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Hash Tag
Robot pony vector by esipode-d4w2yom
Hash Tag
Kind Robot Pony
Sex Male (according to Tech Savvy)
Occupation Assistant to Tech Savvy
Eyes Strong Sap Green
Coat Very Pale Sapphire Blue
Nicknames PX-01
Relatives Tech Savvy (creator)
Cutie mark
Hash Tag's cutie mark
Hash Tag
Voice Nolan North All_quotes_from_Portal_2's_"Space"_sphere
Owner User:Otherside86

Hash Tag (PX-01) is a Robot Pony built by Tech Savvy. He made his first appearance in iPony.


When Tech Savvy was colt, he made a metal pony exoskeleton and called it "Hash Tag". He worked on it for years to build Hash Tag into an actual working robot. Then one day, he succeeded.