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Humans are an mythical race of bipedal beings that is mentioned in the Book of Albion that was created by the the 2 Alicorn child of Harmony and Erebus, the father and mother of Celestia and Luna.


Human takes the form of an hairless ape-like creatures, and wear clothing or armour all the time. In the Book of Albion, it spoke of great humans going against the forces of evil, and calamity, and had saved Equus many times, including saving Equestria from such events.


  • The author wished to have humans "appear" in MLP:FIM as they did in the previous genererations. So, the author had decided to make the "mythical" land of Albion, and had humans be mythical in a legend where Camelot, etc is from, and the origins of the name, Canterlot.
    • Canterlot in the MLP:FIM is based on the city of Camelot in Arthurian Legends, but mostly it was based on the castle from the Lord of the Rings (which is mostly likely based on Camelot), Fruast gotten the name Canterlot from her husband, most likely derived from either Camelot or Canterbury.