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     Half the time we live life, we don’t know why things happen when they do. Times that pass seem to fade as well as your life and the memories that go away with it. Nothing is worse than finding some pony you love being gone. In this story, you will find the story of Marisa’s father as well as the stories that came with him in his adventures in the war of 1944, with a surprising notice of him still being around us today in 2012. It all starts with a Time Machine and a chemical that can destroy the world in one connection to the ponies of Equestria. You may find it, reader, that this story sounds over-board with its fictional predictions and prophecies, but reader, let me tell you that even if something does not make sense, or even sounds stupid by its word, does not assume that this story is fake. It may be fake in your mind of the real world, but it is real in your imagination, just like the person you talk to in your head at night, and what you think about in your dreams, with mystical worlds raining chocolate milk and snowing blueberry muffins. Keep in mind that even the people of a mature age believe this is real, like Marisa’s father as the things he dealt with start with a diseased chemical, a demon, a crazy doctor, 2 other strangers he used to hate, flesh eating beasts, the safety of children, and a Gun made of electricity. Nothing is safe in this twisted world, every day could be a dangerous death toll you can’t get away from, but some ponies are up to the challenge, and it will take a few weapons and hope to believe it.

 Chapter One[]

     The year was 2012 of November 6th. I guess I forgot to put my sketch books away in my room. My dad looked nervous the minute I walked in the door from school.

“Dad, you okay?” I walked in the kitchen slowly and looked at him. Dad put his ears down as I saw he had spilled juice on one of my folders. “I’m sorry. I accidently spilled juice on your book.” I wasn’t too happy, but my dad was afraid I’d get mad at him. “It’s alright dad. Mistakes happen. I’ll just buy a new one.” My dad was relieved that I didn’t get angry. “Dad, why be afraid? I never yell at you when you do something on accident.” I asked him just before I was about to leave the room. He responded back. “Eh, I’ve been through a lot lately. Gotten some calls.” I stared at him blankly and than just started my way upstairs. I Trotted up to my room and sat down, writing in my journal again. I remember Apathy was coming over at my house again to play Call of Duty with me. His Xbox controller broke, leaving him Ballistic. People these days, just can’t survive without their video games. I got on the Xbox and logged onto my username.


     Ford and Chii were both online at the same time playing the same game, and probably the same lobby on Black Ops; Zombies again. Right before I even put the CD in, Apathy knocked on my door to the house, and my eyes widened. I heard my dad opening the door, which I knew was a bad thing so I ran downstairs before my dad could say anything, just so he wouldn’t go crazy on him. I shoved in front of him to see Apathy standing there. “Hey, Apathy. Hit much traffic?” Apathy looked at me like I was crazy, and so did my dad. I giggled as I let Apathy in. He tried to erase that memory out of his head and continued in to the house. “So where’s the Xbox?” he asked me, who was excited to play 2-player. I find it a shocker how people actually like to play 2-player. I don’t like it most of the time because I was either stuck playing with my dad, who spazzed out at the screen whenever he lost, Or my sis, Wonder Muffin, who nearly needs to plant her muzzle in the screen and go crazy when she sees an enemy. Hopefully Playing with Apathy won’t be such a multi-playing nightmare.


     Apathy and I both walked upstairs into my Dads room, which had the Xbox inside. We both sat down on my gaming chairs, one that was expensive with an MP3 Plug-in built in it, and just a regular cheap rocking seat. I, of course, took the cheap one, so Apathy got to sit in the ‘Guests Seat’, where all Royal guests sit down to play. My sister, WonderMuffin, was still sleeping. I found it a surprise that she didn’t wake right up after hearing the accidently-Loud-Volume Xbox start-up noise in the beginning when we turned it on. She must have had a wicked deep dream she was going through. Me and Apathy hurried and turned the volume down, and I giggled. “Sorry about that. I blasted music earlier.” He nodded his head and smiled. “That’s fine.” I started up the game, and Apathy signed in under his name. He just made the name recently, Last month, and bought a gold membership card with it. He named it “Devil in White” to be funny about my name being “Angel in BIack”. I found it really cute. He successfully signed in, and Apathy and I started up our game. Than he asked. “Multiplayer, Campaign, or Zombies Mode?” It took me a moment to hesitate, and then I finally said “Lets Join Ford and Chii’s game. They’re in the Zombies mode and theirs usually supposed to be Four Players in the game.”

“Sounds good to me” He answered back.

We messaged them both, and joined their Chat room, or ‘Party’, In Xbox standards.


     Every pony had fun in the game. It took an hour to get to level 23. Chii used a glitch to do it, I kept getting eaten, Apathy suffered the same, and Ford ran around in circles with the ray gun. It was hysterical. After 30 more minutes, My eyes began to grow tired of the game. My eyes needed a rest. “Okay, Apathy. You can continue, I’m going to take a break for a bit.”

“You’re going to leave me?” he asked.

“Yep.” I joked.

“Oh my goodness!” He laughed, and continued playing. Apathy was one crazy pony, I thought to myself. I trotted downstairs and went into the kitchen, preparing myself a turkey hoagie, making one also for Apathy. After a few minutes of chopping the bread and setting the Turkey, I noticed that it was quiet, and that my dad wasn’t anywhere downstairs. The bathroom door had no pony inside, and the kitchen was not occupied by him as well. I walked in the living room, and he was not there either. I looked outside, and his car was still here, so I ran back upstairs and checked my room. Nothing.

“My dads gone!” I shrieked. My dad has never left me at the house alone before, well technically I’m not alone because of Apathy, but you know what I Mean. Apathy picked up his head, with the headset still on top of his head. “What do you mean?” Ford and Chii heard me yell through the Mic of the Headset in the chat room.


     I was going crazy. I always worried for my dad. I was nervous for him to go out alone somewhere because he needed a rest after the trip through the Time Machine. It changed his entire personality, like he was a different person the minute he ran through the future, and it scared me of where he was. Until I realized something. “The Time Machine in the basement. Apathy lets go check down there!”

“Time Machine? Time Machines don’t exist.” He assumed I was being crazy.

“Come with me and I’ll show you. They’ve been around for a long time, but no one had shown others the Machine so they never were discovered. Apparently some crazy guy thought that time machines were too mind blowing to show the world, because they weren’t ready. You can’t tell any pony, Apathy. Please. I don’t want to see 6,000 Ponies at my doorstep taking pictures.”

“It’s Okay.” He ran with me downstairs to find the Basement. Chii and Ford heard our conversation by the Microphone, so they were on their way as well, because Chii always knew about the Machine, and my father.


     Chii and Ford were here, and Apathy and I entered the Basement, the two others following us down. We all stood there, looking at it. I saw a note on top of the side of the Time Machine, where all the buttons are. You couldn’t understand what the buttons said because it was in a Different language, but I didn’t know what language it was. I read the note, and what I read was something I almost made tears to.

‘Dear Marisa,

If you are reading this, I’ve decided to take my journey through the 1940’s again. Please do not enter this Time Machine, because it is too dangerous and too harmful for you to believe. I believe that doing this is best for me, because I can help who I need to help on this mission due to bad things that continued to happen in the future. This is best for me and you because you can stay by yourself for a little while. I will be back and you do not need to worry. I will be safe and sound. Don’t call the FBI, Police, or your friends, and do not enter the machine. It is too dangerous for you to witness. The evil here in the time zone of 1944 is way too dangerous for a girl like you to suffer through. This is a time for me and my own hands to fight for. To fix the Future. Thank you,


“Hands?” Chii was confuzzled as she looked at me in surprise. “What are ‘Hands?’”

“Who knows?” Ford responded carelessly. “But whatever is going on, I don’t like the looks of it.”

After we all stood at the Powered machine and hesitated for a minute. Finally than, I spoke up. “I’m going in there.”

I started walking slowly up to it until Apathy jumped in front of me. “What are you doing? Didn’t you read what your dad said?”

“Yeah, He said not to go in if it was ONLY me.” I looked at Chii, which her eyes widened.

“Huh? You want me to come with you?” She was afraid of the Machine for a short bit.

I smiled at her. “Oh come on. You want to get in there and see how life was like, and why my dad lost half his entire personality when he got back to the future, don’t you?”

“Well, I was always curious.”

“Well then. Get dressed, let’s go.”

“You’re crazy!” Apathy told me. “You’ll get hurt!”

“I’ve been hurt many times. I was there once in that machine. I was born in that thing. I know that I’ll be safe.”

“Chii, don’t do it. If any pony is going in their it’s supposed to be the men.” Ford confronted Chii as well.

“Yeah, because Apathy REALLY wants to get in there.”Chii informed Ford after he mentioned it.

Apathy looked at Chii with his ‘Are you serious?’ expression.

Chii wanted to go in the machine, which made me almost shocked. She wanted to run in there, and we even had the stop her from being so excited. “When can we go in there already?”

Chii started walking behind me slowly as I stood to look at the machine, and than without a minute, Chii pushed me in violently. Chii smiled and jumped in as well. “Bye, guys!” before she faded away. The two stallions looked in nervousness.


     It was extremely misty and dark. After a minute of warped crazy colored travel pixels and time zone notifications, I landed down on the ground. Chii wasn’t anywhere to be seen until she finally appeared and fell on my back. “Ouch! Chii!” I yelped. Chii apologized quietly and got up off of me. We both started to walk around in the dark building. It was very rusted and dark. Fortunately, we saw a flashlight on the ground with the remaining vision we could see already.

“Dude, there no way that’s going to work. The place is a ghost town.” I picked up the flash light, and turned it on. It was working. I was confused, so I turned the flashlight over. “Wait, this says something.” I walked over the moon’s beaming light out of the window to read it. “It says, M, A, D’s’”. My eyes widened. “This was my flashlight when I was a kid I used at the house at night. My dad must have brought it with him here.”

“But, why would he leave it here?”

“I don’t know, but I hope it doesn’t mean something bad.”

“Oh, it won’t. Let’s keep going. I think I hear debris moving upstairs. Some pony might be up there.”

      Chii and I continued to walk upstairs. The stairs were completely destroyed, which means we had to climb up on this for a bit. We finally got upstairs, when I felt a sharp pinch at my coat, near my cutie mark. I turned and saw the sharp breakings of the Stairs had ripped my coat a bit, and I was bleeding. “Please tell me you have a bandage Chii.”

“Well, I have small ones.”

“What a way to be prepared.” I told her. “You expect us just to get paper cuts at a park, Chii?”

“No, but I couldn’t find any bigger ones.”

“Sounds fair enough.” I grabbed 2 bandages for the wound, until the ‘Rubble Moving’ pony approached us slowly.

“Um, Marisa.” Chii backed up, seeing it picked up speed. I gasped as I looked up at what wasn’t a pony. It was on fire, literally, and it ran at us at full gallop.

“Chii, Run!” we both ran as fast as we could. “That doesn’t look like a pony! That looks like a dog!”

“A Flaming dog?” we yelled our conversation as the beast howled and continued to chase us. Chii then spotted a window, open and un-boarded unlike the other ones. We both jumped through it and saw a board with a nail into it on the ground. Chii automatically grabbed it and hit the Beast. It backed off and ran away, and both of us couldn’t believe where they were.

“I feel like I’m in an Imaginary world.”

“I didn’t know it would be possible.” Chii responded to me.      “Whatever. Let’s find dad so we can get out of here. Is there any transport around here?” I started looking, because all through the house my dad wasn’t anywhere. The fog covered the entire outside, and I could barely see any car until I galloped to the main floor and looked out of the window.  Things got more eerie every minute. Then, there was a truck, a Military truck with rusted paint. I could barely see it, so I opened the window of the building and exited my way out. I kept looking while Chii was upstairs, finding a bunch of things and gathering them to show Ford. I rolled my eyes as I heard her yell, “Oh my god! I’d make billions of bits with this piano!” I came up to the vehicle as it became foggier in the background. I took a peek inside the vehicle. It was pretty messed up, so I opened the door. It made a huge creaky noise, almost hurting my ears. “Ouch! Chii, are you still up there?”


“You might want to…” I heard a huge groan behind me as I continued to look in the truck. My eyes widened, as more monsterized noises peered in from the darkness. Then, I turned to look.


Chapter Two[]

     I was panicking like crazy, as they were approaching closer. The creaking of the door must have alerted whatever these ‘things’ are. “Chii, Get in the car! Get in the car!” I hopped in quickly. The seat was ripped up, but it would manage against the beasts that continued to run to me.

Chii heard my calls, and ran as fast as she could, downstairs and so forth. “I’m coming!” she ran at full gallop, and I continued to try to find the keys in the truck. I finally found them, buried in unloaded shotgun shells. The keys had a name on it, but I had no idea what it meant. Looked like it was in a different language. “Chii, hurry!” the monsters looked like zombie versions of ponies, with ripped up skin and so forth. They started to hit on my driver’s window, and Chii hurried in through the passenger door. “Go, Go!” I entered the key in, but it wouldn’t start. My eyes widened, as I continued to try to get it to work. A Few jolts in the key insert and it finally started up. Thank Celestia.


     The ‘Things’ started to break the windows, with hard hits they broke every bit, but I hurried and backed up the beaten vehicle and drove off from the building, sighing in relief. It was flooded with the monsters, most of them chasing the truck. Chii continued to look around the truck for souvenirs, when she saw something that made her jaw drop. She was so happy, as she picked it up. An MP-40. “I love 1944.” She said to herself, with a big grin on her face. I rolled my eyes, and continued to soar through the streets of the ripped up town of… Well, I don’t know what place this is. It doesn’t look like Equestria at all. I’m surprised this place WAS Equestria before Celestia came. I continued to drive, with Chii sticking her head out of the window blasting the zombies with the weapon she had found. She was happy, which was shocking to me because we were being chased by flesh eating monsters.


     We stopped at a gas station. The building was all messed up, but the gas tanks still looked intact. I stopped, and no zombie beast thing seemed to be chasing us down anymore. It was a relief. Chii followed me with the gun so no zombies would come near us, and I grabbed the gas nozzle and connected it to the truck. It took a few minutes, until the gas became full. Chii was bored because there were no zombies around to slay, so she just hopped in the truck. I was still outside in the car, pumping the gas, so Chii reached over, grabbed the keys and took a good look at the words on it. They were in a different language, either German or Russian. “Nach, Nak, Nact...” she kept trying to pronounce it when I got in the car. “Nacht Der.”

I giggled. “You said ‘Der’.”

     Chii laughed, and continued to say the words. “Nacht. Der. Untoten.” Chii’s eyes widened.  “Marisa. I think I know where we are.” I looked at Chii like she just bit on a crayon dipped in hot sauce. “But, you never went here before. I don’t even remember being here before.” I responded.

“Well of course you don’t. You were a foal.” She replied to me, with a nervous expression on her face.

Then, she jumped in the driver seat. “Get in,” she told me. “I know where to go next.” I was confused. I really had a strong feeling Chii had no idea, but It was harmless enough, so I sat in the passenger seat. “You’re lucky I’m nice.” I joked, and she smiled at me. The gas tank was filled, and so Chii handed me her gun, and slammed on the acceleration. I hit my head, and I said thanks to Chii for boosting up like that.

“Sorry.” She apologized, giggling. The truck speeded through the ripped up town, and the flesh-eating monsters were all over. Some didn’t even bother chasing our truck. I opened the window and started blasting at them. “We’re almost there.” Chii said to me, making another turn.

“Where are we going?”

“Just trust me on this, oh no, wait.” Chii tried slowing down the vehicle, for a highway turn was in forward of them. 

“Jump out!” She yelled out to me. I panicked, seeing that we were going to turn into the steep tree cliff that was ahead. We were too late, hoping to jump to safety. Both of us were still in the truck as it drove down the steep hill, rolling down the dirt road, ramming into trees and the beasts that crave our blood. It kept going, while fortunately our seat belts were on, that surprisingly still intact to the truck. The belts looked so old and dirty that we were both nervous they would snap off.

     After a while of rolling and beating at the trees, the vehicle stopped. Me and Chii were relieved we weren’t dead by the time it came to a halt, but Chii’s head was bleeding, and she hollered in pain. “Oh No,” I was a little panicked, but I tried to find bandages or some type of wound heal. I found this weird wound wrapping roll of bandages in the back. I hurried to grab the aid, and help Chii the best I could. “I’m fine,” she said back to me. “We need to find ‘What’s his face’.”

“You mean my dad?” I gave her the look of ‘Are you serious?’ once again.

“Well, let’s start,” She said to me. “Let’s gets driving.” She put her hoof on the gas pedal but then I stopped her.

“Do you not see the damage you just did to this car?”

“Its back on its wheels, and the cliff wasn’t that steep.” She looked at me like she was actually right.

“You’re crazy.” I said to her, not like I haven’t said this to her many other times before.

“Just trust me,” she responded in a proud way. “I’ll get it working again.”

I was just about to respond to this until I started hearing groans and whimpers outside of the vehicle. My eyes widened. “You better!” I panicked. Chii hurried with the truck. It was bruised, but Chii shoved the keys in the socket, turned it, and kept trying continuously, and it kept making noises. The vehicle started working, but it refused to move.


     I was panicking. The zombies approached our broken windows, sticking their hooves through. I was almost in tears, but Chii shouted “Use my gun!” and she threw it over to me.

“It’s almost out of bullets!” I yelled back at her. She kicked one of the beasts’ heads out of the window and rolled it up. “Check in the back for more!”

I started blasting the monsters out of my door while searching for more.

There were none.

“Chii, there is no more! Get the car started!” I shouted, blasting the beasts with the last bullets. “I got it started!” Chii yelled happily, backing up the vehicle quickly. We were both relieved as we drove away from the zombie monsters. “I’m guessing this is what my Dad meant by ‘Too dangerous for a girl to go through.”

“Ya’ Think?”


     It took a while, but Chii and I stopped at another gas station for food. The place was in a different language, and the whole building looked like it was made by an entire army of incredibly large mice. I know, pretty lame thought. We both entered and Chii ran into the Bathroom, while I picked snacks for the trip. I continued to grab when A Zombie version of a cashier Pony came forward to me. I gasped.

I looked around for any possible thing that could get it away from me. I started galloping in circles as it kept following me, running faster, acting like it was starving. Chii walked out of the bathroom, and saw the monster chasing me, and automatically hit it with the cash register.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” I told her, and she giggled.

“You got the food?”


“All set?” she continued on with the questions.


Suddenly, a huge crashing noise was heard. Chii and I just stood there and slowly followed where it came from. It definitely wasn’t us, because we stood there, getting ready. Then, I noticed that there was a backdoor, and something glowing was there, inside the room of the back. Me and Chii looked at each other, and then to the door. We knew what to do.


     I opened the door to see what the ruckus was about. Something was happening behind it, but it wasn’t behind the door that was having problems, it was the Teleporter that was behind it, lighting the entire room with green glowing sparks. The Room vibrated with the noises that came from the machine, almost like explosions happening, 2 or 3 at a minute. It definitely confused both me and Chii.

“Should we go in?”

“Are you crazy?” Chii asked me. The vibrations made noisy rumbles through the whole building, and by minutes I hurried and closed the door, seeing zombies once again, clawing their way to us as we stood at the teleporter. I looked at Chii in Worry, and than both agreed. We both jumped into the machine quickly, and the world began to mist away.

Chapter Three[]

     We reappeared in a very dark building, covered in debris and wood. Much like a movie Theatre, but without the ‘Movie’, just the Theatre, but it wasn’t the theatre that caught my eye, it was the posters and the debris that caught my eye, and worst, the blood.

“Ow, get off me, Marisa!” Chii hollered. I slowly got off, looking around at everything on the ground.  The place was destroyed, but the one thing that made me alarmed more than all of this mess was that there was some pony that was near us, who kept defending himself against the evil zombie flesh-eating beasts. My eyes widened as I heard talking upstairs in through the doors. I ran up to the other room, whose doors were wide open, and I started galloping quickly. The mayhem grew bigger, and Chii started chasing after me, “Wait, Where are you going!?” She yelled for me as I kept running to the noises. Then finally, after a minute of chasing, I saw something I could not believe.

“Dad!?” I had the biggest grin in the world. I started running up to him, making him suddenly stop his gunfire and look at me in shock. His jaw dropped when he saw me, and then he grew in both anger and embarrassment. “I thought I told you to stay away from the teleporter!” he walked up to me. I backed away a little bit until I saw something that caught my eye strongly. 3 Other guys turned around and stopped their fire at the beasts. All 3 looked at me and Chii, and than at my dad, and started bursting hysterical laughter, the one in the tan outfit almost crying in joy. Dad’s ears went down as they continued their laughter.

I realized than, that my dad wasn’t just any dad.


     I approached him, angrily. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE SEARGENT DEMPSEY!?” I was furious.

“I didn’t tell you because you weren’t prepared.” He put his hoof on my shoulder, but I pushed it back.

“Prepared for what? That my dad is part of a video game and he’s also a liar!” I turned my head. I was almost in tears, and I refused to look at him. All three of the others stopped laughing as they saw the bitterness in them both. “Wait, who are these kids?” The Russian one spoke.

“Were they bitten?” The pony that looked Japanese was curious.

Chii jumped in. “No, were travelers that came from 2012.”

“Oh my goodness! Tell me friend, what is it like in 2012!?” The pony in the tan dress-type outfit was jumping in joy. Chii was a little bit wierded out, but it’s not like she hadn’t met any pony like that before anyway.

“Marisa, I had to come here because I was being summoned. There is a threat against the future, and I needed to team up with three totally different people to stop its danger. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to feel like you weren’t normal, and I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Oh I understand perfectly. Is this where you were on my 10th birthday or during your ‘Vacation’ for a week two years ago? Here shooting people!?”

“Well actually they’re Nazi zombies but,” the Tan outfitted pony said, but the Japanese one hit him in the hat before he could continue.

“You don’t understand. If I never came here, you would be dead right now in 2012. A Threat is being made. An evil presence has interfered with the Time Machine and has aimed Rockets at the world of Equestria that are almost about to be launched.”

“Rockets? But where are at they at now?” Chii asked the question at one of them. It Took a few seconds until the Russian one answered back. “Aren’t they on the moon?” he asked the others.

“I think so.” The Crazy Tan outfitted pony responded.

“But how are you guys even going to get to the moon?” I responded to all of them.

“I have an idea. Well I think, wait no. Hold on a minute. Wait no, wait. Um, Hold on lemme think.” The tan one was shown to be clueless, as me and Chii thought.

My dad turned and then told us, “Heh, why don’t I show you to my teammates then. Then maybe you can figure them out.”

“Oh yeah. I’d just love to meet your Friends.” Chii giggled.

“They’re not my friends, trust me. I’m stuck with them until we save Equestria.”

“Nice!” Chii thought it was funny in a way, but she also was confused with everything that has been going on.

My dad approached the Japanese pony and turned to me. “This is Takeo. Hes the one that mainly does sniper work. He strongly believes in….well his beliefs.”

“That Chinese dude from Call of Duty! Now I remember! I remember all of you guys now!” Chii yelled out, but Takeo glumly responded. “I’m Japanese.”

“Oh, sorry.” Chii apologized.

My dad than came up to the Russian, and pointed him out to us. “This is Nikolai. He’s got pretty bad obsessive issues, but he’s one of the best survivors. He’s better when he’s not sober.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, of course.” I answered to the introduction.

Finally he went to the Pony in the tan clothing, and pointed him out to us as well. “This is Doctor Richtofen. He’s kind of…. Insane in every way.” I giggled as my dad said this.


Chii came up to my ear and whispered. “I don’t trust that guy, he looks familiar.”

“That’s the same thing my dad said when they first met.” I laughed, but Dad asked us what we were laughing about. “NOTHING!” We both said at the same time.


     “Round 31? How did you get to round 31!?” Chii continued to speak to Nikolai, like they were best buddies are something. Me and Dad walked together and had our conversation, on our way out the door to the window to look out. “I just can’t believe this. How is it possible?”

“I know that is it hard to Believe, but sometimes things don’t seem real until you find out they are.” My dad put his hoof on my shoulder again, but I didn’t push it back this time. “You see that?” he pointed to the moon, out the window. “Once we get up there, everything will be back to normal.” “I don’t think so,” I looked back at him. “I’ve found out my dad is an obsessed sergeant from 1944. I was lied to.” I looked down, until he put my head back up. “Marisa, life changed for you the minute I put you back in the Time machine to the Future. When I put myself in, to see you again, I changed too. You are lucky you were thrown in the future. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think you were old enough to know.”

I sighed, and I believed him. I gave him a small hug. “I feel so weird I’m hugging Seargent Dempsey right now.” I confessed.

“That’s why I didn’t want to tell you until you were ready.”

“But, how come you’re totally different from the Dempsey in the game?” I answered curiously.

“I changed in the teleporter. Crazy stuff when you get in there, seriously.” He laughed, and so did I. We both looked up to the moon for a few minutes until we heard continuous groans, and then we heard Doc yelling “Get your unbearable American hooves off my boots!”. Me, and Dad looked at each other, and then we knew what to do. We jumped out to Chii, Nikolai, and Takeo, & told them that we need to do some defense.

Chapter Four[]

     We started getting sore by all the attacks on us, and Chii and I were getting tired. I was almost falling asleep, while Chii kept hitting me to get back up. By minutes, the horde stopped, so we decided to hit the hay so that we will all get to the moon tomorrow to finally leave. Just before we started getting to bed with a carpet and being with Chii next to me, my dad came up to me. “If any monster tries to disturb you, tell me. I’ll give them a blast. I just got the Wunderwaffle not 6 minutes ago.” He looked at me happily. I smiled and then proceeded to sleep.


     I woke up suddenly. It was all dark, with some candles on the wall, flaming a little light around us. I was a light sleeper, so I woke up to the slightest thing. But the slightest thing I woke up to was probably one of the guys going to the bathroom or blowing out the candles for when they want to sleep. I Sighed and tossed myself in my blanket, until I realized something was missing. Chii was gone.

I assumed hopefully that she was just picking herself up and was the one making the noises that woke me up, so I continued to lye down and took a deep breath that would stop my heart from raging in fear. It got better by a few minutes, until I heard whispering. My eyes opened up, and my heart was starting again. “Chii?” I said quietly so I wouldn’t interrupt the guys who were sleeping. I slowly got up when the whispering got louder. It sounded like the voice was in G-Major, which made it worse because G-Major is three voices at once, making a demonic version of a regular voice. “Chii, is that you?” Of course I still had hoped it was her, and that I was just being crazy with the G-Major vocals, until… “Hey.” The voice talked. It was a little kid’s voice. It wasn’t demonic anymore, but calm and soft. I Looked around. That wasn’t Chii’s voice. It couldn’t have been her, but who was it? A Little kid in a place like this? No way.

“Who are you?” I asked, and the voice stopped for a minute, but then continued.

“I’m bored.” She didn’t answer my question, but she did continue with what she wanted to say. “I’m officially bored to death.” Then, her voice became positive. “Hey! Want to play a game?” She sounded suddenly joyful, like she thought she wasn’t in a place like this, but a playground. “Great!” she cheered. I Didn’t even answer, but strangely she took my silence as a yes. “Let’s play Hide and Seek! Go outside of the theatre, walk in the other room where the stairs are, and then hide. I’ll try to find you!”

Something was wrong. Very wrong. I didn’t believe this kid was normal. “Where is Chii?” I ordered an answer from her, but she didn’t answer. Nothing was said except her counting voice. She noticed I wasn’t moving from the inside of the theatre, so she informed. “Why aren’t you hiding?”

“I’m not playing your game. Where is my friend?”

“You are playing hide and Seek,” and then her voice became Demonic once again. “Now go hide!”

My eyes widened, and then I did the only thing I could think of. I ran to my Dad. “ Dad! Dad! Wake up!” I was honestly scared. My heart was racing, and then my dad woke up quickly. “What? Where is it I’ll get him!” He grabbed his Submachine gun quickly and aimed at the door. “Dad, there is this thing. This kid. She keeps telling me to play Hide and Seek with her.”

“Wait, what?” He looked at me, like he knew what I was talking about.

“And I can’t find Chii, either.”

“Oh no,” I think my dad knew what I had said. He closed his eyes with a sad expression, and then finally said to me, “She’s taking you to her advantage.” I could tell he was both angry and upset about what’s been going on, and it was confusing me deeply because I had no idea. “You really never should have come here, but we can’t change the past. Marisa, if that kid bothers you again, you drop everything, and tell me as soon as possible. Okay?”

“Dad, who is she?” I answered back out of curiosity. He just looked at me and sighed.

“She’s the girl who wants to blow up Equestria. She’s been haunting all of us ever since that stupid Doctor had taken the 115.”

“115?” I came up close to him.

“Remember when I introduced you to Doctor Richtofen?”


“He found 115, and the weapons made of it. The girl’s name is Samantha, and she’s returned to punish him and the rest of us, and she’s targeting you as the weak spot.”

I was shocked. No Wonder why everything he had mentioned was so familiar.

“But what about Chii? Is she coming back?” “Lets just hope she does. Maybe she just left to get some fresh air, even though that’s not possible because the Air is filled with burning zombie flesh.” He replied back to me with a bit of humor, but sadness to follow.

“Just go back to sleep, Marisa. I’m sure she will be back tomorrow, and if that kid comes up again, you tell me ASAP.” “Okay. Goodnight dad.” “Night, Kid.”

I walked back to my blanket and went to lay down. Chii still wasn’t beside me, but I prayed she would appear next morning, so I fluffed up my old crummy pillow, and cuddled up between the floor and the Blanket.


Morning Time.


     I woke up, jumping from the ground. I had awakened by the shootings from one of the armed stallions, Rolling my eyes as I saw it my dad, going crazy after finding more ammo, or as he likes to call it, “Juice.” No wonder where I got it from. I layed back to down for a minute, thinking of the dream I had during the night, and then picked up my head again. I looked beside me.

“Chii your back!” I was extremely happy to see she wasn’t harmed by a zombie or something. She got up slowly and looked at me. “What?” Her voice wasn’t fully awoken yet, but I was too happy to care. “Where were you last night? I was going ballistic.” I told her, but she had this expression that she usually wouldn’t have. “I…What?”

I was confused. “You weren’t here last night.” I got up closer, hoping she didn’t lose half her head. “I Wasn’t?” “Chii, come on. No games. I know how you are.” “I, um, No.” she looked at me, with her eyes closing and she fell back on the ground. It was something that started to scare me. “Are you okay, dude?”

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. You’re not stupid. You would remember what happened last night.”

“Just leave me alone.”

I gasped in shock. Leave me Alone was horrible to be told to. My heart almost split the second she said those first words because she would never say it to me. We were ChiiXZig.


     I slowly backed up, and she continued to lye there on the ground, cuddling in my blanket as I got up. I slowly walked away and my heart was slowing. I got up to my dad. My ears were down and I looked up at him. “Something’s wrong with Chii. She’s acting weird.”

My dad looked down back at me and gave a small hug. I still felt weird when he hugged me after I found out he’s a pony version of a Perverted Military super soldier with anger problems, but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t like that, not after the teleporter messed him up, and I didn’t care. I hugged him back.

“Are we going to the moon today?” “I’m honestly still hesitating if you two should come with us. I think this is just a job for the adults to handle.”

“I don’t want to be stuck here.” I backed up a little bit, nervous. “I know. You’re going to have to come with us if you want to leave, but I’ll have to teach you how to use a loaded gun if you’re going to survive on the moon.”

“Alright then. Chii already knows how to use guns, because she was inspired by, well, gun related video games and deer hunting and such.”

“But She may need some help too if she wants to survive.”

I didn’t argue, because there was no reason to argue. I just bro-hoofed my father in calm joy, and returned to where I slept to pick up my blanket. Chii wasn’t on the ground anymore, but she was in the corner sitting down next to what I saw was a ruined, ripped up teddy bear in the corner. I looked at her, but she didn’t notice that I was looking at her. She sat and stared at the teddy bear, almost for 20 minutes, and then finally picked it up.

I was nervous to approach her, but I did. I put my hoof on her shoulder, and she froze.“Chii?”

She turned around, with no life in her face. “You all are about to aboard the ride of your life, kid.” She slowly said to me. Then, I knew something was very wrong.

“You’re not Chii.” I quickly brought back my hoof from her shoulder, and she smiled at me.

“Quick as a whip, kid.” She got up quickly and started approaching me, angrily.

“Stop.” I responded. She started getting faster. “Get out of my best friend.” She didn’t say anything back, but then stopped trotting as well. I stood where I was, staring at the monster who wasn’t Chii. She continued to stare at me. “Be prepared on your way up. I’ll be waiting,” and then she ran off, the galloping echoing through the hallway from the outside of the theatre curtains.

     I quickly galloped as fast as I could to my dad. He continued to defend himself against the beasts, same with The 3 others. I finally caught up to him. He was outside of the building, near a new weapon box. It apparently just appeared, so they used their time wisely with it. I continued to gallop to him, and when he finally saw me he smiled. “Marisa! Just in time. We could practice now with this weapon box.”

I cancelled in his words in worry. “Dad, we have a bad problem. Our life is in stake! Chii’s in trouble!”

My dad picked up his head. “Is she being attacked by zombies?” “No. That kid you were talking about. Sam’s got her.”

His eyes widened, and he ran into the building the second I finished my speech. “Where are you going!?”

“We need to get to the moon, now.”

“Why?” I followed him on his way to a rocket that looked extremely old and wasn’t powered up. “Come on, get ready. I’ll call the others.” I stopped him, grabbing his tail. “What’s going on!?”

He sighed. “She’s almost done easing her way to victory. The only way to save your friend and get you both out of here is to get to the moon, find the rockets she aims to Equestria, and disable them.”

“How will it save Chii?” “Trust me.” He loaded everything up, and the 3 other ‘Teammates’ came to him.

“To the moon already? I thought we had to wait a little longer. I was getting comfortable.” Nikolai was Dizzy, but Takeo helped him keep his balance.

“We’re having Samantha issues. We’re going earlier then I thought.” My dad told them. “Get ready, and bring everything you need. Marisa, I’m going to teach you how to trigger a loaded gun.”

Chapter Five[]


     It was 4 hours after we had gotten onto the moon to disable the rockets. The last four hours I was shooting targets at a wall my dad spray painted onto. It occupied my time until we finally launched away to space. I kind of felt really weird, but then I was nervous about Chii. She said she’d be waiting for us, so I assumed Chii would be up their waiting, or at least the monster inside her causing chaos.

It was all spaced out, get it? Well I tried. Anyway, we got to the Moon in time for the rockets. All 3 of the weapons did not launch yet, but due to us being up to space to disable them, they started to speed up their operation because Samantha was angrier then we could notice.


     “We are almost ready, Marisa. Almost time to go home.”

I put my head down to the ground. I thought to myself, Why did I bring myself to this? I can’t believe I made Chii go with me.


Doctor Ricky had a gun, Eeeeh I ehh I oh, and in this gun he had some juice, Eeeeh I Ehh I Oh,” He sang loudly, blasting the threats that surprisingly were on the moon as well. “With a boom boom here and a boom boom there, boom here boom there, everywhere za boom boom. Doctor Ricky had a gu-“


     “Richtofen!” All of us yelled at the same time, causing Doc to stop and stare with shock. Then, he finally spoke, “Haters”, and walked away from us. I followed my dad, who was defending himself as well as getting the Time Machine ready for us to go. Nikolai and Takeo were on the mission to disable both rockets that aimed at Equestria. We were all working hard, well, except for Ricky, who was bored out of his mind, so then my dad finally announced to him. “Why don’t you help enable the Time Machine if you’re so bored.”

Doc answered back to us. “Nah, I’d be cornered by two Americans telling me what to do.”


“No Problem, Dempshey!” He proudly trotted away.

I started laughing at my dad, who was continuing how to hook everything up. Then I realized something.

“I hope Chii is okay. I don’t know what it meant by ‘Waiting for us up here.’ ”

Then, by minutes, I started to hear a playful little girl’s laughter in my ear once again. It kept going, so I told my dad. He looked at me and told me that the girl’s voice would leave in a few minutes because we were going soon. I kept hearing it as time passed, and then finally the voice started to make words.

“You’re here again! Now we can play Hide and Seek, but You and I both won’t hide this time,” Her voice turned quickly in G-Major. “Your Friend will!”

The power turned off automatically, like a regular Power line got knocked out brutally. The only thing we could see were the stars and the Planet of Equestria now laid there, victim to future rockets if we didn’t save it. I was the only one who could here Samantha as she spoke. I gasped to see that Everypony looked around for light, but the only light was the midnight stars and galaxy remains, covering the sky.

“Oh come on, get moving. Aren’t you going to play with me? I brought your friend to play with us!”

I kept hearing the voice. I couldn’t get it out of my head. She just kept talking and talking about the same thing. Play with me, play with me! My head started pounding in a horrid ache. I grabbed my head with my hooves to try to ease the pain.    

     “SHUT UP!” I yelled loudly, and everypony started looking at me. She didn’t stop. My dad panicked and ran to me, replacing my hooves with his on my head. “Marisa, whats wrong!?”

I started getting dizzy. I wanted to just fall but that would worry my dad horribly to the point of whipping out a Bible and start praying, which there was a doubt he would do it anyway. My dad was worried sick. Then by minutes he started yelling out at Samantha. “This isn’t funny, Sam! Stop!”

Everyone then heard sudden laughter, coming from a small space building by the corner of us. My dad was too angry to look, but I started walked up to the building, hoping Chii may be there. Besides, Sam kept repeating about my ‘friend’.

My dad was furious. “This isn’t funny! Stop messing with her!”

My head started to slow from the pain, and I was getting better in minutes, but I continued into the building that looked extremely odd. Everything was, of course, dark, but I continued.


     “Marisa! You got to get me out of here!”

“As do I, Chii!” we both gave each other the biggest hug in the world. Chii was almost in tears to see me.

“Do you remember what happened, at all?”

“Not really. I just remember falling asleep behind the curtains of the theatre, and then I woke up on the moon in this building.”

“Oh my god.” I was shocked to hear this. “You don’t remember telling me to go away? Or when you approached me and told me you would be waiting here on the moon for when I pass on?”

Chii slowly backed up, almost in tears to what I just said. “No…No. That wasn’t…me. Did that…really happen?” She hugged me again. “I would never.” I knew Chii was back.

Chii and I were both about to trot out of the building, happy as could be when suddenly, the doors shut very violently. All of them in the room slammed locked. Me and Chii started panicking.

Chii was angrier then Upset, Samantha messing with her head and body while I was more nervous than the day I had to get Fillings at the dentist. We both were quiet, and the room was lit up with small space lights on the shelves. I still found it odd how there was a building on the moon, but who cared. We stood inside, waiting for a half minute when suddenly the Lights started to flicker, and then some of them shut off. They kept flickering until all of them finally switched off quickly. Chii and I gasped, and Sam’s laughter continued, louder and in G-Major once again.

     We both heard my father and the other 3 yelling for us. I quickly jumped up and automatically knocked on the door repeatedly, hoping they could hear us. In a few moments, the laughing stopped, and she started to talk. “You found us! Told you I’d get you to play with me! Well now, unfortunately, our game is over, and so will be your life.” And in minutes, the building started to cause a flame. The walls started to burn and then a fire was seen.

     We were locked in a building, stuck on the moon, about to burn up in smoke. Me and Chii looked at each other and sighed, and gave a last hug.

“We should have never came here.” I gave out, coughing afterwards. The four ponies outside of the building, saw the blaze, and then My father finally assumed, “She’s in there.”

All 3 tried continuously to open the door. They all pushed and pulled, slammed and kicked, beaten and shot it until it would turn. Nothing. Sam was satisfied deeply, and Chii and I sat there, hopeless. Finally, Chii tried to cheer us both up.

“Hey Zig,” she said to me.

She called me Zig. I remember when I was 10 she called me that in the Intermediate school.

“Yeah?” I answered back, coughing.

“Remember when we were playing on Kino Der Toten and you were Dempsey and I was Takeo?”

“Yeah. I remember.”

“I told you to follow me and then you said ‘Hey I’m Dempsey, I’m the one to be followed!’ and then I replied ‘Just shut up and follow me!’” Chii continued

I Responded. “Yep.”

“Then when the dogs came you started screaming, and I tried to calm you down but your were so scared I started laughing.”


“I thought of something.” She kept going on. “What?”

“I think I have obsession issues.” Chii started to cough violently, as was I as well. “It’s all I talk about. But I won’t be obsessed any longer. If we get out alive, I think I’m going to start playing Skyrim.”

I laughed, and then so did Chii. We sat there, almost fading away, and then everything finally turned black.

Chapter Five[]

     “Chii, Marisa. You guys okay?”

My eyes didn’t feel like opening yet. I felt like I wasn’t in the suit anymore, and it sounded like I was near medical stuff, by all the beeping and talking. I started moving my hooves, and then my dad started talking.

“Thank god she’s alive.” “Thank god I’m alive. I didn’t think I’d make it. My human self didn’t.” Ricky chatted along, and then I heard my dad hit him in the hat. “Hater.” Doc stopped after his word.

I started to lift up my eyes to see I was in the Hospital back in the future. My dad brought all three guys back with him. That was kind of him, because if his personality didn’t change in the teleporter, he’d leave them all to rot. I saw my dad. He was smiling at me as I picked up my head. “What…Happened?” My head was still a little bit dizzy.

“You were in a burning building in space. We got you just in time to disable the rockets and go back home.”

Then I realized something as my dad said about the building. My eyes widened as I spoke to my dad. ‘Where’s Chii?”

My dad hesitated for a moment and then looked beside me. He then pointed his hoof right next to me, telling me to turn to my side and see. Chii was sleeping at the bed beside me. I was so glad that Chii was still alive too.

“Yeah, she’s still sleeping. It’s going to take her a while to wake up. The doctors had to do some things to her before we let her rest down because she was burned a little.”


 I started looking at my hooves, then the rest of my body to see if the doctors did anything to me too, but I only saw a few scratches by the battles we had before. I was extremely sad about Chii getting burned, however. I kept looking at Chii, then at my dad.

“I think its time for us 3 to go,” Ricky said, telling about the two others by my dad including Doc himself. “I want to go to Subway next door anyway.”

Takeo jumped in. “Yeah, I heard they let you put what you want on your Sammich.” “Sammich? Really Tak? Whatever.” My dad still had his old-Military-Awesome-Side with him.

The 3 left, so it was just me, the slumbering Chii, and my dad.

My dad sat down next to me, smiling, knowing I was alive and was happy to see me.

“Marisa. You have a very special gift.” He looked at me smiling.

“What do you mean?”

“You cared that much to go back to find me, and you still survived the entire Moon location with me, not to mention you beat Samantha.”

“Me? I passed out in the flaming building. How did I win?”

“You had the power in your heart to defeat Sam. You came to me and survived against the Zombie freaks. That’s the one thing that makes me proud. You have a special gift, and that’s being as good as me.” He started laughing, and so did I. We continued on talking for 5 minutes, and then gave a hug. Finally, with curiosity in my head, I finally asked him; “Dad?”


“Who was my Mom?”

My dad paused for a minute. “What?”

“My Mom. Who was she?”

“Um, well, it’s hard to explain.” I talked blankly. “She isn’t something for me to talk about, but she was a good person.”

“Really?” I put my head down. I didn’t want to ask the question that I Did ask him.

“Did she die by the zombies?”

My dad paused. There was nothing for 2 minutes to exit his mouth, until finally he whisperingly said to me.

“No. There were many other things that were the reason for her death, but I can’t explain because it brings memories of things I never wanted to experience. Marisa, I think its best for to get some rest for me. I’ll be with the others downstairs at Subway.”

     My smile about being alive, and seeing Chii was too, disappeared. My Mom. Who was she? She died? I couldn’t stop thinking about these things that ran through my sore head. I couldn’t stop worrying about it.  All the things I have been through this week to save my father and save the future, the pride I’ve had of doing so, disappearing as I’m think of the sad things that run through my head. I just wish I didn’t have to go through these things anymore. I turned to my side and then fell asleep.


     Months had passed since the tragic adventure of the 6 ponies in the Time machine.  It would as well be hard to believe to find things like this to happen. And when these things do happen, you feel like you have been lied to. Ask Marisa. It’s like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real. You will feel like you’ve been tragically lied to by your parents for as long as you’ve believed them.

     Well the real question you want answered is probably; who IS Marisa’s mother? How did she pass away? What makes Dempsey not want to talk about her? Who knows, but one thing can be certain. There is not one thing on this planet right now that can be scientifically fake. Everything is real, from Unicorns to Dragons to Centaurs, These things are true, not only in your imagination, but in real life if you believe in them. That can only be the reason no one chooses to believe them; its all Hard to Believe.