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Ihave Noname
Kind Gelatinous Alien Creature
Sex Male
Coat Dark Gray
Voice Mark Hamill
Owner User:Otherside86

Ihave Noname is a goo-like creature and the first main villain in the opening episodes of My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might. His name is an anagram of "I have no name".


An meteorite crash landed in Equestria, carrying a strange living goo-like substance. It is able to imitate ponies' abilities and memories, creating the Nega Ponies.

After scanning the memories of the ponies, he believed they are weak through emotion, ignorance, and poor judgement. For deeming Equestria "not worthy", he decided to destroy the kingdom, and recreate it better than before.

Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds[]

In the human world, an artificial intelligence was created based off of the alien monster from Equestria. He was storing information about Heavy Matter's criminal actives and detailed knowledge of Equestria.

His advanced security was more than a match for Foresight's hacking abilities.