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Isaac Angelfire is a human who takes the form of an Earth Pony when in Equestria, and is featured in Mustang Bros.

Ike Pony



Isaac or Ike for short is a blonde curly hair bot with blue eyes. He generally wears a long sleeve shirt with a pink vest. Ike is usually happy, hyper and free spirited. He takes pleasure in making his friends laugh and enjoys having fun. However Ike has a darkside when he becomes angry or depressed and can be very vengeful. He gets over his depression in a few days usually by random simply because he gets tired of being sad or angry for too long. Then he'll go back to bouncing off the walls and throwing his arms in the air again. Ike likes banana taffy.

As a pony, Isaac takes the form of a yellow Earth Pony with curle hair and bright blue eyes. He still wears his shirt and vest.

Ike represents the Element of Laughter.

Later on Ike gets a Hideous Zippleback, a dragon from How to Train Your Dragon TV series, and can be seen riding around with them. 


Unlike most of his friends, Ike lives off campus like Ondre, and has to walk to and from school, usually with Ondre. When Havok first appears, Ike missed him along with Ondre because they were walking home. This makes Ike a little sad because he wanted to see the strange man. Later Ike goes to the store with Ondre and Nathan but become trapt in Havok's realm. Ike seem to enjoy taunting the vampire lord Havok sents after him, irritating him with his overwhelming hyperness and jokes. Unlike Nathan and Ondre, Ike fairs better in Havok's world, being crazy like Havok. Eventually Ike was found by Nathan, Leo and Geo and they managed to find and rescue Ondre. Togather they used the Elements of Harmony to power up Mich without knowing what they were doing. Later on Ike encounters a female vampire named Nicole and developes a crush on her.


Pictures of Ike.


  • Ike is based off of AngelinBlack424, inwhich he gets his last name from.
  • Isaac and Ike both mean Laughter.
  • Ike and Leo both get their names from two robots featured in a Discovery Channel docufiction show called Alien Planet.