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As I had said many times before, no pony enjoys experiencing the life of someone you love being gone. And as I had said as well, No matter what you are told, your imagination still lives in reality, you just have to believe it to see it. Marisa’s corruption with the Time Machine to the past of 1944 has taken its toll, for the nightmares still haunt her and her best friend about the horrors of the experience.  Her father, now discovered as being a military super soldier from the past, has taken over her head, the dreadful experience of finding your father had been lying for so long. In this story, there has been a Time Machine error in the life of Marisa and her father, and now Marisa and Chii need


to save him and 2 others from a new kind of power, a certain familiar power that can’t be tamed, and this time it isn’t Samantha. Something worse and more powerful hoping to destroy humanity with uncontrollable self-acting. It can only be fixed with the young pony that found out about everything, and the same pony that will do her best to defeat the threat and save Equestria once more from evil.

Chapter One - Understood Awakening[]

     It was a sparkling day in the beautiful town of Ponyville. I walked around the amazing landscape of the Ponyville town square, covering in flakes of snow. I came walking down to see the park where the fillies and Colts gathered playing on swings and the parents relaxing on the benches. The sun revealed amazing sunshine across the entire frosty floor, and everything was amazingly finished.


     It was January 10th 2013. I had just finished the snowflake decorations for my entire house. The whole thing was covered in Christmas décor, and the windows were emblazed with paper snowflakes, Chii obviously helping me out taking them down because Christmas was already over. My dad was in the Time Machine again, which actually made me pretty worried, because he has been in it for 2 days. It kind of worries me how my dad is the way he is, but that is how life continues.


     Chii was over my house again with Mustang, who was playing Skyrim. I thought it was funny how its suddenly either Skyrim, Oblivion, or Halo 4 but not Black Ops anymore. I sighed and then continued on with what I was doing, which was creating more snow flakes. I was working when suddenly I had a realization and I turned to Chii.

“Hey, I realized something.” I turned to her.

“Yeah?” She took off her mike, with Ford turning around to me as well.

“I don’t know. I just have this feeling that I should check on my dad. Something is not right.”

“Well yeah, your fathers from 1944.” She looked at me blankly, not getting at where I was going with my conversation.

“No, He hasn’t been back in 3 days. Do you think maybe he got stuck?” “I don’t know. You could go check if you want.” “My dad told me I can’t go alone. Would you imagine if I went alone the first time? I would have ended up killing myself.”

Chii rolled her eyes. “Are you telling me to come with you?”

Ford Mustang grew a face of worry. He was still in shock of the incident the first time when we entered the machine. He was going insane while we were in there, telling his friends how worried he was. Men, seriously.


     The day continued and my stomach started to turn with nervousness. The night came and Chii said that she wanted to stay the night, and Ford just wanted to fly home and call Chii later. I accepted all of this, and took over the Xbox for a little bit. I played Call of Duty for a while because it needed to be played. I was on Multi-player, shooting down 1st-prestiged gamers that trash talked me by messages every end-game because I beat them. It was funny.

      After a short while, I stopped playing and decided to go on my Cell-phone to listen to music. I switched on to Call of Duty songs from the Zombies mode, and when I finally saw a new song had came out, and I took a peak at the comments of the soundtrack, and with the first moment, I gave the biggest shriek of my life.

Chapter Two - Unbelievable Truth[]

     I woke up Chii as fast as I could, using a Crystal Pony flugal horn from the closet. It took a few moments but she had finally woken up, scratching her head. “Dude.” She responded to me.

“I’m sorry, but we have a problem. I was just going over some information and apparently there’s more Storyline to my dad and the gang. We have to go back to the Moon.”

Chii wanted to go back to sleep, but I had a job to get done. I started shaking Chii until she would pick up her head.

“Chii, please! You need to get up because my dad is still on the moon and he can’t come back because there is a stronger power blocking his way! You need to come with me!”

“Can’t we wait until morning?” She replied.

“We can’t! Any longer and my dad could die!”

Chii got up from the bed and rolled her eyes. “You’re lucky I’m nice.” She slowly got up and looked at me. “What’s wrong now?” She started to walk with me to where I was leading her.

“I just found out the most horrible thing. My dad’s stuck on the moon, as well as the rest of them. We have to go quickly.”

Chii rubbed her head with her hoof and followed me to the Time Machine in the basement. Then, Chii replied to me as I turned it on. “What if some pony worries about us while we’re gone?”

“I’ll put a note on the door.” And with that, I took out a note I wrote earlier to hang up near the door outside of the house.

“You’re good.” She responded to me. I winked and got everything ready. By minutes, I jumped in the Time Machine, and Chii followed.


     We appeared in a different place. It wasn’t Nact Der Untoten like last time. We automatically appeared in Kino Der toten, which looked more torn apart then it did before. It was almost scary. Lava was everywhere on the ground, and Smoke rose up, making us both cough. The roof of the building was flaming, and we both knew to gallop as fast as we could to the second back-up rocket that was here. Things fell quickly, almost killing us if we weren’t that fast enough. Chii was still tired, and so stopped for a little bit to catch a breath, but I grabbed her and continued galloping. Debris was everywhere and Lava bubbled up from the ground.

“What happened to this place!?” I yelled to Chii.

“I don’t know! Looks like Armageddon!” “But Armageddon already hit because of the zombies!” we both shouted as we ran to the rocket. Thank Celestia it was still working, and it wasn’t trashed by the lava and garbage.

We both couldn’t get the door to the rocket open.

“The battery is dead!” “Since when did Rockets even have batteries!?” Chii told me. So much depris fell from the ceiling that it created loud noises, making it almost impossible for us to even talk to each other. We all looked around for another way until Chii remember something.

“Marisa, the Teleporter! It’s here in front of the theatre!”

“You’re right!” I yelled to her. We both started running, and then the Debris stopped. Our eyes widened. Everything stopped falling,  and the lava stopped bubbling. Everything got silent, which was nowhere near normal. And then to a shock in our lungs, we heard an impossible noise.

 A Dog howling.

“Oh no,” Chii whispered to me, and then the beasts started coming in. Hounds, Flaming and covered in flesh, started sniffing around for us. Chii and I Didn’t Move. We were too scared to.

“Marisa, Don’t move.” The K9 killers started surrounding us, and both Me and Her were nervous that this would be the end of it all.

“Zig, I just want to say that If we die, at least we’re dying together.” “Yeah.” She called me Zig again. Man, I Love that.


     We just kept standing there, until out of the blue, Chii started galloping as fast as heavenly possible to the Teleporter. She was screaming as she did so, and the dogs were fast as lightning after her. I Panicked, and started running forward as well, yelling to her.


She did not answer, but instead kept running, and then in she jumped.

The teleporter was online, which means my dad was here, but he left it on, or maybe something left it on. Who knows? The teleporter made a huge bang as Chii entered in, and the dogs started looking at me. I counted 10 of them standing there, looking at me. The one dog barked at the other in a gross dead sound. I think they were having a conversation on withier they should save me for lunch or dinner. I looked around for a solution but I obviously couldn’t move. I swallowed hard and stood until one of the hounds slowly approached behind me and yanked my tail to see if I was a living creature. I screamed and started running, and they chased. I ran for my life, hoping Chii knew I was okay.

I dove in.

Chapter Three - Unbearable Following[]

The machine was, like I Said, covered in Blue and green colors and numbers when you went through. I saw 1945, 1950, 1976, 2004, 1965, 1940 pass by me every 5 seconds, It took a few minutes to finally get to where I wanted to be. Chii was on the ground waiting for me, with her sad expression, and so I Came up to her and gave her a hug.

“I’m sorry I brought you.”

“It’s not that. Look at Equestria.” She looked to the star-filled sky, and stared at the Planet.


     We stood on the Moon together. Both Me and Chii both saw the most horrifying thing on the planet. We looked at Equestria, which was beaten and destroyed. The rockets were repaired and they blew up the entire planet. The lava was everywhere, and the zombies still roamed it. My jaw dropped as both of us looked at our destroyed home.

“So this is what our World will look like in the future.” Chii told me.

“Not unless we stop it. Come on, Chii. Let’s go find Dad and his gang.” I replied to Chii

Demandingly, and she followed along. It took a while until we were confronted by a bunch of Meat Flesh Zombies, which were strangely on the moon as well, and more than usual. Chii smiled and started running to the wall. “What are you doing?” I asked her until I saw she had an AK-74u in her hand, and another gun appeared on the wall, like it was hot-glued.

“Better border some windows, Marisa. You don’t have any points.”

“How did you do that?” I was somewhat shocked. “I bordered a few windows while you were being held captive by K9’s.”

“You’re the best, Chii.” I finally responded to her, and started galloping away, where the zombies were chasing me. Chii ran and followed me, blasting the beasts that followed along.  I looked at her smiling and she winked.


     It took a few minutes for Chii to perfectly annihilate the zombies. We continued on our search until Chii killed the last one, and by seconds laughing was heard, But this time, It wasn’t Samantha. Me and Chii gasped.

“Oh hey guys! Having fun? I saw you guys so I insisted on sending a few dogs back on my world. Nothing special, ya know?”

“Richtofen!? How are you…?” Chii was blankly confuzzed.

“Oh yeah, don’t ask! I rule Equestria now? Isn’t that cool?”

”You…YOU did this!?” Chii was furious.

“Calm down, American. It’s just until Samantha comes back and gets her body back. Until then, I’m chillaxing, sending zombies to ya to let you all have some fun.” “Where’s my dad?” I asked him, and he stopped for a minute.

“Oh, You mean Dempshey?” The doctor started laughing again. “Yeah, He’s somewhere with the 3 other embarrassments.”

“Show me to him.”  I replied. Doc continued laughing, with his twisted high-pitched giggling.

Both me and Chii were angry. Nothing was making sense to us so far. Why was everything like this? How did Richtofen gain power?

I looked down, and then Doc spoke to us one last time.

“Okay fine, Crybabies. Go look for your father since you’re puppy-dog facing! Just wait until the perfect time comes, then you’ll be cryin’!” and then his voice stopped and faded away.


      I sighed and sat down as more zombies started to come. Chii grabbed more ammunition on the wall to go with her gun, And she started blasting them one by one. She continued for a while until the first wave ended, and I got up and started to search around. There was no point in finding me dad, I thought. He probably would have been gone anyway. I started to get upset, when Chii yelled out to me, and that’s when I jumped in joy.


     Chii called out to me while she was looking for a weapon box. I ran down to here and asked for her request, and there it was to a huge surprise that made me gain my happiness back. My dad and his gang were locked up in the same room as the Box had layed. My dad was laying down hopeless, while Takeo sat down looking at his Thundergun he had.  Nikolai was getting Sober, which made him start to cry. Chii and I were so happy to see them again and to know that they were alive, until then something caught our eye. It was Richtofen, sitting there with the three of them, looking horribly sad. We at first, thought Richtofen was playing with us again, so we didn’t trust him.


     “Dad!” I cheered as I ran up to him. He looked unbearably weak. They were locked in the room for days by Richtofen, hoping they would die of starvation. My dad smiled greatly when he saw me. He tried getting up but the weakness in his legs made him almost fall. He gave a hug.

“We need to get out of here.” He came up and told me.

Chii instantly, out of constant anger, Kicked Richtofen in the leg, him yelling in pain.

“What was that for!?” He squealed, backing up to the corner.

“THAT was for messing with me!”

His eyes widened.


     “No, You don’t understand! I’m not who you think I Am! You have to believe me! Please!”

We all put our ears down, and He tried to get up as well but failed.

Takeo decided to explain for him, trying to give all his strength for his vocals to work.

“Guys, I know you all won’t believe me at first but, This is Samantha.” He came up to us.

Chii almost passed out hearing what Takeo had just said.

“Don’t hurt her. She didn’t mean any harm. It was the evil demon that did it all. Richtofen has the demon now, and that is why he’s become more evil then usual.” “Very True.” Samantha giggled quietly, trying to cheer herself up.

I gasped, and came up to Takeo. “But how is that possible?” “The pyramid.” “The what?” Chii bumped into the conversation.

“The Pyramid is what Doc used to switch bodies with Samantha, but the Demon was still inside Sam’s body when he stole it, so now the Demon has him and now he’s planning to kill us all.”

He further told us, when I kept trying to ask a question.

“Ever since the apocalypse started, Doc’s insanity grew bigger, and the thrill of Killing doctor Maxis made it grow even faster, so when Doc finally grew insane enough, he grew evil, and thought it would be fun to touch the Pyramid on the moon.”

“Yeah, that mean jerk will pay! Where’s that demon when you need him?” Samantha hollered.

“But,” I finally was able to reply. “How do we stop him?” Takeo further explained a plan.” We need to find a way to get him out of the pyramid, Get rid of the demon, and Give Samantha her body back.”


      “It sounds like a lot of Work. Are we going to be able to do it?” Chii was worried that it would be impossible to get this done. She was pretty brave, but shockingly nervous about this. “We can do it, because I have a plan.” Takeo finally told out.

I was too busy hugging my dad, until he finally responded to Takeo. “Maybe we should get some food first. We’re starving.”

“Yeah, I knew that.”

“I’m Sober….WHY… WHYYYY!!!???” Nikolai whined. “You all know I can’t aim when I was sober!”

“Yes, We know.” Takeo and Dempsey both responded instantly, and me and Chii started laughing quietly.

“Well lets go. We need to find a way to do this, don’t we?” Chii finally responded to us, and Samantha automatically agreed and walked next to Chii.

“Yeah. There is no way on earth I’m staying in this body forever. I have things to do!”

“Yes, we know.” Both Chii and I answered.

“Well, let’s get out of here.” Chii and I followed our way out of the room, with the four following us as well.

Chapter Four - Undefined Operation[]

It took a while for all of us to get out of the building. The four were so hungry my dad almost fainted, so we had to find something for them as fast as possible. I helped him after a second attempt of falling, and I was worried horribly.

“It’s a good thing you came when you did. Any longer and he’d be dead. We need to find something for him.” Takeo approached up to me, as I helped my dad up for a last time. He looked horrible.

Chii was upset that I Was. I was so afraid my dad would die that I was rushing quickly.

“Wait, Why aren’t you weakened, Takeo?” I questioned.

“I had the rest of the food because Nikolai was devouring it all. Dempsey was sleeping so unfortunately he didn’t grab any other food. I would have saved some but then I would lose my honor.”

“I never heard that before. Sharing can lead to the loss of good.”

“Very true. I remember when I shared my Ray gun with Richtofen, and I never saw it again.” My dad mentioned, attempting to join the conversation. We all laughed.


     “I wish I didn’t feel like you guys were referring to me. Stupid pyramid!’ Samantha Whined back to us. Chii came up to her and patted her on the back.

“I feel so bad for you, dude.” Chii giggled at Sam.

“You wait. Once I get that demon back, I’ll be avenged!” Samantha giggled.

Takeo responded to Samantha. “Sam, we’re going to need to get rid of the thing if we’re going to get our Richtofen back.”

Sam growled. “Why are you rewarding him?! He killed my father!”

“We know, but you won’t get your body back, we won’t get Doc back, and the Demon will destroy the planet if we don’t do this. Just trust me on this for once. I am pretty sure he didn’t even mean it.” Takeo finally responded, and they were beginning to have a full conversation when Chii started to walk on the adventure.


     We kept going, and my dad seemed like he was getting weaker by the minute. We were almost there to the Time Machine, until we started to hear familiar laughter from the environment around us once again.

“Once again, you have clearly outrun me!” Richtofen spoke. “Ah, is your daddy dying?”

“Stop it, Richtofen. You’re not like this!” I responded to his sickening voice. “Am I Not?” He responded. We were furious. “Well then, I guess that this calls for a little nudge.”

Everything shut off. The lights, the Machine, and everything around us. I tried looking for my dad in the dark, hoping he was beside me, and then Chii, and then we heard a loud jolt.

The lights reappeared. My dad was gone.


     I was panicking. Doc took my dad. But where? How is it possible? There’s no where around here!

I was almost to the point of having a heart attack, when Richtofen spoke once more minutes late after.

“Alright, You guys want to play this game,” He said. “We’ll play this game!” and he faded out in laughter. I was running around, and the 4 were telling me to calm myself.

“Marisa, It’s okay. We’ll find your father, just calm down.”

“Calm down…” I started up. “CALM DOWN!? My father’s been filly napped by an insane German Doctor and you’re trying to tell me to CALM DOWN!?” I was going insane, but Chii put her hoof on mine. “We’ll find him.”

“How!? My dad is weak; he can’t defend himself right now! He barely even has any weapons with him!”

Samantha came up to me. “I think I have an idea.”

“You?” Chii remarked.

“There is only one place where ‘Samantha’, now Richtofen, can take people.”

I gave a smile. She started galloping away and I followed her. Every pony else followed as well.


     It took a while, and we were getting tired by running to where Samantha was going. Nikolai fell on the ground to take a break, and we were almost there to the Time Machine.

“How long have we been walking?” Nikolai Questioned, trying to get up. “Um, About 5 minutes.” Takeo was quick to answer.

The Russian Sighed. “Why does walking have to be so hard?!” And he got back up slowly. I was shaking, scared for my father. The last thing I wanted to see was my dad being taken away by some evil demon that’s filled with trouble.


     Chii went beside me and gave me a pat on the back. “Calm down. We’ll find him.”

“I doubt it,” I responded. “He could be anywhere,” Chii sighed, looked down and walked off. She was sad I wouldn’t cheer up, but I couldn’t. I would worry from dusk to dawn about him if he never came back. I wasn’t going home without him. I couldn’t believe it took so long to find out about my father and everything he’s been doing, but I wish he was just a normal dad, and not some perverted crazy old super soldier whose human form doesn’t even know I exist. I kept walking carelessly when Chii called out to me. I saw from a distant that she was waving. “Marisa! I found it! The Time Machine! Let’s go!”

I gasped. I was so happy. Maybe I could see my dad again.

I was galloping to Chii and the rest of the gang, and finally stopped when I caught up. The Machine was glowing violently, with green and blue streams of light hitting our faces. It looked like an upgraded version of my Time Machine in the Basement, probably a futuristic version of it. “We found it!” I cheered. “It looks so different from mine.”


     We all looked at each other, and then looked at the machine again. “So,” Nikolai started off. “Who’s going in first?”

“Not me.” Takeo said automatically. Chii looked at it nervously. “It looks kind of different. It looks like it has more electricity.”

I automatically, without thinking, started galloping to the machine until Takeo jumped in the way. “What are you doing?”

“Um, going to find my father Maybe?” I played. I pushed him out of the way.

Chii sighed, and followed me as well. Samantha jumped in the argument. “The two are right. This Time Machine should take us to Der Riese. We’ll go there and find the room that I filled up with Teddy Bears.”

 Chii was just about to jump in the machine when my eyes widened as I thought about what Sam had just said. “Der Riese?”

“Yeah, you know, the place with the Time Machine and the Pack-A-Punch and the gun upgrades and the levels and the radios and all that neat-oh stuff?”

“I was born there.” I whispered to myself. I started thinking about the information I learned about the Location. The entire story of when my dad took me from the place to the future. “I could finally see what my dad was talking about. I could finally look at where I was born!”

The team rolled their eyes. “Don’t get too comfortable there. We have a mission to get to.” Samantha ordered.

“Hold On, since when did you become leader of the team? Why should we trust you? You tried killing us all for the last few years.” Chii questioned firmly.

“That wasn’t me, you ruffian! Did Takeo NOT just tell you the story?” Samantha confronted.

“Come on guys, we’re not going to find my dad or get Doc back by arguing.” I confirmed, and within minutes, I finally jumped into the Time Machine quickly. Chii then agreed and entered the Machine as well. The entire Team followed.

Chapter Five - A Startling Surprise[]

     The entire location was covered in foggy lights and glowing weapon boxes. After a minute of glowing portal viewings, I landed onto the surface, and by minutes, Chii landed on me. This reminded me of when we first entered the Machine and landed in Nact Der Untoten.

Seconds later, so then came the other ponies, falling onto Nikolai. “Why does this happen to me when I am sober!?” Nikolai panicked.

“Quiet, Russian. You’ll get more Vodka when this is over!” Samantha hollered back, getting up from the hard landing on her new 40-year old German back. “God, I better get my old body back when this is over. I can’t stand another minute like this.”

“I don’t blame you.” Chii giggled, and walked around. I got up, opening my eyes and I got to see the coolest thing ever. I had a big smile on my face, as I had witnessed everything Dad told me about. The Huge Time Machine, the Ripped-Up windows, the glowing lights, the abandoned rooms, and the weapons on the walls. It was amazing.

I kept staring at the floor of the Time Machine, where my Dad told me I was born on. Chii unfortunately came up to me. “You Know, we have things to do.”

“Yes, I know. I’m just, interested in the information of this place.” I kept walking around, and the lights of the place kept flickering. “Wow. What did I miss?” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw everything.


     Then, with a sudden notification, I heard a blurring noise. Almost like a radio with no signal. My eyes widened, and I started to follow it. I kept on following the noise until I ended up confronting a radio, An old one, almost looking like it had dust all over it. I blew on it to get rid of the debris, and I started getting something from it. I started hearing talking. I started shaking the radio.

“Hello? Hello!? Is any pony there!? Is this a contact radio!?” Then, I heard the most interesting and most horrific thing ever. I heard my dad’s voice coming from the box, including Richtofen’s voice, Nikolai’s, Takeo’s, and…A Female voice. It was light, talking calmly. They were having a conversation, which sounded like this;


Dempsey: We don’t have too much time left. Where is Doc?

Female Voice: I hope it isn’t too late. The zombies may approach us at any minute, and I think They’re coming soon. My stomach is really starting to bother me.


     I gasped. My eyes widened, and my ears twitched mildly. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Mom?”


Dempsey: God, Richtofen! Where are you!?

Richtofen: I’m right here, American!

Dempsey: Where were you!?

Richtofen: Blocking off all the windows so we don’t get eaten, maybe?

Takeo: I’ll never forget this beautiful moment.

Dempsey: Beautiful? My wife is having kids in the middle of a zombie attack and you say it’s beautiful?

Takeo: I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl.

Nikolai: Me too.

Dempsey: I didn’t even plan on what their names should be.

Female Voice: Hurry, I think they’re coming. We need to find a safe place for this!

Dempsey: Doc, do something!

Richtofen: I only do disections and health aid, not pregnancy. Besides, she’s a horse; they come out on their own!

Dempsey: *Aggravated* Shut up Doc.

Richtofen: Well I ha--- and ide--- how---- *The Radio glitches out*



     I started panicking. “No! Don’t glitch! Come On!” I yelled at the box, and banged onto it with my hoof. I then started hearing the radio buzzing again, but it wasn’t the radio I was confronted to. I walked into a different room next to the other radio, and there was another on buzzing. I hit it once, and blew the dust off of it, and I started hearing more.




Dempsey: Takeo! Take care of those zombies! They’re coming through the windows!

Richtofen: Why do I have to go through all of zis!? Dempsey: Too bad! It’s your fault for being a doctor!

Richtofen: (Sighs)

(Continuous gunshots are heard, and one final shot ends in silence)

Takeo: I think we killed them all. Whoa.

Female Voice: They’re beautiful!

Dempsey: Two? Two kids?  Where are they supposed to go? We can’t let them be in a place like this for the rest of their lives!

Richtofen: Oh, Can I name one?

Dempsey: Why should I let you name one? You were whining the entire time she was giving birth.

Richtofen: Dempshey, if I weren’t here, your wife would be dead. Give me a reward, I helped.

Female Voice: They’re so adorable. I think they’re both female.

Takeo: They’ll both girls? Oh Man, I wanted a male warrior for me!

Dempsey: Okay, how about this, let’s all agree on names.

Richtofen: I want to name the green and Purple one, Um…. WONDER MUFFIN!

Dempsey: Wonder Muffin? Are you serious?

Female Voice: I actually like it. It matches her very well.

Takeo: She looks like more of a “Candy Corn” to me.

Dempsey: (Sigh) Fine, It’ll be Wonder Muffin.

Richtofen: Yay! I’m a father!

Nikolai: What? Doc, how much of this operation do you actually understand?

Richtofen: Wait, this is an Operation?

Dempsey: (FaceHoof) (Looks down at the other newborn foal) I like this one. (Picks up the Purple and Black Foal) She looks unique. How did she get those colors?

Female Voice: She looks beautiful. She looks like a Marisa.

Dempsey: Marisa? That’s original.

Takeo: I like that name. Reminds me of my mother’s cousin.

Nikolai: (Looks at Takeo, Disturbed Mildy)


Nikolai: More Zombies are coming!

Female Voice: We need to get my foals somewhere other than here!

Richtofen: Let me guess, I have to find them a building to stay in?

Female Voice: Honey, they’re getting closer! Hurry, get the kids!

Dempsey: Where should I keep them?

Female Voice: The Time Machine. Send them to the future. Hurry, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I’m too weak to move.

Dempsey: No, You’re not dying on me! Female Voice: I may have to. My time is almost up; just take care of them. That is the only thing I care about right now is their safety. Hurry!

Dempsey: But-

Female Voice: Go!

Dempsey: (Sigh) Guys, take care of my wife. Don’t let her die today. (Gallops away to the Time Machine)


Female Voice: Some Pony, I can’t get up. I need help! They’re coming for me; I don’t think I’ll make it… No, No! No! Hurry! I don’t think I’m going to mak--

(A Shotgun blast is heard, and the rest is silence)


My heart stopped. The radio was quiet, and I automatically started bursting in tears. There was nothing more horrible then to hear your own mother screaming, Gunshots firing, and my father leaving. I kept crying rapidly until Chii found me and approached me. She automatically saw my pouring tears all over my face as I lay down on the ground curled up.


“Marisa, what happened? Are you okay? We thought we lost you!”

“No, it didn’t end like that! It didn’t! IT DIDN’T!” I was going crazy, and Chii then looked up to see the radio next to me.

“What did you hear?” She knew about the radio on the map, and what it would say if you hit it a few times.

“My Parents and the other 3,” I didn’t bother looking at her. Chii came over and hugged me.

“Marisa, it’s alright. I’m here. You’re mother must have been a very good person.”

“Yeah, she was.” I started to calm down when Chii kept on hugging me.

“If it makes you feel any better, I found a weapon box. It’s by the room Sam was talking about. We just need to look there and we’ll see if he is in there.” I was still crying, but Chii wouldn’t let go of me.

“I’m not letting go until you feel better,” She giggled, and squeeze hugged me.

“Okay, Fine.” I shook my head, and got up. I whipped the tears from my face and raised my head up at her. “You’re a good friend.”

Chapter Six - The Mission's Effection[]

     Everypony was waiting for me in the room. I slowly walked on and took a good look at everyone, and in minutes, I ran up to Takeo and gave him a big hug.

“What the?” He paused confuzzled.

I went over and hugged Nikolai harshly as well, him gasping for breath.

“You’re…killing me…”

“Oh, Sorry.” I giggled in an apologetic manner.

Chii looked at me oddly, but then continued with our plan.


     “Okay, here’s the plan. Samantha says that around this location is the spot where Richtofen can only trap his victims now that he has entered the pyramid. We need two ponies to guard the door and two others to enter the room and finally find our Soldier. Marisa and I will look for Dempsey. Takeo, Nikolai, Guard the location. Samantha, you’re going to have to come with us.” Chii was in full order mode. I agreed, and Takeo and Nikolai shook their heads in agreement as well. Samantha, with her nervous expression, agreed to follow our idea.


     We confronted the door, Chii standing right of me and Samantha beside my left. I slowly put my hoof on the creaky door, only to find out that it was locked.

“He locked it.” I growled. I kept trying to pull and push the door when we heard the high pitched laughter from the skies once more.

“You ponies are so funny. You all have no idea what you are doing. You’re in a lava-covered location trying to rescue your daddy. I’m sorry to cut you short but I forgot to unlock that door…not, so have fun trying to get it open. I’ll be waiting for your appearance.”

“Shut up, Doc! You’re not fooling anyone!” Samantha hissed back.

“Oh, Hey Sam! Having fun? I see you are enjoying your new friends and appearance!”

“No,” Sam wanted to murder him if she had the chance, but the holding back of knowing it wasn’t his fault blocked her urge. “I know it’s not you that is doing it, but I am going my old self back, and so are you.”

“Oh really?” Richtofen snapped back. “Is that so?” He started echoing his laughter across the air again, and Samantha pushed me away from the door. She started bucking the door to try to get it open. It wouldn’t budge, and so she continued on hitting it until she fell down and started crying, hopelessly.

“Sam, Calm down. It’s okay; we’ll get you back to your old body.” I came up to her.

“It’s too late. He’s already ruined everything.” Responded Samantha, looking down to the ground, “Not him….It.” Chii dramatically added. “If there is one thing we’re doing, it’s getting Dempsey back.” Chii pushed us both from the door. “Excuse me.” She grabbed her weapon that he had originally picked up on the Moon, the AK-74u, and started shooting it like mad. It drilled holes through the old wood, making the lights in the other room shine on us. Chii continuously rampaged through the door with jet bullets blazing in the surface, until finally, the door fell down, beaten and shot to the point of falling to pieces. Chii smiled.


“Nice.” Nikolai added. Chii grinned at us. “I wasn’t born yesterday, now come on. Let’s go get Tank.” I ran into the room as soon as possible, Samantha following me sadly, and Chii proudly catching up. Then, I stopped moving when I entered into the light room, that I saw was filled with electric smoke.


     “Dad!” I screamed. I could see he was in major pain. He was in an Electric Chair, his mane and Tail vaporized by the shocks that took place previously. I gasped, and almost started crying, so I tried getting him out as quick as possible. It looked like he had been shocked at least once with the machine.

“Dad! We’re here, its okay!” I was panicking. Chii tried helping my dad out too, and we both got him out quickly as possible. He fell automatically from the chair to the hard surface of the floor, almost speechless.


“He’s coming…The Time machine must be enabled….Hurry…” My dad could barely speak.

“Dad, I’m not leaving without you. Can you get up?”

“No…I was shocked…twice.”

I gave my dad the biggest hug possible. “I’m so sorry I let this happen!”

“No…You didn’t do it. You’re just a kid…” He continued on with his words softly until Richtofen started talking to us again. He was angry, by the tone of his voice.

“You succeeded. I should have expected that.”

I was growling with anger. “You sick freak! You aren’t going to be in that Pyramid any longer!”

“Hey, calm down, kid.” “Shut up!” Chii jumped into the argument.

“You all think you could defeat me? Let me refresh your page here. You are in my cool-aid, and you don’t even know what flavor it is.” Doc followed with laughter at his own words.

“W…What?” Chii hollered in question, and then shook her head rapidly. “Just shut up, Okay!?”

“Gah, The voices again! What do you want! Leave me alone!” Richtofen argued with himself once more, and then finally stopped talking.

My eyes widened, and Chii looked back at me. “We need to get out of here. We need to get back to the moon now that we have everything. Nikolai, Look for the Time Machine! Takeo and Marisa, you’ll grab everything that we needed when we first came. As for Me and Dempsey, I’ll help him get to the Machine in time,” Chii ordered. “Now, GO TEAM, GO!”

Chapter Seven - A Shortening Visual[]


     It’s been 3 hours since my dad was unstrapped from the Electric chair. He was dying, and me and Chii had to do something fast, because that was the last thing we wanted, and to me, he was the best father a pony could ever have.


     Chii and the gang got back to the moon in time for supplies. Takeo remembered that there was some sort of supply in the rockets nearby that contained some moon food. Hopefully it wouldn’t have expired, but Nikolai and Takeo were leading my dad to the way. Chii was rampaging. It was almost like she was a totally different pony with a gun, the AK-74u in her hooves, shooting the flesh-eating monsters that chased us. She made a whole land-mine of zombie corpses all around, which surprised me greatly, but the one thing that was mainly on my mind was my father. He could barely walk, and he was starving to the point of a coma. His voice grew calmly, unable to give clear speech, and I was in terrible worry. Takeo and Nikolai told me to stay in my position, so I wouldn’t follow them and cry every second I saw my dad moaning in pain as they traveled him to the rocket. I kept thinking in my head that…he wasn’t going to make it. I started giving sobs and I turned around so Chii wouldn’t see my face covered in wet tears. Unfortunately, however, she came up to me, seeing I was blocking my face.


     “”Marisa, everything will be alright. Your dad will live.”

“No, it’s going to be too late, he always has to crawl in order to get to a location, and soon he won’t even be able to do that.”

“Marisa, you have witnessed a lot of death in your life, I understand. I did too.” She put her hoof on my shoulder.

“I want to tell you something, but if you tell any pony else, I’m going to deny it ever happened.” She came up closer to me.


     “In 2007, the Ponyville Middle school had a lighting and shooting black-out. Ponies ran around because of a mass shooting. A Pony with a gun came to the school, and we were hiding in our homerooms. I was the most chicken out of them all. I hid behind the closet while every pony else hid back by the wall with the lights off.” She sighed. “My cousin died that day because of that shooting, and I cried for an entire week. I needed counseling for it. Then, two days later, there was a severe car crash that happened that I witnessed. Three ponies were found dead.” She gave a small sob, and hugged me. “Those days, when that was happening, I never looked at anyone but my room wall and myself. Until one day. I realized that these things happen, and I met you. I never cried a day since then….up until now.” She started crying too.

“ChiiXZig.” I whispered, and hugged back softly. “I’m so sorry that all happened.” “Marisa, when we go back, I want you to believe your father will come back with us, I promise.” She got up, whiping the tears off of her face. I smiled, and did the same. We soon then heard cheers from the rocket. It was Nikolai and Takeo waving at us to rush to them as quick as possible. I looked at Chii in confusion, and galloped to the scene, Chii following me as well.


     “We found it, Marisa. It’s here.” Takeo’s jaw was almost to the floor.

“The pyramid. We reached it.” Chii gasped in shock. It was so big, and it looked so weird. It was the one thing on this planet that was a sight to surely see, as well as something that should not exist.

I look at it for a minute, and finally spoke out. “Richtofen is in that thing!?” I couldn’t believe my purple eyes. I kept staring at it, until Richtofen’s voice was heard again. “Darn it! You found me! You won the game.”

“Of course we did.” Dempsey tried getting up again. “You should have expected that we were going to stop you.”

“Really? Just…really?” Doc started laughing. “You are all so funny. I dare you to stop me. You can’t touch me. I’m in the pyramid, and you’re outside of it, as weak as a speck. You’re just a bunch of flies to me.”

Samantha growled, and started slowly walking to the huge glowing machine.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Doc paused.

“I’m getting my own body back, Richtofen.” She slowly touched the pyramid with her hoof. Richtofen gasped for a second, until Sam realized that nothing was happening. Her eyes widened, and she started hitting the Pyramid with her hoof. “Why isn’t it working!?” Richtofen started laughing.

“You sick foal!” He almost cried in laughter. “I’m going to ruin the lives of the ponies that hated me, starting with you!”

“Doc, you obviously are making a mistake. You need to stop and think of the good things that happened when you were with us.” Chii jumped in.

“Hah! Nothing good happened with all of you! I was stuck with all of you, being forced to show you this and there and all these other places, and I never got any respect!”

I Paused for a minute, and thought to myself. Then, I spoke up. “Wonder Muffin.”

Richtofen was silent for a minute. He didn’t know what to say. “What?” “Wonder Muffin. You named my sister Wonder Muffin.”

“Since when?”

“When me and her were born in Der Riese.”

My dad gasped, and looked at me quickly. “How did she know that?”

He backed away slowly from the scene as I continued.

“I was named by my Mother, and you named my sister. That was a good time to you. It was a good time for everyone…except when my dad ran off and my mom died.”

My dad came up to me, extremely upset. “How do you know all of this?”

I gave my dad a huge hug quickly.

Richtofen was speechless, and then denied remembrance. “I don’t remember such a thing that happened!”

“Yes you do. You’re good side does.”

Doc didn’t talk. He didn’t know what to say.

“Dad,” I came up to him slowly. “You’re the best dad ever.” I squeeze hugged him. He obviously got better because of the supply and food we found, but he still was a bit weak and then hollered for breath. Chii joined in the hug, and so did then everyone else.

Then, there was a huge bang coming from the Pyramid. We looked over to see Samantha’s filly self standing there, and there was talking, in Doc’s perspective. “I can’t stand this anymore! Yes, I remember everything! I can’t take it anymore! The voices are killing me!” He started hitting his head off of the surface of the pyramid. We looked at him confuzzled, but then we slowly came over to him. Samantha, still in Richtofen’s body, came over as well.

“”You know, you can undo this.” She spoke. “I could return to my place, and you could return to yours.”

Richtofen looked up, the others looking at him dramatically.


“I know that thi-What?” Samantha was surprised that Doc wanted to give up his current position.

“Okay, I’ll do it. I can’t take it anymore. I feel like there’s nothing left of me.”

We all sighed in relief. Then, Chii jumped in. “Now all we need to do is find a way to put Equestria back in a good position or we’re all going to die in the Present when we get back.”

“Yeah,” Takeo interrupted. “Then, Maybe I can go back to where I was supposed to be.”

“Me too.” The Russian followed along.

“Well first, let’s think of something. Samantha and Doc need to switch back, which is Operation 1, and Operation 2 is to get Equestria back to normal, and 3 is go back home in the Present.” Chii directed.

“Yeah, but how are able to get all of that done?”

“Hey! Where’d dad go?” I looked around, and I didn’t see him anywhere. I started walking around to search for him. “Dad? Where are you? I have a new Operation!” I kept pacing around until I looked outside. There was a cold chilling as I looked around, especially strange by the fact that we were on the Moon.

I couldn’t believe what I had seen when I turned and saw my dad walking away slowly from where we were with his head down. He kept slowly walking away when I approached him. “Dad, are you okay?” “How…Did you know all of that?” He was heartbroken. “I’m so sorry you ended up knowing all of what happened.”

“Dad, you are an amazing father. You taught me almost everything I know, and you take me on these great adventures with Zombies and other surprises. This adventure might not have been the best, but you weren’t the one that brought it to me. Richtofen brought it to me.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right on that,” Dad giggled quietly. “But I just don’t understand….How did you know about all of that?” “There was a radio in Der Riese that recorded every word you guys said. I heard it, hey, but at least I know what my mom’s voice sounds like.” I tried cheering him up mildly.

“Your Mother was a very well person,” My dad came back in. “She did many things that made everyone happy, but there was a reason the other 3 killed her with the shotgun.”

I gasped. “You mean, she didn’t die by the zombies, but she was killed by the other 3?” “Yes. She was slowly being condemned by the voices. The evil knew she was pregnant with you and your sister, and took her as a weak spot for us, so it was the only way to get you two, and kill her. That is why you resurrected your mother and there came a demon that possessed you.”

I almost started crying again, but my dad hugged me. “Everything will be alright. We’ll go back home and we’ll never look back.”

Chapter Eight - A Fitting End[]

     The date was January 11th of 2013. My dad had finally returned from his adventure, and he brought all the others with us. I’ve never hugged my dad harder than ever before. He was one of the best dads a pony could ever have.


     Chii and I were playing Call of Duty together again, and everything was back to normal. My dad had just bought a new 60 inch Television that was in amazing quality, so the games we played were in an amazing set. Everything had been amazing that day since, because I realized that my dad wasn’t just any dad, he is a leader, a Leader of 3, a leader of a family, and that’s another thing that made my life perfect.

Sometimes when we do things in life, they can come out in strange ways that you can’t solve. Marisa has made a case that she cannot solve, for if you research the facts, Marisa’s father has finally allowed Marisa to know all of the information of her family, but the one thing that will inform her head with sadness is that deep inside, the one thing that Marisa seeks is something that will no longer exist in the future. Things like this could be Hard to Believe, especially when your fellow comrade has entered a gigantic magic machine that allows you to rule the entire planet. In the future, a new tale waits. Will you read it? Maybe it’ll take belief to allow you to read it, because in these Pony tales, it’s all Hard to Believe.