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My painful attempt at drawing. Note: this is what Ice Shard's cutie mark should really look like (sort of)


Making his home on the edge of the Everfree forest, a dozen or so miles from Fluttershy's house, Ice Shard is a cocky and outgoing pony with a keen talent for ice magic. Along with the weather pegasii, he plays a major role in bringing about Winter every year.

Known to associate with Cupcake, Fluttershy, Spike, and occasionally Nature Wind and Rainbow Dash, who he seems to get along with surprisingly well for two ponies with such similar personalities.

Recently, he hooked up with the weather pegasus Skyla and the two are now rarely seen without each other.


Not much to say here. Aside from a rather embarassing bout of Poison Joke one fall which delayed the start of Winter by a good week, and an almost unmentionably short stint of a relationship with Lyra, Ice Shard has lead a rather remarkably ordinary life.

Other Info

Ice Shard sees Twilight Sparkle as both a rival (since he is now no longer the most magically gifted in ponyville) and a mentor, but is still just a bit too resentful to seek her tutelage, and even a tiny bit jealous of her connections with Princess Celestia. It doesn't weigh too heavily on him though, leaving him more than friendly towards the new addition to their little town.

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