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Kind Earth
Sex Female
Eyes Teal
Mane Pink
Coat Red
Ire is a earth pony mare who is the sworn enemy of Apple Bud.

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Apple Bud

Ire has always loathed Apple Bud, constantly putting her down. In elementary school, Ire would make fun of Apple Bud for not getting answers wrong. In Middle School, Apple Bud was friends with Havoc and Hullabaloo so she would make fun of hybrids. By the time they reached High School, Apple Bud no longer cared for Ire's remarks, enraging Ire. Ire soon became obscessed with ruining Apple's life, but always manages to fail.


Since Ire bullies Apple Bud, Hullabaloo takes a strong disliking to her, but gave her the benfit of the doubt at first. Ire knew that Hullabaloo was minipulative, so she used it to her advantage. She tried to convince him that Apple Bud was mean, but Hullabaloo knew that Apple Bud wasn't mean. Hullabaloo no longer is oblivious to her.

Princess Havoc Sunlight

Ire is the arch nemesis of Havoc's best friend, Apple Bud. Naturally, their has been some fighting and tension between the two. Havoc being the way she is, she often steps in to defend Apple, making a fool of herself in the process.

Prince Aristocrat

Soaring Lightening

Xethon Skull

Xethon has never taken well to bullies, especially if it seems unwarranted. Xethon is often the one who takes things up with Ire and Apple Bud has just stopped caring about the whole thing.

Dan Smith

Zoey Sparks

Jewel Demon

Dark Bolt

Dusky Blue


Harmonic Sparkle


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