foals somewhere other than here!” Dempsey started to pace around, until I stopped him. “Let me guess, I have to find a building to stay in?”

“Not now, Richtofen!”

“You know, I know where the best time machine. You can send these two into it to keep them safe.” I continued on.

Rosaline’s eyes widened. “Yes! The Time Machine! Send them to the future where they’ll be safe! Hurry, the zombies are getting closer!” Dempsey hurryingly grabbed the two and put them in his military saddle bag. “Okay, I’ll send them.”

Rosaline quietly noted. “I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Just go, take them to the machine. That’s all I care about right now is their safety!” Dempsey paused. “You’re not dying on me!”

“I may have to. Just go!” She ordered him to run, and so he did.

Dempsey stopped by the others. “Guys, make sure she is safe. Don’t let her die.” And then, he ran off. Away into the mist, the fog covering the view of his travel.

I sighed, and Nikolai put his head down, until Rosaline screamed out. “SHOOT THEM!” The zombies were all around her in approach, and Takeo hurryingly shot each one of them, them all falling towards the floor after each gunfire. Rosaline took deep breaths, and attempted to get up. She couldn’t.

“Somepony, I can’t get up. I need help.” She cried out silently. Nikolai attempted to run over to help her, until Takeo stopped him. He brought a gun up to Rosaline, and pointed it towards the mare’s head. She shrieked. “What? Why?”

“Don’t you see, Miss Dempsey? You are condemned by the voices of 115 within you. You cannot get up, you’re weakened. You were used by the element. There is no other way.” Nikolai jumped in the confront. “Are you insane!? Didn’t you hear what Tank said?” Takeo sighed. “Things have to be done, Nikolai. She is possessed by the 115 itself. Those two foals are soon going to discover that as well when they end up finding out about Dempsey and they start to insane.”

     Rosaline started to shed a small tear. “Are you sure?” “I am.” Takeo continued to stand with the gun towards Rosaline’s head.

Rosaline started to cry, but then looked up towards Takeo. “Do it.”

“What!?” Nikolai yelped. “You guys are crazy! Dempsey will kill us!” And however then, it seconds, the bullet in the chamber of Takeo’s gun than traveled into Rosaline’s skull. She died in a flash of an instant. Nikolai’s jaw dropped and Takeo started to sob. I just stood there mindlessly not paying attention, and looking up at the sky of the open lab.

     Dempsey returned not too long after. He did not have the foals anymore, and he had approached in a depressing smile. “Okay, guys.” He finally approached us, and noticed the huge gushing bloodied bullet hole at the side of her head. Tank’s eyes widened, and he immediately started waterworks.

“You killed her… YOU KILLED HER!” He ran over to me, and knocked me over, pointing his gun to my head. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Takeo jumped in.

“No, it was me, Dempsey.”

Tank turned his head, growling and raining in tears.

“I cannot believe you! You do not realize what you just did!” He pointed the gun to Takeo’s head.

“No, I know why I did it and I had to. She was condemned by the voices. I can tell, because it happened to some of my ancestors back in Japan.”

     Dempsey didn’t even listen to him. He just kept pointing, with his magic about to pull the trigger, when Samantha Maxis started to laugh through the sky again. This time, she said a full sentence of words.

“I want to play a game, Richtofen!” She giggled through the sky.

My jaw dropped. “How are you doing that?” “Well when you killed me I had a bit of a surprise that was waiting for me! I feel so grateful now! Oh, by the way, FETCH ME THEIR SOULS! HAHA!” She laughed hysterically.

     Then, in my seconds, Zombie beasts with fur and jaws started to run up to us. Some were all bloody, and others were on fire. They quickly started darting at us, and we were defenseless. Dempsey hurryingly grabbed the weapon atop of the surface of the wall, and the same with us we did. We started shooting the zombie dogs for ten minutes, until they finally stopped coming at us.

     Samantha spoke out again. “Fluffy wanted to play too! She had her puppies, and they came to play a game of tag, but NO! You all have to shoot them!” Samantha yelled at in anger. “Well two can play at that game!” She started to give an extreme evil sinister laugh, and zombies started to pour inside of the outer-lab. Tons of the zombies approached Rosaline’s body and started eating, and the other zombies impatiently ran towards us. All four of us yelled in panic, and then ran into a small building near us. All of us breathed deeply, and Dempsey growled at me.

“This… is your entire fault!” He knocked me over again. “If it weren’t for you and your Nazi crap, we would’ve never been here!”

“Calm down, American!” I backed up in speech. “You’re muscles are crushing my spine as I lay against the dirty concrete floor!”

“I Can’t calm down! My wife is dead all because you brought me here!” “I never brought her here! I had no idea who she was, and I never brought her here myself!”

Takeo interrupted the argument. “Guys, stop. This is enough now. ‘Tis all over. We must sleep for more energy of tomorrow.”

     All through the days of survival, all four of us continued to journey on to find some kind of Time Machine. All four of us had an idea to save life from the apocalypse, as Takeo’s idea, being to blast three rockets, all the way from the moon, towards the entire land of Equestria and blow up absolutely everything.  Dempsey continuously tried to kill me, through everything, but nothing worked. Takeo kept telling him to be calm, and that Tank would never see me again after this whole mess was over. But to be honest, I didn’t think I was leaving, and so did Takeo and Nikolai. I was going to make this plan work no matter what, and it did not matter how much pain I was going to go through to retrieve my goal of world domination. I was the reason they all knew where we all were. I knew almost every place we went to, and they wouldn’t be able to live without me by their side.

     By the time we had finally approached another science lab, Ascension Corp., Dempsey had found a weapon box nearest us. The box was wooden, and bordered in a yellow-ish glow.  It had bright yellow question-mark symbols on its lid, and they both turned on and off with their own glowing view. All of us had received a surprise weapon from the box, and a lullaby would play as it would open.

     Nikolai finally stopped during our last zombie fight, and he lied down onto the hard floor.

“I’m resting,” He complained.

“Nikolai, You haven’t meet for more than one minute. How must you rest?” Takeo questioned. “Because I am sober!” He whined. “I cannot fight when I am sober!”

“Everyone,” Dempsey growled. “Either we work together or we die alone!”

I sighed. “Must you be so dramatic, Dempsey?”

Tank put his hoof on my chest, hard. “I suggest you shut your muzzle before I rip your tongue out with a tomahawk.”

These past couples of hours were merciless. Dempsey completely annihilated every zombie he saw, and the other two protected the weapon box. I stood by Dempsey, who was aggravated by my presence.

I sighed, and then walked over to the corner of the room, and then I opened up my saddle bag and brought out my journal. It was getting dusty, so I blew off of it before I would continue to write in it. Then, I brought out my old pen.

                Day 74, Ascension Science Facility, Entry 102


     It has been a long time since I have taken notes in you, friend. I would’ve written in your pages earlier if the American hadn’t refused any patience until we had ended up here, in this much underestimated place. My comrades, I’m strangely getting used to. They all could be a bit of a pain, yes, but I manage to keep my sanity in and not kill them for the remaining time we have left. Yes, they still blame me for their problems, but I know that it is not fit to kill them at least yet until the big finale. I can finally live how I always wanted to live, to rule the world, and fulfill the destiny of becoming the best. If only that damned little girl and her dog hadn’t messed up my plans in the first place. Maybe finally I’ll be known once we get to the Moon. I wait for our first mission of success.

I wrote down my section of the adventure, and quickly closed the book before Dempsey could catch me and lecture me about how ‘Lazy’ I was being.

Nothing much was left by the time we had galloped through the Ascension grounds. The power was finally online after Nikolai found the switch. Thank god, there was color.

Finally, we took our journey into the Time Machine once more that took place in Kino Der Toten. The machine was sparking, and it looked extremely old by its cobwebs and spiders. It took us a few minutes to finally appear in what had seemed to be in an extremely darkened room. There was no light, and all three of us were suddenly crammed in this locked room.

“Ow! Richtofen, get your plot out of my face!” Dempsey demanded.

“Well you get your face out of my plot!” I responded.

“Everyone,” Takeo announced. “Everyone, calm down. There shallen’t be a reason to argue. I have an idea that will take us out of this room.” Everyone raised their heads. Nikolai cheered in my ears, and I quickly blocked them from becoming deaf.

Takeo tried to budge towards the door of the small closet room, and he finally started to pull onto the doorknob. No matter what trick he would commit, nothing was working. Takeo finally started to pull the door with his own Pegasus wings, but still there was nothing in return.

The Japanese pony sighed. “Well, I guess the true warrior could not even open such lock.”

Then, all of us had heard an odd yell from the other side of the door.

“Hello? Hey! Anybody home!?” It sounded like a woman. She sounded like she was aggravated.

 “I think I heard a couple of voices behind that door,” She approached the door that we were behind. I immediately hollered out to her. “Hello?”

“Whoa,” She responded. “You have one high-pitched voice, sir.” “Hey! I’m from Germany! It runs in my family!” The woman gasped. “Oh really?”

Nikolai couldn’t take the patience, and then interrupted into our conversation. “Hey! You going to let us out of this door already?” He pushed in front of me.

The woman grew quiet, and then finally spoke. “And how am I supposed to believe that from a Russian and Nazi?” She sighed, and then giggled. “No.”

“What?” Takeo growled. “Come on! We are no threat! We cause no harm to any others accept the walker beasts!”

     The woman laughed. “A Japanese one too?” She could tell his country by the tone of his Japanese accent. “Don’t you all hate each other?”

“Yes, yes we do.” Dempsey responded. “But we are stuck together, all because of Richtofen.” “Me!?” I questioned angrily. “It is your fault! You should have never joined the war!” I snapped back. “You never knew how to help in the war even if you tried! The only thing you understand in life is dissecting people and poking brains!”

     My eyes widened, and I started to shed a tear. “That was so hurtful.” “Then I have done my job.” He turned around angrily, tripping over Takeo’s foot. “Ow!” Takeo jumped up. “Sorry.”

I sighed, whipping off some of the tears from my gray-coated face. “I just wish… I wish he understood why I did it. I wish he would just understand me. What I mean and how I really feel about him.”

That woman had left the other side of the door soon after, leaving us here in the darkened closet that we were stuck inside. “God, I hate women!” Nikolai hollered out.

“No you don’t.” Takeo interrupted.

Nikolai Sighed, and then grinned. “I know.”

After all throughout that time, after sitting there that long, the room had strangely and suddenly transported us back to where we were, in Nact Der Untoten. It was so… interesting.

     Time was soaring, same with our bones. They were sore, and we started to grow weak. My stomach was yelling loudly for something to eat. Dempsey’s eyes started to daze off, and Nikolai’s motions were fading. He kept falling, and Takeo’s back-left hoof he was limping off of. We were damaged, and we needed help from someone, or something, at least.

I finally fell to the floor, same with Nikolai once again, and we both fell asleep. Dempsey sighed, and automatically fell as well. That left Takeo, who was still awake and ready to fight. He had the honor of a griffon. His warrior skill fought off the zombies that came forth to eat us. He saved all three of us from the zombies while we slept.

     A few hours later, I had woken up from my starved slumber. I saw that Takeo had finally fallen asleep. He had the backside of his gun in his mouth, with chew marks. He was probably dreaming of eating something, I assumed.

I slowly started to wake up Dempsey and Nikolai, and they got up slowly and quietly. Dempsey walked up to me. “Where is Takeo?” “He is on the floor, eating his gun.” Dempsey giggled. “Sometime during this whole trip, I thought that I wanted to eat my gun. I changed my mind; I just thought I wanted to eat someone else here.” “Oh, could that be me?” I smiled.

      “What do you mean by that?” Dempsey looked at me odd.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m only kidding, friend.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Friend?” He looked at me. “Since when was I known to be your friend?” I sighed, and did not say anything. Dempsey smiled. “I thought so.” He continued his path towards the main room, and I just gave a thought and picked up my gun again. Takeo woke up a few minutes after Nikolai had gotten ready.

All three of us were ready to carry on. We all were starting to lose most of our ammunition to the zombie flesh that we shot at.

     There was than nothing else that we could do but to defend ourselves. It had been days, weeks after this time when we continued to destroy the monsters that craved us. I, myself, just started getting these odd voices inside of my head. Demonic whispering and yelling and I did not know why this was so. I was the one to mostly hear the yelling annoyances. Dempsey and the others just assumed that I was going crazy, which I had no idea that I was. At that time I thought to myself that I was completely sane.

     We had finally gotten to Shangri-La when Dempsey almost passed out. We needed some kind of food to keep us going. Nikolai and I had been searching for the past hour, while Takeo took zombie patrol. Thank god, did we find something. It was an entire bag, a small one like a Saddle bag, which was filled with portions of food for the military. I guess the soldiers had left this bag here before death claimed them. I quickly picked it up, and ran as fast as possible over to Takeo and Dempsey, who was on the ground with his eyes closed shut. “I have found it!” I cheered. “What you and your friend have been looking for! Now where is my Thank You gift?” Takeo giggled a small bit. “It is in Nact Der.”

“Wait, seriously?” I was confused.

“NO!” Takeo yelled. My eyes widened.

“You, sir, are a disgrace to my country!” I responded. “But I am part of Axis, just like Germany. Why must there be the hate?”

My eyes widened. “Oh, True. Very true.” I put my weaponry down next to the designed Japanese boulder that we were standing next to.

All throughout that day, all four of us adventured through the grassy area of Shangri-La. We ate all that we could, and continued to fight our way. It was almost like the whole zombie killing thing was getting old.

I started to roam around the entire place, leaving the others as they gave constant bullets to the heads of walkers. I walked into an anonymous room that was very dark. It did not matter to me; I just looked around through the building, until a saw a paper. A very interesting paper that said in the English language. Next to it was a paper-clipped picture of Dempsey’s wife. The picture had drops of blood on it. I found it very weird how the Americans wife had apparently been known here. I picked up the paper, walked outside into the sunlight, and started to read it.

Rosaline Betreica Dempsey

Review One – Individual Prisonary Biography

September 21st, 1924


     If we could ever have the chance to stop the chaos that has recently been happening here as World War II continues, I just want to send this to all of the ones who are in this similar situation and have to suffer this type of pain. I was never meant to be here; I have a husband, and I am soon going to be a mother. There is not much really to tell but I think I have this strong feeling that I am going to die here. Because I would still be home where I am if it weren’t for doctor Maxis and his tests. All I care about right now is the safety of my new upcoming foals, and I hope that maybe I can be there to watch them grow up, graduate, and live their lives with my husband. Hopefully that is how it may be, but If I ever do indeed die of something that is soon to come, I just want to tell you, next prisoner of Maxis, that you are not alone. I have my final test soon, so beloved all of you.

-          Rosaline Betreica Dempsey, no ew llahs lla eb detset yb eht CXV sa llew thiw lla ylamif


     I paused. I had absolutely no idea what those last words even meant. This was a letter to the ones who were next to being experimented on with the 115 by Maxis. Rosaline was being tested on; that was why she had come! I never thought of such a thing before!

The others had heard my cheers, and had hurried over to where I stood upon.

     “Richtofen, why are you cheering?” Takeo hurryingly questioned.

“Have you found my vodka?” Nikolai curiously replied.

“No!” I growled. “I have some something that is very interesting. Dempsey may find it very depressingly strange.”

     “What are you talking about?” Takeo further replied.

“Remember that woman who was with us a few days ago? That had Dempsey’s children and transported them to the future?” I grinned.

“Um, Yes.” “Well that, my friends, was the same pony that was being tested on by Dr. Ludvig Maxis himself. Meaning that if those tests were in motion while she was pregnant, Dempsey’s children, who were both sent to the future of 2011, are in fact infected by the 115!” The two other stallions gasped.

     “Hold on a second, outlawed military comrades!” I raised my hoof.

“At around this same time, Dempsey had known that his wife was here, especially after I brought him to Der Riese. He knew that she was there at that exact location, Meaning that the American soldier was too, Infected by the 115, and a whole bunch of it!”

I had an evil plan in mind once again.

     Dempsey had galloped into the room that we had our conversation in, ordering impatience command.

“What are you three doing in here? We got’ zombies coming in! Don’t you see the windows cracking?”

All three of us looked at him, until Nikolai spoke.

     “And just why would you tell us to kill your own kind?” Dempsey’s eyes widened. “What?” Takeo sighed, and looked down. Nikolai continued talking. “We know about you and your tests and your 115. We don’t feel the need to keep you living so you could eat us alive in our sleep!” The Russian grabbed his weapon, and poked it at Dempsey’s snout. The American soldier didn’t know what to say.

     “Where are getting this information from?” He asked the two.

Takeo jumped into the conversation. “Tis’ from him.” He pointed at me. My eyes grew wider quickly.

Dempsey automatically grew angry, and then spoke.

“And just why do you believe him? He is the one that brought us here! The one to come from Nazi Germany and…. Test on us.” Then, Dempsey started remembering it all. The other two scratched their heads in confusion and shock.

     “Richtofen tested on us to erase our memories! He is the one who infected all of us!”

I gasped, and childishly announced. “What are you talking about?”

“You know what I am talking about!’ Dempsey was fuming. “You erased our memories, and you tried turning us into your soldiers to rule the entire world! Well guess what, Benedic; you can kiss your dreams goodbye because it is highly impossible to rule the entire planet! And with your selfish ways, you won’t be able to happily spring in the fields with the stupid rainbows like you wanted!”

     My jaw dropped. Dempsey picked up his gun quickly. “You’re the one who infected all of us. Each day we are dying slowly because of you.” He looked through the aim, and aimed it at my face. “You need to give yourself a fitting end.”

     Nikolai and Takeo both looked at each other, and then once again picked up their guns and pointed at my head. I did not say anything. It took a few minutes for me to speak up.

 “You cannot survive without me. Do your worst, Dempsey. You all have absolutely no idea where you all are. You are all confused, and you don’t have any kind of information in this place such as Shangri La. I, however, know it all. If you kill me, all of you will be lost, and you will not catch up to the solution that I have to ridden all of the existing zombies that are haunting our hooves.”

     Takeo slowly put his gun down. “Dempsey, Nikolai; may I give my permission to speak to you both for a minute or so?”

The American and Russian gestured their heads in a positive agreement, and so decided to follow Takeo along towards the other room. I stood there, with no motion. I quietly stepped up to the door that they had closed to speak in the other room, and put my ear against it.

“Well, what do we do? He tested on us and treated us with terrible sin; however he knows all that we must do.” Takeo tried to whisper out to Dempsey and Nikolai of this question.

“I say we kill the Nazi as fast as heavenly possible.” Dempsey replied.

“I don’t know. We have no idea where we are.” Spoke out Nikolai. “We may need him.”

“I do not know of a suggestion. We must find out for ourselves a decision that we can finally set on. But however first we must find what Richtofen has that we do not.” “The personality of a woman?” Dempsey Joked. Nikolai followed along giggling at the American’s remark. Takeo rolled his eyes.

     “No, we must first find out what it is that Richtofen is hiding. He had always bragged about his ‘Plan’.” Takeo further explained. “This may be the last time we may see ourselves fighting if Richtofen settles with this new plan that he is showing view for.”

     Dempsey growled. “I don’t know. I just want that Nazi to die.”

“Hey, calm yourself.” Takeo demanded. “I know that you dislike the German, as do I, but I still believe that we must befriend all we can if we are going to survive this apocalypse and find help.”

Nikolai sighed. “But if we do not kill the German, we may both die either way.”

     Suddenly, I myself started getting these very strange voices. They were all continuous, and they were louder than before I had killed Maxis. I put my hooves onto my head, and started to breathe really quickly. That was when I finally yelled out to myself.

“SHUT UP!” I ran around in circles through the room, and the three others hurryingly opened through the door from the room that they were in. They had noticed me going crazy, and so quickly Dempsey used a unicorn spell of his, mentioning he was a unicorn, and had he blew magic through causing me to pass out quickly and immediately.

By the time I had awoken, all three of the other teammates looked down at me. My vision was shortly blurry, and rubbing my eyes was not working, so I continued to look up.

“Ow… headache.” I quietly hollered. I turned my head behind me to the floor to see that there was blood all around where I had laid.

“You three! What have you done to me! Tell me now!” I declared.

     Dempsey growled down at me as he looked at my tan colored doctor outfit which was covered in blood. “You know that you have done your worst, Nazi. You brought us out here to die and you are the reason my wife was brought our here to die. Not only that, but now you are going insane. We can all tell from the minute we saw you fall to the floor having a fit.” He put his hoof on my chest, and pushed pressure. It started to block my lungs. I was breathing hard, and Dempsey continued his lecture. “Now, we are going to keep you alive, but we will never dip to your sinister level. We will have you know that we will never be on your side. You will help us find our way through the entire apocalypse, and if you do not, we will have the opportunity and courage to kill you then.”

     I was gasping for breath. I couldn’t say anything, and so Dempsey felt go of the pressure, and Takeo pushed the stallion back.

“Remember, Soldier. He shallen’t be killed until the warrior summons this request.”

“Stop talking like that,” Nikolai drunkenly mentioned. “You should Japanese when you do that!”

Takeo sighed. “Have you completely forgotten that I am from Japan, sir?”

Nikolai raised his head. “No, I did not forget that you drive a van on sand to surf.”

     Takeo wanted to slice Nikolai’s head off with a sword, but he held himself back and thought to keep peace. I had finally gotten up from the chest pain that I had, started with mild stumbling, but had eventually gained balance and walked with the others, immediately jumping up. “Takeo, you’re my friend, right?” Takeo did not know how to respond. “Until we shall find support on this adventure, that answer is still in question.”

     I sighed, and walked over to Nikolai. “Nikolai! Are we friends?” Nikolai burped, and then spoke out to me. “Uh, wait wha?” I sighed once again, and then finally looked at Dempsey. “Um, Dempsey…?” “Don’t talk to me, Nazi.” He didn’t even bother to take a glance at me. I began to gain a sad feeling. “I’ve never had friends before.” “I can tell why.” He responded in anger.

“Dempsey, what is it that makes you crave to hate me so much?” The American soldier stopped walking, and continued to talk. “Well, you killed my wife. You erased my memory; all you do is cause trouble on our adventure. You’re a Nazi, and you’re mentally insane. So there, you have your wanted answer.”      My eyes dilated, and I looked at him again. “Dempsey, you know, I cannot help being the way I am.” Dempsey started walking again, and looked at the ground as he trotted. “I was made this way. That is why they wanted me to be a doctor for World War II.” I continued. “Can’t you just listen to me?”      “Oh, I listen perfectly.” Dempsey dragged into my speech. “I listen to your words. About how you erased my memory, you killed my wife, you had her give birth here, instead of our homeland where zombies aren’t roaming around and sniffing out flesh.”

I put my nose down and looked at my hooves. Dempsey continued to walk with the other three, and for the rest of the day we killed zombies and eventually slept in a new area.

     We ended in up the dark and dim light of Shi No Numa. It was a Japanese territorial military building, and it started to rain very harshly. Takeo grabbed an old bucket from the corner and filled it with the rain’s water, and so he drank it as soon as he could. I wanted some; I haven’t drunk any water in days. And so while his head was turned, I approached him and asked a question slowly.

“Um, Takeo?”

“Aw, yes. What is it now, Doctor?” I looked at the water. “Can I… have a sip of this?”

“Huh? This?” I looked at the bucket. “Doc, it is raining outside. Cannot you just grab a bucket of your own and fill it yourself with the downpour?”

     “There are no more buckets.” I tried to make an excuse; I grinned as I told this.

Takeo sighed, and then slowly handed me the bucket, “Here.” Dempsey saw and quickly yelled. He ran over to me. “I want some. I am parched.”

I growled, and barked out to him. “Mine! Get away, American!”

 The Japanese pony speedfully jumped in our quick argument. “Okay, calm yourselves.”

“I cannot.” I responded. “I have not drunken a sip in days.”


    “Well I haven’t either!” Dempsey snapped at me again. “If you two babies are going to fight,” Takeo grabbed the bucket’s handle with his teeth. “Then both must you not get any water!”

I sighed, and painfully agreed to what Takeo said. “Fine.” I grabbed the water from him, and took many huge gulps of the water. I evilly drank all of the water in the bucket, and I gave it to Dempsey.

“Here, you can have the rest.”

     Dempsey’s face grew a dark red, and he knocked me over, pressuring his hooves on my arms. Growling, he pointed his MP-90 at my face. “I’m going to kill you for that!” Takeo hurryingly stopped him. “Dempsey! This is NOT how to handle a situation! Just grab the bucket and fill it with the downpour once more for your own water!”

     Dempsey stopped looking at me, let go from pinning me down, and walked towards the bucket, grabbing it and trotting outside to fill it up once again.

I laughed, until Takeo started lecturing me again. “Doctor, if you are going to disrespect us throughout this adventure, we do not mind our urge to kill you at any time.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You may think it is funny, Richtofen, but the things that we are sent to do are very serious here,” He continued. “It is best to control yourself until this entire apocalypse ends.”

I sighed, and turned my head. “Ugh, fine.”


     Throughout the rest of the day, we searched very far, killing a herd of zombies all through the journey. Dempsey drank all that he could through his rusted bucket of rainwater, and the storm finally started to calm itself down. We were all soaked in our clothing, and my wings had gotten ruined by the soggy feathering. Nikolai was gaining sobriety, so he was panicking very harshly. Takeo was laughing at them.

     That was when, my readers, we have gotten to the number one destination of our trip, the moon. Yes, it sounds ridiculous. However, to make more sense to this segment, I am going to share you all a small explanation.

     After Samantha had been ridden of her life in the Chamber, she had strangely and accidently entered herself in a machine called the MPD which gave her the ability to control all zombified life on Equestria. This machine was on the moon. Not many of us know how or why she had gotten to the moon from Germany to contain herself as a floating corpse in a black pyramid such as the MPD, but for one thing, it was all part of my scheme.

We had all appeared in our space survival suits by the time we had taken ourselves to the presence of the moon. We had used an objectival space time machine that had taken us to the small star sized planet.

     I had a tough time talking through the microphone of the suits equipment, because of the stiffness of my jaw and its tight air. Dempsey didn’t even look at me, and Takeo kept for his work that he was continuing to search for. We had all gone through so much, so many kills and harmful deaths of the dead that we did not know what to do anymore. The entire world was falling apart, and so we just prayed to ourselves that Princess Celestia would ridden the entire apocalypse. It had taken her very hard magical power to get rid of the zombies, but it has been a while with no luck. We hope that finally, they will die out by her power sometime soon.

     However, throughout my journey on this moon, I had trotted around the space buildings of the spacemark, and had then finally seen what I was looking for. Right in front of me was the MPD, and there stood Samantha’s body floating atop of the gravity of the machine. It was so differently odd. Who created this machine in the first place? And how does it have the power to connect to a zombie’s undead brain?

These were questions that were not going to be answered, but I was so determined to finish my scheme, that I forgot that the other three were still trotting around the outside of this landmarking building on Moon.

My jaw dropped, and immediately, I started hearing these voices through my head once again, and they were Samantha’s speech ringing. “Richtofen! What are you doing here?”“What do you mean, ‘What am I doing here?’ I am here to take the place that I belong to, where you took.” “Wait, what?” her voice turned G-Major, in dark negative vocals. “You dare enter this pyramid, and gone shall you be forever lost!”

“I will take over this pyramid, and when I do I shall rule the entire apocalypse of this ruined world.”

I had quickly took a deep breath, and then finally, after all this trouble and pain had I touched the base of the pyramid. The lights started to glow, the noises started to burst, and my eyes turned a very bright white color. I made a scream, and there the machine blew my entire body away towards the door of the building, and there I was then, in the MPD, in Samantha’s body, for the rest of what I have known.

For the rest of that time, I controlled the entire zombie race. I had sent them all to kill any survivor nearby. Samantha was in my body, and she was in a severe panic. She ran to the three others and told them of my beginning, and they all ran towards the machine. There, I spoke to all three of them.

“Friends!” I cheered. “You have come back for me!”


“You son of a gun!” Dempsey growled. “You idiot! Why did you do something as stupid as that!?”

“Calm down, American.” I responded. “It did not hurt, well except that Samantha should be hurting for a couple of hours, because that toss from the pyramid in my body hurt like all Luna knows when it happened to me.”

“You,” Dempsey’s face was red again. “You did this! You are such an idiot!” “Calm down, American. This is what I have been hoping for all throughout my journey. To enter here, and give out the last of my power to the brains of the zombies and control all possible worlds.”


Strangely then, something started to happen. Dempsey started to tear up. “You brought us all out here to die just for you to kill us anyway in the end!”

I sighed. I did not know what else I could do, and so, with some leftover strength, I used my power to be able to freeze them in their own chambers, and keep them alive until help comes. 

It was all an event of hurt since then. I had taken control of all possible zombism on the planet.

Now, there are reasons why stories end like this. Reasons of why hate decides to finally take toll and cause you to feel your worse regret. Here we have just seen Edward Richtofen a fair ending after his heart grew to shame. Here, we have seen the frozen bodies of the other three characters, until they had gone back to the moon. Now, this is what would have happened if Marisa Ariel Dempsey never came

back to the past as a teenager to see her father, who had sent her in the time machine in the first place. Of a very interesting twist, it was finally lost as that. However this had not happened, so do not go to sleep tonight in worry of not knowing anything of a positive feedback in this tale.

Now that we had just read such a story, we shall all remember in our lives that all good has evil and all evil has good. Something as true as that has very few false, and so we continue to feel this way until the next ending. And maybe a good ending it shall next be.