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"Um...I was born in a town called Irk. And, um...It was, um, very random there, yeah...And, um, we all had to move out because, um, it was blown up! By a bunch of mutated cats with rocket launchers!" -Greenago describing Irk Town

Irk Town is a town mentioned by Greenago. It was, as he claimes, the town he was born in. He says that it was in between the Crystal Mountains and the Crystal Empire. As he claims, it was blown up by a bunch of mutated cats with rocket launchers. He also says that they used chocolate to torture birds back in Irk Town.

Mane Facts[]

  • Irk Town is named after Planet Irk from Invader ZIM.
  • Irk Town's ruins were never found, supporting the possibility that Greenago made the town up.