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Intelli Math

Intelli Math (vectorized)

Intelli Math

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Canterlot Servant
Eyes Luminous Vivid Purple
Mane Luminous Vivid Gamboge

Luminous Vivid Sap Green (mane/tail tie)

Coat Light Brilliant Sapphire Blue
Nicknames Intelli

Ms. Math Nerd

Cutie mark
Intelli Math cutie mark
Fundamental Operation Symbols
Voice 【MEIKO_POWER_V3】_The_White_Snow_Princess_is【カバー】

(MEIKOS's singing voice)

Owner Pinkgirl234
"I am so glad that you are my friend."
— Intelli Math to Sweet Treat

Intelli Math is a a female Pegasus who works at the Canterlot castle as a servant. Having to met Sweet Treat in the Canterlot caastle when the pink unicorn was being intimidated by Glam Flower, she defended her and she and Sweet Treat grew to become best friends.

Development and Design[]

Intelli Math is a blue pegasus with an orange mane and tail joined with a green mane/tail tie. Her cutie mark is a group of the four fundamental operations, implying that her talent is being good at Math.


Intelli Math was only cleaning at the Canterlot castle kitchen when she saw Glam Flower taunting a unicorn. Intelli went over to Glam and told her to leave the unicorn alone, only to be slightly taunted by Glam before leaving. Intelli asked the unicorn if she was alright, which she said that she was. Both introduced their names, and Intelli found out that the unicorn's name was Sweet Treat. Intelli then decided to help Sweet Treat around at her new job at the Canterlot Castle. Over time, both ponies grew to become the best of friends. When they have free time, they would hang around in Ponyville--Intelli even give Sweet Treat a tour around her new home town.


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