Bronies Wiki
Kind Pegasus
Sex Mare
Occupation Foalsitter
Eyes Brilliant Violet
Mane Light Brilliant Artic Blue
Coat Pale Rose
Relatives Charity (Mother)

Fortitude (Father) Faith (Baby Sister)

Cutie mark
Baby Bottle

Hope is a light pink Pegasus mare with a curly bright blue mane and vivid purple eyes. Hope was born in Cloudsdale, but she moved to Ponyville. Her Cutie Mark is a baby bottle. She is 17 years old, like the Mane Six.

Friends and Family[]

Five Best Friends[]

Sweet Tooth[]

a fellow Pegasus who works in a candy shop.

Map Point[]

an Earth Pony who enjoys adventures, traveling, and mapping places out.


a Unicorn who's a bit on the shy side. She enjoys gardening.


a Unicorn with an interest in witchcraft. Wears her hair in a braid and makes lotions and creams (for example, suntan lotion).

Bubbleburst []

an Earth Pony who volunteers at the pool as a lifeguard, and she can breath underwater for an unusually long time.



Hope's mother whose hair style is inspired by the Crystal Empire.


Hope's father.


Hope's younger sister, a four-year old filly.

Other Friends from Cloudsdale[]


Hope's friend that started it all. She moved to Ponyville and recommended Hope as a foalsitter to Creamy.

Coin Change[]

One of Hope's ex-roommates. Although they would have remained friendly, Hope and Coin found it hard to keep in contact and cannot be considered friends. She helps at the Cloudsdale bank.

Cirrus Quarry[]

Hope's other ex-roommate, as well as ex-best friend. When Hope announced she was going to Ponyville, Cirrus misinterpreted that as Hope's wish to stop being friends. Now she is bitter towards Hope. Cirrus is a cloud sculptor.

Other ponies[]


Hope knew Stormbreaker from Cloudsdale. He competed in Ice Archery for the Equestria Games and was favorited to win. Hope has a crush on him.


Moving to Ponyville[]

Hope woke one morning to see Creamy had written to her, asking her to come to Ponyville and foalsit her younger sister, Tia. Hope agreed and left the next day.

While in Ponyville, Hope also met Map Point, Sweet Tooth, Bubbleburst, and Petal. Upon seeing how many ponies in Ponyville needed a foalsitter, she decided to stay, since business was better.

When Cirrus Quarry and Coin Change got her letter, Cirrus thought Hope didn't like her anymore and flew down to Ponyville to confront Hope. She wouldn't listen to reason and flew away, hurt after this apparent betrayal.

Hope and her five new friends go after Cirrus just as a country wide storm hits. They use the Elements of Harmony to save Cirrus, but at the end, she still refuses to be Hope's friend.

Hope was sad at first that Cirrus has rejected her, but she realized that she had new friends waiting for her in Ponyville.

Attempts at friendship[]

Hope has tried several times to reestablish a friendly relationship with Cirrus, but Cirrus won't hear of it. She even went as far to once sabotage Hope's friendship with her other friends.


Hope foalsits a lot for the citizens of Ponyville. She often talks and hangs out with her friends while foalsitting, and is good at multi-tasking. Hope usually doesn't foalsit on Saturdays, so she can spend time with her friends and not be working all the time. Hope foalsits foals in an age range from several months old to several years younger than herself, such as the CMC or Tia, Sierra, and Flowerfall.

Equestria Girls[]


Hope wears a light blue shirt and a bright blue skirt. Her boots are the same shade of purple as her eyes. Hope always carries a purple bag with her Cutie Mark on it. Inside are a phone, some band aids, and a notepad with a pen.


Hope joined the Rockers group at Canterlot High because she enjoys singing. She is friends with Mystery Mint, Cherry Crash, and Tangerine Tropics.


Hope is a very loyal pony. She is also very responsible, being a foalsitter. Hope enjoys spending time with her friends and is very amiable. She does tend to sulk when she doesn't get her way.