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Icicle Gown
Icicle gown in ponyville
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female/mare
Occupation Model for Pony's Bazaar
Eyes Light brilliant persian blue
Mane Moderate arctic blue and Brilliant malachite green
Coat Pale arctic blue
Nicknames Icy, Icing
Relatives Primson Gown (daughter)
Lori Hurricane (daughter)
Lightning Thunderswirl von Hurricane (husband)
Forte Goldenrod (future son-in-law)
Cutie mark
Heart and necklace cuite mark vector

Necklace around a heart

Voice Her own
Owner User:PandoraStar411
Crystal Primrose Gown Finished
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Icicle Gown is a female Earth pony and famous fashion model, and the mother of Primson Gown and Lori Hurricane.


Icicle Gown encouraged her daughter Primson to follow her dreams and thus, allowed her to be a model for Pony Perfect. She entered one of Primson's shows for the Primson Carpet and was very proud of her daughter performance.