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Iron Sight

FANMADE IronSightPony
Iron Sight's normal form.

Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Hero, Daredevil.
Eyes Light Orange
Mane Steel Grey
Coat Blood Red
Nicknames None.
Favorite Weapon The Neva-Miss.
Originally A villain.
Cutie mark
FANMADE IronSightCutieMark
Iron Sight's Cutie Mark
Voice Shadowgallade777
Owner Shadowgallade777

Iron Sight is a Pegasus who acts calm, yet unexcited. He has an Australian accent, and is a reference to the Sniper from the game Team Fortress 2. He specializes in weaponry that don't miss their target, including his favorite sniper rifle, The Neva-Miss.


It is believed that he was a villain years ago, and a hard one to catch at that. After meeting Creeperman though, he has turned over a new leaf and has sided with the force of justice. He feels Creeperman understands him.


Creeperman - After meeting him, he felt he could put his skills to good use and fight for the good of pony kind. He thinks of Creeperman as a brother.

Mane 6 - He acts calm and collected around the Mane 6, but can't stand Pinkie Pie sometimes, as she is too hyperactive for him. She gets on his nerves. He does, however, fancy Rarity. But has been too shy to admit his feelings to her.

The Elements of Apocalypse - It is believed he worked for these guys and The Ponyhood of Nod. However, he says he wouldn't work with 'those creepy blokes.'

The Harmony Agency - He

Trixie - He despises Trixie, due to the fact that she brags a lot, which is something Iron Sight can't stand.

Discord - He says he hates Higher Villains like Discord, which is strange seeing as he used to be a vilain himself.

Tirek - During his first encounter with Tirek, he had trouble defeating him, as did the CM Force. He was astounded to find out there was a bad guy better than his skills.