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Chapter One - Forward Into History[]

     Once upon a time, in the land that we all know as Equestria, there lived a small Mare. The Mare was as simple and small as they came, and she was the smallest pony in her family. Times like this back then were matter-less, because bullying was not such a big issue in this land. The small mare was picked on for her size and small age, until one day, her father, a smart and generous stallion as unique as a picture of art, interested that with being part of Science and biology, he became one of the most amazing doctor scientists in the world. He saw the events that her little girl had to go through and decided to buy her a beautiful female German Shepard. She was the friendliest little puppy you could ever live with. One day, she was declared to have puppies in a week, so the little Mare was excited as well as her father. Time flew by and the little mare’s father decided to try biological experiments on certain subjects, so he invited another Doctor in for some help and to keep the little mare in company as well as her pregnant dog. The doctor was decently kind, but finicky seeing other ponies. When the little Mare’s father discussed about humans and their ideal life, the guest doctor was confused until the father finally mentioned “Human Forms of themselves”. He explained that each pony had a human version of themselves on a different planet that made different decisions, and he further said to the Doctor “Your human self killed me and my little girl’s human selves for a very unreasonable cost. Luckily, you’re smarter then that, which is as good as we hope.”


     The doctor was confused, and was very determined to find information. In by a few minutes, he thought that there must have been an explainable reason for the cost of their human selves’ lives. He started going insane, looking for reasons and information, until one day he finally thought to himself “My human self did it for a reason, and I think that the time has come for an Equestrian version of the scene.” The next day, the doctor, now suffering stress and anxiety, came for a visit once again and gave them both their own personal fate. He uncontrollably murdered the mare’s father with the trust of his fellow human self, and then took the mare and her dog away to a chamber near the science lab. The German Shepard, now having puppies at the scene, died by a major outbreak of a chemical that overtook the entire chamber, as well as the puppies. The little mare had nowhere else to turn, and was soon going to become a flesh-eating zombie for the rest of her life because of the chemical until fortunately, she was taken over by a spirit that sent to her to a huge piece of machinery called the Black Pyramid, and immortally took control of the entire Planet.


It is said that now, during these modern pony times, the same exact date of the scene may come to a haunting stop at any given time. The small mare, now possessing the entire planet secretly and taking over all of the ponies’ afterlife, is said to finally show revenge to the doctor by destroying the entire future of the ponies that live upon this world.

     “Whoa, this is one messed up story.” My eyes widened as I picked the book up from the shelves in the huge library of Ponyville. My dad came to pick up a book for a special research thing he was doing. I honestly had no idea. I kept looking through the shelves of the place, until I picked up this book and read the short story that was barely 3 pages. “Man, who would write this?” I asked myself, but my dad heard me as I questioned myself.

“Life is like that, Marisa. People will write stuff like that.” “Maybe I can become a writer someday,” “Yeah, maybe you could.” He responded back. He finally found what he was looking for, but then I looked at the book. “Hey Dad,” I called out to him.

“Yeah?” He replied back to me, on his way out of the door. “Do you think they have a larger and longer version of this book?” I pointed my hoof to the book I had just read the summary of. It was called “Nova 6 or 115?” It confused me, and sounded a bit familiar, Until it rang a bell in my head. “Dad, This book has 115 in the title. Maybe it’ll help me know about the history of the whole 115 thing if I find a longer version of this book somewhere.”

My dad rolled his eyes. “Just ask the library lady. She probably knows all about that, but make it quick because I need to go on home and make sure the other three didn’t completely wreck the place.”

     “Okay, Dad.” I continued on and looked for a bigger and longer version. I didn’t ask the library because I was mostly shy for that kind of thing. When time flew by, I finally was able to see a bigger book of it. I quickly grabbed it and it read the same title as the other. I galloped up to the Librarian and I quickly checked the book out. I Opened up the pages as soon as I left with the book.

I was on my way out of the library to my dad’s truck when I suddenly saw Chii walked into the library. The biggest coincidence I’ve ever witnessed. “Chii, What are you doing here?” “My mom wants to get this cooking book or whatever, and I had to come with.” Chii replied, giggling.

“Oh, well I just got this really cool book called Nova 6 or 115, and I already read the shortened version. It sounds wicked awesome.” I answered forming a conversation. Then, Chii thought of a very creative idea, and so she galloped up to her mother. They were whispering into a quiet conversation and a little argument, until Chii ran back up to me. “I just asked my mom if I could come with you guys.”

My eyed widened again. “Really!?” I was happy automatically, and gave Chii a hug. “I’ll have to ask my dad then.”

     “I doubt Dempsey will mind, but alright.” Chii assumed. I ran up to my dad happily, who was working his way into the car to get it started up.

“Hey, Dad,” I immediately confronted him. “Is it alright if Chii comes with us? She already asked her Mom if she could.”

“Really?” He turned his head, and Chii stood there happily staring at us. My dad sighed. “Okay.” I grinned, and Chii ran over to us happily.

Chapter Two - The Beginning of a Nightmare[]

It was around Night time. The room was pretty quiet, so I played the Xbox for a short while. Every time I looked at Black Ops II in the game shelf, I got Goosebumps. I still couldn’t believe all of this happened in my life.

     It was 11:43, and I was getting extremely tired as I was playing my game. Everything was so quiet, so I then shut off my video game, and continued off into my Bedroom. When I got in the room, I noticed quickly that the Other 3 ponies were in my room going crazy. It wasn’t a BIG Mess, but some stuff was out of place, and so I cleaned that up in a matter of a minute or so. I lie down finally, until my eyes started to close and the joy of Daylight was ready to come find me.

    I suddenly appeared feeling dizzy, but it got better once I saw the environment that was around me. I was in Der Riese, the location where I was first born. The entire place was in Daylight, and there was nothing around it that looked evil and there were no zombies to be found. Everything was still intact happily. I looked around and then I started hearing a familiar voice behind me. I quickly turned, and there I saw nothing around me. I didn’t know how to leave the place, but then I finally came up to the Time Machine and voices were heard again. I finally turned around and then saw the weirdest thing ever. It was an adult Mare. She was taller than me, and she looked at me smiling. Her mane was green and brown, in Camouflaged ripped up clothing, and a pink coating of fur. She came up and smiled at me. “A warm welcome to you.”

     I was speechless. “Wait, who are you? What happened to this place? It’s all joyful.” I looked at her. She was smiling. “I know that you obviously don’t remember me at all, but the only thing I care about right now is that you are safe and you’re living your life. I always hoped it would be like that.” Then, my eyes widened. “Mom?”

“Yes,” She ran up and hugged me.

“I can’t believe it’s you. But how are you here? You’re supposed to be dead.”

“Spirits can travel through others’ dreams. I noticed that you are struggling, living with your father because of the Storyline.”

I was silent for a minute, until I finally responded back. “Yeah. Ever since I’ve discovered recordings of when you were having us and then you died, I can never look at Call of Duty the same again.”

“Marisa,” She smiled at me. “I know that you are having a hard time with this, but when awaken, something is going to happen. I need to tell you this because it is you and your friends’ job to defeat the next threat of Equestria. Then, we will know you are ready.” “Ready? Ready for what?” I asked again, until the entire location starting vibrating around us.

“You’re waking up. Hurry, and remember this dream.” Everything started fading, and my mom quickly ran off.

“Mom!” I yelled, waking up from the bed. It was wrecked up, probably because of the dream I Had.

I was wierded out by what had just happened, but the real question came to me. What did she mean by the happening of Tomorrow? It made me wonder for the rest of the night, which made it hard for me to get back to slumber. I was just about to finally fade into sleep when my dad suddenly woke up, and closed his door. He was trotting out of the room, which made me wonder of what was mistaken.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

“I had a very weird dream last night. We need to get to TranZit.”

“To what?” I responded. I never heard of such a place.

“I had a dream of the Pyramid, and Samantha. She told me she was coming tomorrow. She’s enraging again.” “I had a dream of my mom.” I responded.

My dad’s eyes widened. “What?” “My Mom. She told me that I needed to be prepared for tomorrow and Chii needs to come with us.”

My dad’s jaw dropped. Then, he shook his head rapidly. “Okay, we need to get to TranZit to finally ridden Samantha of her Armageddon.”

“Wait, what the heck is TranZit?”

“It’s a new place located on Richtofen’s Map. We need to get there.” “But how!?”

“Easy. Does the Time Machine have any problems?”

“Well, No, But,” I tried continuing on forth but my dad knew a job had to be done. “Well, then, let us leave. Wake up the others, I’ll start the machine.” He hurryingly galloped downstairs into the Basement. I whipped out the Crystal Empire Flugal Horn and started blowing harshly into the tube until every pony woke up quickly.

     “Oh my lord, I just had a dream where I was swimming in Vodka!” Nikolai Belinski hollered.

“Whoa, looks like we all had odd dreams last night.”

Chii slowly walked outside of the room. Her mane was a huge mess. “Whoa, what happened to you?” “I had a rough sleep.”

“Did you get any sleep?” “5 hours. Is that good enough?” “I guess so, but we all need to get on a mission to stop Samantha once and for all. She’s finally starting to enter our dreams to give us Nightmares. I think I was the only one who had a good dream about Samantha’s situation.” “Hey, you forgot, my dream was better than all of yours.” Nikolai fell, but Takeo slowly picked him up again. “So, where is Dempsey?” “He is downstairs. Hey, where is Richtofen?” Then, by seconds, he started yelling out from his scalpel-poster-covered room. “I’m two tired for these voices! Shut up!” “Um, Doc, that’s us.” Takeo laughed, and we followed along.

“Yeah, I knew that.” Richtofen walked out slowly, blowing his mane out of his face. We all stopped smiling when my Dad called out for us.

Chapter Three - The Meeting of Many Regrets[]

     It has been twenty minutes since our adventure in the Time Machine again. I found it surprising how my molecules didn’t blow up and I would die for being in the machine so many times. My jaw dropped as we had entered the most amazing and most haunting location on the now ripped up future of Earth. I didn’t know how my dad automatically sent us right to TranZit; I wanted to know how he did that.

Chii had put on her special zombie killing outfit, with her camouflaged glasses (Every time she put them on, we literally saw Zombie parts flying as she got done with them, it made us shocked) and she was ready to kill some zombie flesh while the others had gotten ready to. It was the worst infestation we’ve ever seen.

     “So…This is TranZit.” “Not yet. We have to wait for the bus.” My dad responded back, smiling sinisterly. “The bus?” I was confused. Who would drive A bus in this place?

Chii, with her camouflaged glasses off meaning she wasn’t ready to kill yet, looked at me. “To my information, the bus should come around here.” She smiled, and then we heard huge groans and yells from zombie vocals. Chii’s eyes widened, and she automatically whipped out her weapon. I rolled my eyes, and we hurryingly got ready until the zombies appeared, but they weren’t chasing after us. They were chasing after the speeding bus that was heading at its main parking spot. We heard yelling coming from the bus windows as well.

“Darn it, Marlton! Did you really have to shoot the last one so they would be aware!?” “I’m sorry, Misty! I can’t help my need to blow the head off zombie corpses in time for the bus to return to its known and referred location!”

“Shut up, Marlton.”

     The voices were not familiar to us, and we didn’t know if the two would shoot us, or hold us captive if we tried to get on the bus. It finally stopped, and so we ran to it. Just before My dad could step in, leading our way, Misty noticed us.

“Hold Up! Who are you guys! Are you another one of those freak bags trying to eat our flesh?” Misty was speaking my dad’s language.

“Hey, that is MY line! And No, we’re from 1944 and we need to find out a way to stop Samantha before she destroys the present time!” Dad smirked back. 

“Hah! You expect me to believe that you came from 1944 to stop a little kid from destroying the planet, and No, it’s not Samantha, whoever the lord that is. It’s that stupid evil white-maned doctor that is ruling the world.”

Doc, behind me, started growling the minute he heard the insult.

“Um, No, He is with us, and yes, it is Samantha that is taking over. She’s haunting in our dreams and we need to find out how to stop her before she brings the end of Equestria tomorrow.”

Misty giggled, like she thought we were joking. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You think I’ll believe any of that.” Then, we showed her Richtofen, who came out in view angrily.

Misty’s eyes widened. “He’s here. Then, who is..?” She turned back into angry mode. “I still find it hard to believe.”

My dad sighed. “Whatever. You can tell we’re not zombies, but you need to trust us. We need to find out how to stop Samantha.”

“Hey, I hear different vocal works,” In came Marlton, confused greatly. “Who are these individuals?”

“They’re survivors. They’re trying to tell me that they’re from 1944 on a mission to stop a chick that’s destroying the world with zombies.”


     Marlton looked at us confused, until Chii finally spoke up to the two. “Do you all have any idea how we could find the closest weapons?”

“Of course,” Marlton was in the zone, as he replied back to Chii firmly. “The Firearms are located on the ceiling of the bus. Other firearms are located in between towns that this vehicle passes through. We leave once in a while to find the weaponry and upgrades during the bus’s gas stop, and aboard back for more lift off to a different location.”

“Gah! The formal words! They hurt!” my dad yelled.

“Hey, I’m a smartened professional speaker.”

“Aka, he’s a nerd.” Misty replied, with Marlton arguing back after.

“Am not! I find that insulting and casually hurtful. I am a fellow scientific speaker with a smart informational mind.”

Every pony looked at each other, my dad blocking his ears. “Okay, well, let’s find guns first.” “Of course, I shall show you the firearms at the next stop, “Marlton answered back and with that, the bus automatically stopped. “This now looks like the time!”

Chapter Four - Team of Eight[]


     Chii and I were following along with Marlton, as well as Misty, and the 4 others. “We would have two other guys with us, but they got lost, so it’s just me and nerd-head.”

“Hey,” Marlton raised his head. “Must you hurtfully insult me like that?” Marlton responded.

“Yes, I can’t help it!” Misty lastly replied. Then, she finally gave an announcement. “Guns and Juice! They’re right there!”      “Why does she keep stealing my lines? Is she a Human Dempsey fan?” My dad questioned. “I have no idea.” I told back. We picked up as much weaponry as we could, and Marlton grabbed a pack of everything, which made me laugh harshly. “Are you serious?” “Yes, Yes I am. I need to be further prepared for survival, don’t I?” Marlton answered back, Chii giggling.

“I’m Sorry. This is just too funny.” I gave her a look, and she stopped laughing.

“This is serious, Chii.” I looked up to the building that was near us to see A Diner. It was beaten up and surrounded by bubbling lava. The N and R in Diner were cut off on the sign, looking like it had said D I E atop of it. I found that very ironic when I noticed.


      “We should soon get to a work table. I think we’re going to need power to open this door.” Misty informed at us, all than looking for what was mentioned. Chii stood by me as we looked for what Misty was talking about. It didn’t seem normal for work tables to be part of zombie’s mode. It confused me somewhat, but to the point of us in the need of surviving this chaos, it was hopefully for the best to look on to a table of creation. I started looking in other places until I got into a different room. Opening the creaky door, I had seen that inside it was a damaged vehicle broken to pieces, and a huge door at the one side of the wall. Books were on top of books, on shelves and even on the car, which I found was strange considering books were even in this place. It almost looked like a car shop, for fixing vehicles and repairs. I looked at the car door in confusion until Marlton hurried in. “The first part!” He cheered, grabbing the door quickly. “What are you talking about?” I questioned him as he happily jumped. “The first part of my project for the table! Hurry and find the others!” He ran out of the room and set it on a table. I guess he had found the table himself. Nice.


     I decided to look at one of the books that were atop of the shelves by curiosity. They were stacked on top of each other, and they were covered in dust and webs. I blew it all away as I picked one of them up. “Man, I don’t even remember about these books even publishing! Maybe because we jumped in the future and people still wrote stories back then.” I sighed, and went over to put the book back to its place. Walking over, I saw the book that was next to be picked up and the book I was carrying dropped right out of my hoof.


     My eyes widened as I saw another book atop of the surface. It was much destroyed, and looked extremely old, almost like it came from a long time ago, until then I find out it did. I slowly picked up the book and looked at the title. It was written in German, so I had no idea what it had said. I just smiled and opened the book in curiosity and saw the weirdest and craziest thing of the face of Equestria. My jaw dropped. It was a journal, an old one, almost like the old kinds they used to sell in the 1930’s. The journal was filled with English words, but strangely it confused me that the title was written in German and the book was filled with the English language. I guess it was another weird thing I had to notice in my life. I had opened the book and saw that the first page had a familiar name. Written in Ink it looked poorly written, so I scanned the word again and again to try to find out its poorly produced word, until my eyes widened. It had said Edward Richtofen, on the plain first page, right under the German words that I Assumed stood for “This Book belongs to,” I got up quickly, gasping. “What? But,” I could barely talk. “But how could this book be left here? In the future in this car shop?”


     “Hey, Marisa,” Chii jumped in the room quickly in a determined expression. “Marlton got something working. I think you need to see this.”

I put the book in my supply bag, and ran up to the others in the next room. They all were there, including Doc who I couldn’t look at and not think of the journal I found.      “Behold!” Marlton proudly announced. “The Anti-Zombie Shield 5000!”

We all started giggling at him as he smiled by his creation. His grin quickly then became a frown.

“Hey, I couldn’t think of anything else!” He started to giggled too, but then immediately stopped and continued his speech. “This device launches force to any offensive target approaching us. As we carry each car door, it will push the zombie forces forward, killing them by the speed they are traveling.”

     Every pony looked at Marlton confuzzled, not even noticing the meaning of what he had just said.

Marlton sighed. “I can kill zombies by hitting them with the car door.”

“Oh!” we all hollered, knowing now what he had meant after he explained in shorter verse.


     We heard the bus traveling toward us by its honking horn loudly echoing across the landscape. We hurried in the vehicle as soon as we heard zombies approaching by the noise attraction. I sighed, and came up to the back window of the bus, looking down seeing a horde of zombie monsters chasing our bus as we drove away. Misty quickly pushed me aside and started blasting them with her automatic pistol, screaming in cheering laughter as their guts started flying off their mindless bodies. Dad felt like Misty was the female version of him, which made his aggrevated.


     The bus continued its way into the next stop. I was over by the wall of the bus waiting. I looked at the journal I picked up again, and hid it quickly back in the bag when Richtofen came up to the window. “Oh I’m so excited!”

Chii rolled her eyes. “Yeah, For what? So we can get back to the moon so you can enter the pyramid again?” She laughed.

“What?” Doc looked back at Chii, who put her hoof in front of her mouth by her laughing joy. “It was only one time!”

“Oh come on Doc, you could care less about yourself and would rather jump in a pyramid than help any of us.” Chii assumed smiling.

“Well, you’re right on that,” Richtofen continued. “But still.”

“Guys, come on!” Misty ordered. We didn’t notice that the bus had stopped on a farm, bordered by lava and covered by corn fields.


     “I dare you to get in the corn field.” Nikolai laughed at Takeo.

“What? Why would I do that?” Takeo responded.

“Well, you have enough honor. Maybe you’ll get some more if you jump in there and let the demon baby things chew your face off.”

Takeo looked at the Russian, sickened. “You disgust me.” And with that, the Japanese pony walked away carelessly, Nikolai laughing.


     I carried on into the farm building as the other started their way to a Pack-A-Punch. They were all pushing each other. I rolled my eyes, and went over to a corner of the room to open up the book to read a page. I felt like I was doing the wrong thing, but wouldn’t you read some guy’s journal if you found it?

I opened up the book with my nose and flipped to a random page by accident. I was meaningly about to go back when I started to read a few words, and I noticed that Doc still wrote in this book when we were in Kino Der Toten. I turned to the next few pages and saw words about Ascension. The next page covered information on Verruckt, and then finally some info on Moon. The words were poorly written by the ink, but the wording was so formal, almost like an actual story. I went to a page about Ascension and read the most interesting facts. This book might come in handy; as long as Doc doesn’t find out I found it….

 Day 74, Ascension Science Facility, Entry 102

     It has been a long time since I have taken notes in you, friend. I would’ve written in your pages earlier if the American hadn’t refused any patience until we had ended up here, in this much underestimated place. My comrades, I’m strangely getting used to. They all could be a bit of a pain, yes, but I manage to keep my sanity in and not kill them for the remaining time we have left. Yes, they still blame me for their problems, but I know that it is not fit to kill them at least yet until the big finale. I can finally live how I always wanted to live, to rule the world, and fulfill the destiny of becoming the best. If only that damned little girl and her dog hadn’t messed up my plans in the first place. Maybe finally I’ll be known once we get to the Moon. I wait for our first mission of success.

I dropped my jaw. I kept scanning the page over and over again, gasping in interested shock. I didn’t realize any of this. These were his plans back then; when I had no idea my dad was Dempsey. I started flipping to other pages, reading short sentences in each paragraph about information, until I finally caught up to a page about Kino Der Toten with our references in it….

Day 105, Theatre of the Damned, Entry 112

     Once again, they haven’t failed me. We received two new strange new comrades today. Unfortunately, they’re both American. It didn’t take too long to automatically find out that one of them was Dempsey’s daughter. I didn’t even know he was smart enough to have a daughter. Then again, I have no knowledge in Love, and I never will, but I still feel quite jealous. I would love to have a very own child of my own, but I doubt that will ever happen. Every pony hates me. Maybe soon after we got to Moon I won’t have to worry anymore. Maybe I can just get it over with and have the others die and leave me alone. Then again about the two new guys, I don’t know if I should kill them or dissect them first. Besides, I haven’t done surgery in a while. Well, with Plan B working its way, Maybe we could all understand until the final day of us living. I’ll just freeze them all and continue my plan, hopefully if Samantha doesn’t ruin it again. Wish me Luck.

I closed the book and refused to read anymore. I didn’t want to tell Richtofen I was reading these pages. I didn’t want him to get angry, yet I didn’t want him to get nervous, so I sighed and walked back up to the bus. It was just about ready to take off, so I sat and waited on the wheel seat of the bus, the only seat that didn’t and couldn’t get taken out. The others were galloping up to the vehicle too with new machinery. They hurried and planted something in front of the bus, and so I came out to look. It was a shield that snow plow truck’s used to get snow away from their trail. I smiled, and entered the bus again, and so did everyone else. Then I realized something.

“Where’s Chii?” My eyes widened. She wasn’t aboard the bus. She wasn’t anywhere around the bus, and I started panicking. I starting shouting for Chii across the vehicle until my dad quickly blocked my mouth. “No! The zombies will hear you!”

I sighed, but started spazzing again, pushing my dads hoof away from my face. “Chii’s out there! Those things will get her!” and with that hollered, I started running out of the bus. I was galloping quickly as fast as I could to avoid the things that jumped on your face and started clawing you. My dad started quickly following me, yelling my name out as the smoke covered my view.  I galloped as the monster clawing foal things started to attack me. My face was covered in scratches, one almost bleeding, but by the time I got to where Chii was, I didn’t care about the pain anymore, but what was about to be the end of Chii’s life.


Chapter Five - No More Harmony[]

     I never thought that I would witness the happening that has been in front of me that hour. After a long while of the dangers that I put in front of my best friend, I finally witnessed her last one.

     Chii was alive, stuck in a Time Machine that she had found while we were busy killing zombies. She was stuck in the machine for 20 minutes, and she was violently horrified. I was running as fast as I could up to her, and I could hear her panicking. I put my ear up to the door of the machine.

“Chii, Calm down. I’ll get you out.” I Tried keeping things as calm as possible so she wouldn’t feel so terrible. She

The Death of Chii in Lifeless

The Death of Chii in the story.

was extremely worried, and finally gave a sigh and sat down on the floor of the Time Machine.

“Please! I turned this thing on minutes ago. I think its glitching. You have to get me out of this thing!” She got back up and slammed her hoof onto the window, and hid her face from view as I could see she was crying again.


     “No, Chii, Stop. I’ll get you out. I won’t leave you like this!” I was in a heartache, it pumping extremely fast as I rushed to find something to help get her out. The entire machine was shooting sparks, almost like it hit a terrible error. It seemed like Chii had continuously hit the Open Button until finally it gave out and started sparking in electricity. I started pulling the lever violently until it would open, but refused to give way. Chii sighed, and as I kept on pulling. She finally started speaking again, tears running down her face.

“Go.” She said to me, putting her hoof on the window gently.

“What? No!” I wouldn’t give up, and she knew that I wasn’t leaving her.

“Marisa, Listen to me. Its either I die, or everyone else dies here. The last thing I want is for you all to get eaten. Leave, and run to the others. Get to the moon, defeat Samantha, and go home. I won’t make it either way.” “No! Stop it!” “No, Marisa, Just go. No matter what happens, we will always be ChiiXZig. I know that my time is now, but yours isn’t. Just go. Please, do it for me. I’ll always be with you, even if I am gone.”

I kept pulling harshly, my teeth hurting by grinding them so hard against the door handle. Chii sighed and kept telling me to stop, but I wasn’t giving up. There was no way on the face of Equestria that I was leaving her. She was my best friend. Tears stopped rolling down from Chii’s eyes, and she lye down at the corner of the machine’s wall, putting her head down. By five seconds, a huge spark pushed me away from the door’s handle, almost shocking my nose, until finally….


She was gone. The entire machine blew electricity through the inside. It blasted through roof to floor, and then stopped. I didn’t hear any voice from Chii coming from the inside of the time machine, and then I realized that after that trouble, that horrible pain I’ve given my friend, who didn’t even need to come with me to the past in the first place, was dead.


“No…No!” The door of the Time Machine finally opened, the sparks stopping their parade, and there I saw Chii’s body laying on the floor, her mane and tail burned. Her skin was darkened, and her eyes were up to her head.


This was the most horrifying day of my life. I came up to her corpse, and started crying violently. I lie down right next to her body, and didn’t move. “Chii! I’m so sorry!”

 I gave her corpse a last hug, and curled up in tears. There was no chance that I was moving that spot. I wasn’t leaving Chii there alone. I sat there for as long as I could, until finally when I looked up, the tears blurring my vision, my dad was coming.

Chapter Six - Giving Up[]

     She laid there for hours. She didn’t even bother to look at me. It had been an entire day already and Marisa sat there next to Chii’s body, not even daring to move. I almost thought she was dead, but when I saw her head move with the tears racing from her face, I then knew what had really happened.

     I came up to her once again, her refusing to take a sight at me.

“Look at me.” I told her, but she refused. It was almost like she was mad at me. I put my hoof on her, but she pushed it away.

“I’m sorry this all happened, but you can’t stay here forever. You need to eat.” I got extremely upset at her for ignoring me; until I realized that she finally listened and answered.

     “She is gone.” She mumbled. “She was the best person to ever live.” Marisa turned her head again. “I understand. I had a friend to that died in the war. Remember that story that I told at the Veterans Day assembly at your school?” “Yeah, But she was different. She was only 15 years old. She’s dead now. Nothing can fix that.” “I know, Marisa. If I was able to bring her back, I would.” “Well, you can’t!” She started firing the water works again. “It’s over now. Leave me alone Dad!” I sighed, and got up closer to her. “I’m sorry, but you need to eat. I’m not letting you do this to yourself.” “That is the point, Dad. I brought her out here to die.” “Stop talking like that!” I grew angry, but sadness to follow. “Stop thinking negative of yourself. It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yes it was! Just go away! Leave me alone!” She turned her head and blocked her ears. I’ve never been so violently heartbroken. Nothing was worse than to see my own daughter refusing to look at me and to want to kill herself. I turned away slowly, and started to walk back from her location.

     I had to think of something. I wasn’t going to let her kill herself of starvation just because of something I shouldn’t have let them know about in the first place. The others all looked at me, and they all then knew what happened.  Takeo came up to me, putting his hoof on my shoulder. “They’re gone?” Takeo hoped that wasn’t the case, but so asked anyway.

“Actually, Takeo. Soon.”

“What do you mean ‘Soon’?” Marlton responded worryingly. “We need all of our teammates.”

     “Is that all you care about!?” I exploded back, to all of the others. “You only care if she’s alive just so you can build your dumb machines with help! I wouldn’t be in this position if I never even told her I was Seargent Dempsey! I can’t take it anymore! I just can’t! I’m the worst father that ever lived this earth! I let my daughter’s Mother get eaten with the zombies! I let a demon possess her to destroy the planet! I can’t take it anymore!” I angrily hated myself then. I sighed and put my head down, looking outside of the bus. Nikolai came up to me. “You know, it’s not too late to turn back and help her.”

“What are you talking about? There is no other way!” I responded. “She is full of emptiness! She hates herself….Because of me.” I started to shed a tear.

     “Oh my god. The American is crying.” Richtofen surprisingly noticed.

“SHUT UP!” Everyone yelled at him at the same time.

“Haters.” Doc added, and walked in the end of the bus.

      “I just don’t know what to do.” I kept thinking for a moment, until then I realized that there could only be one solution to this problem, and like it or not I had to have it done.

“Doc, Can I talk to you outside?” I questioned Richtofen. “Oh my, Outside the bus! I love secrets!” He joyfully remarked.

“Yeah,” I sighed with a fake smile, and walked outside.

     “Doc, I was thinking. I actually found out and remembered that a long time ago when we were all in World War II, the axis team used Memory erasing on soldiers with PTSD. Do you think you can do that for my daughter?” “WHAT!?” Richtofen gasped, but blocked his mouth. “Please,” I sighed. “I need to do something. I’m not letting her kill herself like she is.” Doc was surprised, and so looked at me in worry. “Are you absolutely sure? Doing this would cause her to not remember anything.” I sobbed for a moment. “It’s the only way to get her to care about herself again.” Richtofen was surprised. “If that is what you want to get done, I am more than happy to help with that. But don’t expect her to remember. I’m sorry. I was only taught to make total memory erases. My friend who was also a doctor did mild memory erasing.”

I almost cried, but refused. It had to be done.

      Days passed and you could hear Marisa’s stomach growling from 2 miles away. She didn’t care that she was starving, but lie down near Chii next to her dead body. She stopped crying, but didn’t move a muscle. It was about the right time to get Marisa to Doc because she was in slumber next to the dead corpse of Chii.

     I came up to Marisa, and slowly brought out a needle that Doc had given me before we split up to our locations. It was a sleep needle, the kind that knocks you out quickly, and I was supposed to inject it in her cutie mark to make sure she didn’t wake up while I was moving her to the surgery table. I came up and slowly injected the liquid, and she fell into a deeper sleep in minutes, her leg twitching meaning a sign. I sighed, slowly sobbing, and picked Marisa up with my unicorn magic. Then so, I teleported with my magic to Doc’s room.

     Marisa started slowly waking up by the time everything was ready. I was so sorrowful, but I refused to let Marisa know what we were about to do. We had strapped her so she wouldn’t leave and get scared and gallop away; this is what she needed. It was for the best.

“Huh? Dad? What’s going on!?” She quickly realized she couldn’t move. She was mildly struggling, but stopped when she saw me.

     “Nothing. Everything will be okay. After this, we’re going home, and you’re never going to come to this place ever again.”

“Dad, what are you talking about? What are you going to do to me!?” “Nothing, just calm yourself. This is best for you. Please, you’re going to be okay.” “That’s hard to believe, considering I’m strapped down on a blood-resistant table!” She was struggling again with no luck.

“Just stop. Please. We’ll leave soon after this.”

Marisa was panicking violently, me telling her to calm down when Doc approached us with his supply. “I haven’t done this in such a long time! I’m so excited!” “Doc, what is going on!?” She hollered again.

“Marisa, Just please. Before we get started, I just want you to know,” I paused for a minute, stopped my crying sadness, and continued. “That you are the most amazing daughter ever and that I love you.” “What!? What are you talking about! Please tell me!”

I slowly walked over to the needle again that was refilled with the sleeping liquid. I grabbed it and slowly came up to Marisa, who was panicking for dear life. “Marisa, Think about me for the last few minutes before you fall asleep.” With that said, I slowly injected it once again, into her flank. She hollered for a half-second, but then questioned me worryingly again.

     “What is that stuff! It’s freezing!”

“Please, think about our last moments in happiness before you fall into sleep.” “Dad, What are you….Talking…about…I’d never…forget….”

      And that was it. The final memory filled slumber of her. She closed her eyes and lye on the table motionless. And then that was it.

“Tell me when you’re done. I will be outside of the building, thinking of new memories to build for her.”

     The operation took hours. I found it surprising that Doc had actually been successfully doing his career in full. After around 20 years, I was sure he’d forget by then, but now that I know that there was no way Marisa could remember me again, I lost all hope. Takeo and Nikolai were around too, talking to each other in random conversations that I couldn’t even understand. It was almost like they were becoming friends, which I found scary.

     Finally, after falling asleep on the floor by waiting for so long of hours, Doc shouted out to me. “Dempshey! I finished...Uhh Dempshey?” He saw me sleeping on the floor, and so kicked my hoof three times. I opened my eyes and looked up and saw him staring down. He had a grin on his face like he accomplished something.      “I finished her. She should be waking up by now because I waited a half hour after actually finishing. To be honest, I ended a half-hour ago.”      “Wait, is she okay?” I questioned in worry. I had to ask because it was not every day that you could trust an insane doctor that has the past of killing people and the time of ruling the world at some point to perform surgery on your daughter. He opened the door to where he was working and answered back. “Dempshey, if you notice some poor stitches at the back of her head, I kind of messed up on the stitches a bit, so don’t go all American on me.”

     “I won’t. Not this time.” I giggled quietly, and approached Marisa, who automatically saw us approaching and woke up. When I saw her face, I knew her memory was completely whiped. She acted like she was in a place and time of where she didn’t know, and started to panic.

“Whoa, W…What is going on here? I can’t Move! Who are you guys!? Get me out of this thing!” She didn’t know me anymore. I started to give a few tears again but blocked my face so she couldn’t see.

Richtofen smiled. “I can’t believe I actually did it correctly this time! I guess I just needed some time to relax and get out of stress. Hey, Demphsey? You okay?”

“I’m Fine. Let’s get her out and go.” I Sighed and came up to her. “Marisa?” “What? Who are you? What are you going to do to me?” She was panicking again, but I Calmed her quickly.

“We have already done what we wanted to. Your name is Marisa.”

“Marisa?” She was slightly confused. “Who named me that? Why wouldn’t I just be named Marissa? It sounds easier to say.” “Yeah,” I sighed sadly. “Well, I know you don’t remember me but I am your father.”

“Really? Are you sure? I would remember you though.” “No,” I looked down. “You wouldn’t.” Minutes after the operation, I unstrapped her from the table. She didn’t seem all that scared as she was when she first woken up from the surgery. Richtofen was very happy with his success, and so smiled joyfully to me.

“I am so happy that I have finally completed an operation. I haven’t done it in so many years!” “Yeah,” then, I gave a smile to him. I turned to Marisa who was quite dizzy after getting up. I finally spoke.

“Marisa, Meet your second father, Richtofen.” Doc’s eyes widened. “What!?” “Doc, I know how much this is strange but you did a lot today. If you weren’t here, Marisa would have killed herself today. Come on, live with us in Ponyville.”

“Really?” He made a bigger grin then before. “After all the damage I’ve done to all of you, you really want to do that? But what if something goes wrong?” “Nothing will. Besides, You are pretty much considered the role because you successfully created Marisa’s new life. You.”

Doc started jumping. “Thank you so much, American!”

I sighed, in a smiling expression.

“So Wunderbar!” He yelled in a cheering tone, and skipped out of the building. I started laughing, and Marisa was confused. “I think Second Dad is crazy.” “Yes, yes he is.” I finally picked myself up again and walked out of the building. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.”


     It was the beginning of a new experience ever since then. The life of me and my family has changed ever since the incident. It’s almost like things were like they used to be, with Marisa not knowing about my secret human-self life. Everything was perfectly back to normal. Well, except for the fact that Richtofen lived with us ever since. With his hyper fascination with being a doctor again, he was out most of the time having fun with that kind of stuff. Marisa thought she was the new girl in school, which made it tough for her because every pony she knew was asking her questions on why she didn’t remember them. To be honest, over-protective or not, I felt extremely bad for Apathy Honorheart. Ever since the memory erasing operation, he wondered why his girlfriend never remembered a single one of her times with him. It took days until finally Apathy came to ask me his question, not scared of me at all. I explained everything to him, and asked him not to try to let the memories reform inside her head. I didn’t want her to try to hurt herself again. Not again.

     Apathy tried to reason to Marisa again, trying to at least tell her that he loved her in every way. Marisa was confused. She somewhat trusted him with his sayings but however still never thought that she had loved him. I picture it hard to feel heartbroken, but the one thing that haunted me the most was the terrible death of a girl who didn’t disserve a single bit of it. Chii lost her life, and which made Ford Mustang heart-broken as well as Chii’s entire family. They had a funeral held for the pony weeks after the accident. I swear then by that day that I was never going to go in that horrible Lifeless Time Machine Ever again, starting now and so forth.