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Ink Splotch

Magical Thrill

Conjoined Pony OC
As Conjoined twins (what they usually look like)

Kind Pegasus (Ink Splotch)

Unicorn (Magical Thrill)

Sex Female
Occupation Writer, Artist (Ink Splotch)

Bow maker, Dancer (Magical Thrill)

Eyes Dark orchid (Ink Splotch)

Strong cornflower blue (Magical Thrill)

Mane Strong cyan

Very dark gray (Ink Splotch)
Luminous vivid blue violet (Magical Thrill)

Coat Brilliant violet (Ink Splotch)

Light gray (Magical Thrill)

Nicknames Inkical Splill
Relatives Unknown
Cutie mark
Blank flank
Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characteristics and Biography[]

Generic Info[]

Ink Splotch[]

Ink Splotch is a gothic pegasus pony. Ink Splotch hates her sister, or twin, Magical Thrill, who's the complete opposite from her. Ink Splotch loves to write and is close to publishing a book.

Magical Thrill[]

Magical Thrill is a careful unicorn pony. She does what she wants like if Ink Splotch wasn't conjoined to her, annoying Ink Splotch.


Ink Splotch[]

Ink Splotch is a goth. She  is usually very mean and rude, as oppose to her sister.

Magical Thrill[]

Magical Thrill is a very cheerful and happy pony, unlike her sister, who is a goth.