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Hazy Rain is a totally original Earth Pony with a few odd characteristics. Firstly, a scruffy beard comfortably surrounds her neck, making the term "Neck Beard" apt to be her name. In fact, its what Pinky Pie, her totally for real biological long-lost sister, calls her. This is just confusing, as her long-lost 15th cousin, 80 times removed, is also named Neck Beard. She is MLG Pro, and frequently games. As a direct result, her cutie mark is a Mountain Dew bottle. She then strolls into Equestrias version of Best Buy and is instantly in a Pony Thread Simulator due to the amount of cum splashing on her face while the employees all call her a "Sand N*gger". Speaking of which, she has a stern devotion to Allah, but refuses to wear veils, because she's a STRONG independent mare who don't need no stallion. She is white with orange eyes to show how firecly defendant she is of her originality.

Oh yeah, she also has a bowel problem to show she can overcome adversity and has been through so much and has supah kewl black and blue boots!

Hazy Rain

Hazy Rain, stunning as usual