A few snapshots of Inky Quill.


Physically, Snarkle (as he has come to be called) is of average build but with slightly more delicate features, due to his pegasi heritage. His coat is camel, and his mane and tail are a deep brown or black, depending on the sunlight. His eyes are amber.

Cutie Mark

Look of disapproval

The 'look of disapproval'.

His cutie mark reflects his dour, taciturn nature when there's work to be done. It doesn't encompass his entire being, but it does embody what he does best - an even, unflinching gaze at Equestrian literature. An image is included here. His peers at EQD call it the 'Look of Disapproval'.


Twilight Snarkle is a pen name, created during a fit of editor's rage following the exploits of the Elements of Harmony. After seeing the fourteenth report in the same day from field journalists flowing with emotion, but no facts, he penned a furious letter to all of them, and paid out of his own pocket for a messenger dragon to deliver them directly. A responding note stated, quote, "Whoa. Chill out, Twilight Snarkle." He liked it so much, he kept it.

His real name is Inky Quill. Being the only child of two pegasi, Button and Arrow Quill, his arrival without wings was quite a surprise. He grew up in Hoofington, a lovely town of bustling industry nestled on a crook of a river. He maintains a house there, but is currently weighing his options of moving to Canterlot to be closer to the Equestria Daily offices. In his free time, he tele-commutes via PonyNet to PonyChan , and helps young field reporters deliver the news clearly, concisely, and above all, compellingly.

He is unmarried, but has adopted two lovely and talented fillies over the years from Mme. Sparky's Home to share his life and his largesse. While editing and writing don't pay well, it's more than enough for a single colt who was already well-shoed by his parents. These days, his eldest works alongside him at EQD. His youngest is just now finding her hooves, and learning what friendship is all about.

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