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General Backstory:

Inkblu is a pegasus pony residing in Ponyville. She was born in Canterlot where she spent most of her life, up until age seven when her parents opened up a library in Cloudsdale where she lived for a while with her family. She gained her cutie mark and everything was fine until Ink accidentally burnt half the libary down with a candle while up one night. After this, things started to go downhill for the family. With no place to live, and being bankrupt, Inky left a year later after a huge argument with her mother. During this time she went to college in Cloudsdale. She came to Ponyville and made her home there.

Wherever Inky goes, usually disaster follows. She's clumsy and once set an Ursa Minor loose in the Everfree forest, almost killing herself and her friend. Then a week later, she almost burnt down another house in Ponyville while trying to bake.

School and Education:

After being kicked out of her house, Inky got a scholarship at a pegasus school in Cloudsdale (In the RP, this was called Princess Luna's School for Talented Pegasi). She stayed at the college for a year, gaining high marks in English, History of Equestria, and Art. She then left the school to pursue her true calling, storytelling.

Cutie Mark:

Inkblu found her cutie mark one night while reading a story to her little brothers. She read it with such feeling and passion that her cutie mark appeared as soon as she finished the last word of the story.