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Hollyfrost is the Master Theif working for the DeathTone Organization.

Hollyfrost Pony
Kind Unicorn Cyborg
Sex Female
Occupation Master Theif
Eyes Yellow
Mane Dark Blue
Coat Dark Blue and Creamy yellow
Cutie mark
Owner Aniju Aura


Hollyfrost is a true blood born warrior and originally a feline humaniod. In Equestria, she takes the form a cyborg unicorn with dark blue fur with a yellow underside. After the DeathTones gave her cyborg body parts, Hollyfrost sports a robotic left eye complete with night vision sensors. She has a robotic front right leg and a left hind leg, stictes across her body, where Demonclaw bit her, and a long snake-like tail tips with a claw. Aniju had ripped off her old tail and keeps it as a souvenir. She was given the same jet pack design as Aniju's on her back allowing her to fly. However because these are false wings, she does not count as an Alicorn, though she would act like she's one. 

Hollyfrost is a master theif and enjoys stealing things, particular personal things from others. She veiws everyone as below her, believing she is supior because of her onw abilities being the best. She is manipulative and very controling. She likes to be the boss and threated almost like a god. She absolutely hates Ivory particularly their leader, because they refuse to be manipulated by Hollyfrost. She enjoys picking a target weaker than herself and picking on them, making that person feel weak. This seems to make her feel even more supior that others. She hates it when Aniju flaunts Hollyfrost old natural tail at her.

In her original form, Hollyfrost is a bipedal humaniod feline creature fitted with cyborg parts. Unlike her pony form, her muzzle is much shorter and triangular like a cat. She still has her robotic arm and leg as well as tail and jet packs. If Hollyfrost ever had a human form, she seem to have lost it long ago.


Hollyfrost was the enemy and rival to Aniju, however during their final battle, Hollyfrost addmited to stealing something from Aniju. Thus Aniju ended their fight and walked away, leaving Dante to finish off Hollyfrost. Believing she was dead, everyone was surprised to see that Hollyfrost was back and as a cyborg. Her role in the DeathTones hadn't changed much, she is still assigned to steal the technology of the ponies.

Hollyfrost does appear in several ponies stories stealing whatever she can. Her main role is in Walk in My Hooves, where she manipulates Sunset Summers to the dark side and makes her turn on her friends. Unlike other ponies that travel to Earth, Hollyfrost does not take on a human form, but reverts back to her feline humaniod form, and retains her powers. She offers Sunset Summers similar powers, however Hollyfrost herself can not grain anyone powers and seeks to trick Sunset Summers into working for her.


Pictures of Hollyfrost.


  • Hollyfrost is named after two characters from the book series Warriors, Hollyleaf and Hawkfrost.