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Ice Cream, You Scream
Season 1, Episode 1
Season №: 1
Air date April 3, 2014
Written by: User:Astralfleur
Directed by User:Astralfleur
Featured characters: Marigold
Lee Glo
Mayor Mare
The Ice Cream Monster
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 Ice Cream, You Scream is the 1st episode written by Astralfleur.


There's a pop in the newspaper. Then Marigold finds a way to claim that reward.


Marigold was trotting around Ponyville. Lee Glo approached her, then saying if she and him visit the park, Marigold responded, but it is a no, and making excuses. Lee Glo is disappointed then leaving the conversation.

Then, a newspaper flew to Marigold, then started reading it.

Marigold read it, and it says: "Wanted: Ice Cream Monster, Reward: A Crystal Ruby and 1,000 bits"

Marigold is obsessed with jewelries, so she rapidly go to the forest and look out for that monster. But she faces her fear also, a monster.

After a long, long trip. Marigold hear snoring. And then she sneak, and hides in a bush. Then, her mission is accomplished; see the Ice Cream Monster, all she have to do is to capture that monster.

She gets a rope (out of nowhere), then she rounds it up, and then it captured the monster. But she failed, the Ice Cream Monster scare her, and Marigold screamed. The monster shoots ice cream balls to her, then Marigold blocked it by her wings, in accident (i guess..XD)

Then, Marigold taste an ice cream ball, it tastes many flavors. (>.>)

She gets a big net out of nowhere again, then, the net captured the monster, but the monster didn't broke free, so Marigold goes to the office.

She presented the monster for a proof, then she gave her..1,000 bits. Marigold protested. Then the mayor said that she catched a fake one. The real one is now caged. But the mayor gave her 1,000 bits.

...and Marigold is not contented.


  • This is the 1st fanfic story or episode made by Astralfleur.


I'm so sorry if you didn't understand, you can edit it but don't trash it! Just correct my grammar or my use of words Thanks for reading btw. :) Astralfleur 11:11, April 3, 2014 (UTC)