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Helga Malwing


Helga Malwing





Flank Mark

Upright pentagram with a magic sparkle at the center


Out casted by the general populace of her home town of Griffindor (due to her not being a "pure blood"), Helda grew up a lonely hippogriff and was often subject to the abuse of her peers. Years of this abuse had led her to confine herself in her house and learn of her unique powers of magic that she inherited from her father. Yet, these years of studying magic and alchemy had lead to her and her mothers being declared heretics and witches. After a few strange happening in Griffindor, the public turned to Helda's family, putting the blame on her mother and her. After the imprisonment of her mother, Helga fled Griffindor and the Griffin Kingdom searching for safety and her father.


History about the Hippogriff

Other Info

Likes: Magic, alchemy, books, and her studies

Dislikes: Her flank mark, Griffin society, bullies, the Government of the Griffin Kingdom

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